Yanka Kupala: … not equal to treason, which is embodied in the form of Trotskyists villains

"Belarusian Source""Belarusian Krynica" on this week 1927 informs: "The Truth". Under the headline 22.HII. ’26 In New York, was born Belarusian magazine. It reflected a lithographic method on 13 pages. Editor is dr.Ya.Tarasevich father. Contents of the first issue after "learn" (poem) — Y. Kupala, "old thinking" — Ya.Kastsevich "Zhychenni to celebrate Christmas" — (same as), "Responsibilities of man" — Ya.Tarasevich, "It’s time words about religion "- (same as)," The Truth Behind "(poem) — Yanka Kupala. Total magazines as for content makes very badher memory. One can only wish that the content was dapasovana and shape to change thing lithograph

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Aromabombochki for bathing by Jane

Aromabombochki for bathing by Jane Guide to Gifts

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 4 '  

Effervescent aromabombochki in this collection are made from natural ingredients and are able to create the necessary atmosphere of rest and give you a boost of energy for any occasion. They will help you to cope with stress or cold, prepare for a restful sleep, and decrease muscle pain or poisoning. The set includes the baking soda, extracts and oils, herbs and other useful natural ingredients. Can be purchased at the price of $ 8 per

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Bathing baby

With the advent of the baby in the family are not only fun, but also the obligation to care for him. One — bathing.

Here are the main points that you need to pay attention that the procedure was pleasant for bathing the baby and mother:

Bathe a child can be the first day, as soon as you turn up the house (if a vaccination against tuberculosis is made the day before), or the next day (if the vaccine is made the day of discharge). It is desirable to do so in the same time of day —

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After bathing in the residents broke Chusovaya allergy


Permian, June 27 — AIF-Perm. In the village of Kyn 20 people go to a doctor with a severe allergic reaction, officials said Lysva district of the Perm region.

Among the cases — four children. Now causes flash installed. It is worth noting that an allergic reaction occurred at all after bathing in the river Chusovaya. Specialists have water withdrawals for the study.

At this stage, priority will be given two versions: toxic spills enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region and flowering plants.

Author: Sabine Zubov

Source: AIF-Perm

Do I have to undress at the beach?

Nudists believe that the naked swim useful. In their view, nudity helps get rid of excess facilities, as well as microbes that in wet swimming trunks feel "at home". Proponents of swimwear, in turn, are sure to save yourself from skin cancer. Such an argument about the benefits of nudism has been going on for decades, and each of the parties in their own right.


No one disputes that the man was born naked. There is a dispute about whether he should be naked, and then — in the course of his life, or should still cover

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