There is no limit to perfection in the field of wellness. That is considered a German factory REPABAD, representing a full range of equipment for the bathroom level premium. The other day in St. Petersburg held a solemn presentation of the 50th anniversary of REPABAD, organized in collaboration with SPA PROFESSIONAL.

At a presentation in honor of the anniversary of its present owner Günther Stolz, who spoke about the history and philosophy of the brand REPABAD. Today the factory is unusually wide range, it includes acrylic bathtubs, hot tubs, steam rooms, SPA-pools and other equipment. One of the main activities


Zombies in America. We continue to eat bath salts!

News. Zombies in America. Again, the brain distorts the reality of black Americans from the new synthetic drugs that are made from bath salts. Another case of zombie cannibalism could occur on the golf course. This time the 21 year old Lavenchur Carl (Karl Laventure) ran out of the woods naked, shouting that the person will eat …

Watch Online Zombies in America Lavenchur Carl (Karl Laventure):

As it turned out, psycho Lavenchur name is Karl (Karl Laventure). Officially, it was another addict of bath salts. He

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