Chronicle of mass disappearances




History has accumulated quite a lot of unexplained facts of mass disappearances. Here are some of them.

In the late nineteenth century on a rocky island Flennan was the lighthouse Eileen Mor. December 15, 1900 the lighthouse ceased to function because now all three ranger. The investigation

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On the relation of forces in the initial period of the Winter War

The Bourgeois led to believe that the tremendous Stalin's empire was attacked by a small defenseless Finland. But the brave Finns are so well defended that Stalin was able to beat them after covering the corpses of Russian fighter "Mannerheim Line".

Chief of the General Staff of the Red Army, Shaposhnikov, noting the shortcomings of intelligence that is completely unable to provide data on the fortifications built in 1938-1939. He saw it and rendering in Finland estimates the correlation of forces and the Red Army.

Exploration said that the Helsinki deployed to 10 infantry divisions and 15 battalions. In fact,

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On winning the war, but failed

Kuban scouts in the Caucasian Army in the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878

Cossacks — members Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878

Balkan conflict

More than 130 years ago otshumeli fight Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878, which appeared as a result of recovery of the liberation movement in the Balkans and the aggravation of international conflicts in the Middle East. Our homeland has supported the liberation movement of the peoples of the Balkans, has also sought to bring back their own prestige and influence, undermined by the Crimean War of 1853-1856.

By the beginning of the war Our homeland has deployed two armies,

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Between Iranian boats and U.S. warships in the Strait of Hormuz incident

Between the Iranian Navy and the naval forces of the United States of America in the Strait of Hormuz occurred the first incident after Tehran danger to cover this most important international traffic, reports "Interfax" referring to CNN.

The Pentagon presented a television footage of the incident. Iranian speedboats, reportedly decided provocative maneuvers held near the Persian Gulf through the Strait of Hormuz, the South American desatnogo vertoletonosnogo ship dock New Orleans.

Iranian boats approaching at high speed to the South American ship, coming up to a distance of about 450 meters, also did not respond to the warnings of

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Rage generous

The attack on Russia in the day of All Saints Resplendent in the Russian land bylo not so much a call to "fate" as the calculation of sophisticated magic. Hitler was fully confident that our homeland was lost back in their post-revolutionary years and is now a vast expanse — Distinguished Production of strongest, there is neither the power nor the will nor the holiness …

Great to know Russian — true. But not enough

Otto von Bismarck warn the Germans of war with Russia. Adolf Hitler disobeyed, argued thus: "Fate Decrees of us the finger. Having given into

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Russian division SS — Cycle Reflection watch online

Extensively clear about the Estonian, Latvian, Ukrainian division of troops SS, only know about the Belarusian historians, but about the Russian SS division are not many people have heard, but it was bitter and left its own mark in the history of Russian majestically … "And yet, little understood Vlasov's army. This is a totally different history. The movie opens Zahav lurking over events, long closed stamped "Secret." By May 5, 1943 voluntary associations within the Wehrmacht, there are 90 Russian battalions, 140 combat units, equal to the number of the regiment, 90 field battalions eastern legions

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Assault Brigade of the Red Army

The last years of power and only reads about the inadmissibility of falsification of history majestically Russian war, but in fact not lift a finger slammed in order to pass from words to deeds. As demonstrated by our central channels Hollywood films about the war where our fighter portrayed limp mass that can go on the attack only if the gun is behind them, and demonstrate. The most unfortunate that many of the modern Russian films are shot in a similar scenario. It creates the impression that the directors of these films, or simply do not know the real history

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Storming the Palace of Dudayev, as it was

Operation on New Year Severe storm in 1994, is considered one of the most catastrophic failures and for a long history of. But at least some disaster is always a feat and heroic actions, and assault Stern is no exception. Some of these characters are certainly the men of the 68th separate reconnaissance battalion under the command of Captain Shadrina that a 2-weeks were brutal battles on the streets of the town, and then took a very active role in the assault on the Palace of Dudayev.

The 68th Reconnaissance battalion located in a specific guide the commander of the

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Shtrafbat as it is, not as a show

At one point, the dispute came about the pros movie "The Penal Battalion", which is not attracted to me, something I've read and heard about such units. Because almost everything there was implausible. But here's an article by a witness. We give it one hundred percent. The rights of all-I.

A few words about the movie "The Penal Battalion"

"The Penal Battalion" — not the first movie about the penal battalions, and in it, as in the past, a lot of errors, more ad-libbing and just lies.

Penalty companies and battalions were made on Stalin's orders number 227 of

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Czechoslovak formation of the second world war

30 September 1938 Munich Agreement was signed, according to him gave Germany the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia. So Makar, Germany, Italy, France and England were given the "green light" process of the elimination of the sovereignty of Czechoslovakia. With this agreement, Czechoslovakia lost up to 38% of the territory, handing the Sudetenland region of Germany and Hungary — the southern and eastern regions of Slovakia inhabited mostly by ethnic Hungarians, Poland — Czech part of Cieszyn Silesia. As a result, the morale of the political and military elite of the country, the population has been undermined, Czechoslovakia almost turned into

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