Impressive taskmaster

Some us will remember the Black and Decker system where you couid add different accessories to its standard mains powered drill to turn it into a saw, sander or jigsaw. A few may have fond memories, others less so. My dad had one that was hit and miss to say the least.

This time around such a tool is being introduced by a different manufacturer, and is powered by Li-ion batteries, but is the launch of a multi-option tool a wise move?

I have to say that I was certainly a bit apprehensive when I first espied the system among

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Déjà vu

This month, a past technology makes a comeback — plus, LED light bulbs that popped onto supermarket shelves and then disappeared look set to stage a return — Mark Nelson reports

EРЕ readers are a knowledgeable bunch, so I won’t insult your intelligence by asking if you recognise the term ‘fluidics’. However, it may be an unfamiliar term for younger readers. Fluidics, or to be precise ‘fluidic logic’, is the use of a fluid substance to carry out analogue or digital operations similar to those usually performed by electronics. Unlike pneumatics and hydraulics, fluidic devices tend to have no moving

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I read with interest the letter from Gerry Hicks, and your own comments, in the June issue of the magazine regarding guitars in the lounge, etc. I am fortunate enough to be allowed two guitars in our lounge, but one is reserved for use outside – my ‘garden guitar’ – which I keep behind the settee.

But the reason I wrote in is that other readers might be interested to see what I’ve done with a bit of ingenuity to make summer in the garden a bit more fun! I was given six bottles of wine in a wooden case


Electric car leaves the Astrakhan

Astrakhan businessman Konstantin Artemiev has launched production of electric cars that have no analogues in the world market. Young businessman confident that in time he will be able to press foreign competitors and take 70% of the Russian market utilitarian golfkarov. In an interview with "Expert South" Constantine shares his plans and technical details.

Konstantin Artemiev

Electric cars Constantine Artemyevinterested about three years ago, when he was 23 years old. By that time he already had an eight-year business experience, in 2003, founded the company astrahanets "Security Stronghold." This business is associated with the development of a

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Kharkiv plant VLADAR mastered the technology of production of batteries biopolyarnyh

Kharkov battery plant "VLADAR" in cooperation with the firm Atraverda (UK) has mastered the revolutionary technology of the bipolar cells, UKRINFORM reports with reference to the marketing department of the company.

The highlight of the technology is in the performance of bipolar lead-acid battery. The technology is patented by the company Atraverda (UK). Now all lead-acid batteries are a single-pole, that is made up of positive and negative plates coated with active material. This leads to more complicated geometry of the electrode arrays and the reaction uneven in the active mass of the electrodes for adjustment.

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Trolleybus on batteries (Yaroslavl)

City Center — for trolley buses. In Yaroslavl, an international meeting of experts of public transport. The working group included representatives from Canada, Germany and Poland. Foreigners acquainted with the unique production technology trolley batteries, which allows you to increase capacity by four times.



These batteries will soon begin producing in Novosibirsk. And the outcome of the meeting was a resolution that intend to use to create a complex scheme of movement of Yaroslavl. The goal is to unload the central part of the city trolleybus traffic. And while considering experience autonomous movement, which

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Trolleybus without the horns

Trolleybus no "horns" Alexander Popov In Novosibirsk, the presentation of local development — trolley on a stand alone course. City Hall has declared its readiness to adopt new technology in urban public transport, as refitting the existing fleet will cost much cheaper pads contact networks. In Novosibirsk, the presentation of local development — trolley on a stand alone course Photo: ITAR-TASSPrezentatsiya turned into a trolley ride from the intersection of Kirov and wax, which ends with the contact trolleybus network, to the streets of elective, which, of course, to get used to electric transportation was not able to. Participants in

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Eco-friendly batteries will work on plant extracts

Eco-friendly batteries will work on plant extracts to save the planet

A group of scientists working with the City Kollezhd in New York, Rice University and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, has announced that in the near future it will be possible to completely replace our usual lithium-ion batteries for analogs, which are raw materials for the manufacture of herbal extracts .

New eco-friendly batteries will be made with a purpurin, red dye substances extracted from madder root, a common enough herb. Both the purpurin and accompanying natural dyes are molecules whose behavior is very similar to conventional

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7 rules of disposal of hazardous waste

7 rules of disposal of hazardous waste to save the planet

Do not know what to do with the old plasma TV? Want to leave it in a landfill in gift homeless? Very noble, but somewhat dangerous for the environment. How to get rid of unwanted or failed utensils and not to harm the planet, will prompt the following seven rules:

Engine Oil

In most countries, is strictly forbidden to pour motor oil on the ground or down the drain. Waste water containing oil is extremely difficult amenable to further purification. Oil entering the soil gets into the groundwater and

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Energizer for Pharaoh



23.10.03, the


It is believed that the era of electricity began in March 1800, when the Italian physicistAlessandro Volta announced the creation of the unit, later named "voltaic pile". Volta was the first to explain the reasons for galvanic action open his compatriot physicist and anatomist Luigi Galvani, and created the first battery. Today, however, scientists are confident that the batteries are invented, at least twice,

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