BMW 3-series, «Gran Turismo»

The relative failure of «Gran Turismo» fifth series is not repulsed Bavarian hunting to continue experimenting with this type of body. They have high expectations of her younger relative who settled in the little family «treshek.»

multidirectional wishes

Be sure to ride the Altai and admire Chui tract! It’s natural Austria: smooth asphalt without the usual waves and joints, clear markings, profiled turns. Even in the mountains serpentine coils for the most part most flattened so that they can be held at a decent speed, without forcing the brake.

In this way it would be a sin to go

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Warming in the Alps could affect the whole of humanity

In the Bavarian Alps glaciers could disappear. Because of global warming, the melting of the last two years has become catastrophic. 20-30 years the landscape in this part of the Alps can be changed beyond recognition, warn German environmentalists.

The details — korresopndent in Germany Sergey Pankratov radio "Vesti FM".

Minister for the Environment Bavaria Marcel Huber sounds the alarm. According to him, in the next two to three decades in the Bavarian Alps will disappear all the glaciers. At best, there will be only one of them, the largest Helen-tal-Ferner, but by then it will shrink to

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Bavarian authorities warned of melting Alpine glaciers

Bavarian Environment Ministry warned of melting glaciers in the Bavarian Alps, says The Local. The head office Marcel Huber (Marcel Huber), in 20-30 years there will be only one glacier, whereas at the moment in Bavaria they number five.

Already, three glaciers cover an area less than 7.5 hectares. The only glacier, which according to the ministry survive global warming in the coming decades is Hellentalferner (Hoellentalferner).

It is located on the north side of the Zugspitze (Zugspitze) — Germany's highest mountain — and covers an area of 30 hectares. From the sun to protect the high cliffs, so experts

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Illuminati rule the world, the aliens?

Not so long ago in the U.S., the stores came the book conspiracy theorist David Ike. He studied the Illuminati for decades and believes that the leadership of the Order, his inner circle of old are not made of people, and of the Reptoid aliens who can take human form. In his "Children of matrix" Ike claims to know hundreds of witnesses who saw these beings convert back into reptiles.

He had a lot of followers, and now the Internet can be read, for example, is: "The reason for the presence of breeding and only at the top of

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The Illuminati — the keepers of knowledge

According to the opinion prevailing in history, a secret society was founded in the second half of the XVIII century by Professor Ingolshtadtskogo University (Bavaria) Adam Weisshaupt. But not necessarily this is the case. For some conspiracy theorists, based on the Masonic legend, believe that the history of this award should be calculated for a period 6000 years, from the time when there is extraterrestrial, or otherworldly forces have revealed some Sumerian priests Book Authority, which was recorded by them in stone. Egyptians then copied it to the papyri, which are always kept in the strictest confidence.

"Falsify history"


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