One’s mind

Men think about sex a lot. Approximately every 8 seconds.

What they think about it? We asked all the friends, and even strangers, and many have learned their secret thoughts. We tell!

Zero experience

50% of men believe their virginity drawback: it looks like the joke about the «vegetarian — bad hunter.» These guys think that if they have not yet moved into the camp «already», then was not able to win the girls. They begin to worry about it, … and all turns are not as good as it could when long mentally prepared for their first time,

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Buraukin: prazdnichek writing converted into a branch Dozhinki

Tsigankov: "You do not participated prazdnichkom in writing. Why? " Buraukin: "The question is not to me. Prazdnichkom Specifically in this I would be happy participate and, as I hope and believe hunt, maybe it would not be superfluous. In the first years of writing Svyata I always delight in it was. But, unfortunately, this lasts more than prazdnichek, the more I hurt my heart. Not only because they do not invite many of our prominent writers who are respected in society, and which are called classics, and since these prazdnichkom made some ordinary activities. Do they become affiliates days

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People on Freedom

About the origins of the Belarusian-Russian conflictKonstantin Syrel, Ushachi:"Age of Lukashenko leaves no hope for a change in its nature. So, honorable gentlemen, we will have many more conflicts and scandals in various fields. Objection you do to me, how the elections? Forget pochetaemye! Not for G. seized power , in order to give it over such a trifle as elections. Nothing, because once people experience earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, fires. Overcome G. us, and if we do not, our children and grandchildren.Not so long ago listened Stanislaus Bahdankevich answers questions from the audience of "Freedom". I do not agree

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Valentin Golubev: opportunism human — a natural phenomenon

"I — not Polish, not Lithuanian, not Russian, and wish to protect his doctorate at home. According to Belarusian"Eugene Belasin, Brest: "What are the prospects of the Belarusian higher school?"Golubev, "the Belarusian public education system can only be supported by the country. Unfortunately, when she departed from this principle, it’s a little slower. But if people are willing to do something, they do. So, not gone — live Belarusian Humanities Lyceum, European Institute for the Humanities. Moreover home last worked in the Russian language, and currently in Vilnius — Belarusian actually becomes another hotbed of Belarus ".Man: "Will be given

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Jaroslav Hryshchenya: Power is not aware of what happens when young people really take offense to it

Jaroslav Hryshchenya — member of an unregistered organization "Young Front". According to Yaroslav, for his opposition activities, more than 30 times detained by policemen. First sentence received May 31, 2004. In 10 cases, the young activist judicial punished with fines. Against him prosecuted for his role in an unregistered organization

Reporter: "Yaroslav against you filed criminal charges for his role in an unregistered organization. Yesterday you were summoned to the prosecutor’s office. What you said investigator?"Hryshchenya: "The investigator talked to me like this: read the thing, young man. As for you not shameful How shameful for you not to do

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Citizenship can be purchased for 150 thousand euros?

According to the latest program that focus will be made for professionals in what the country needs. Based on the needs of high technology park, this first sales managers, programmers, experts at working with the staff, advertisers, "IT" professionals, representatives of a number of medical specialties and athletes who could play for the national team. Citizenship issue "out of turn" President decidesExplains the first deputy chief of the Department of Citizenship and MIA movement Alex Runner: "The question is not citizenship, and obtaining permission to stay constant. Citizenship — with him is understandable, there is no queue no. If a

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Web — salvation for teens?

Initially, it was a word. Word was "lonely"Life kids and teenagers of the web to be more lonely, says philosopher David Vaynberger. In his research, he writes that before the emergence of free access to the web of people, particularly children, felt more alone than at the moment.According to the researchers, the web gives children a tremendous place to communicate with those who do realize and implement their own ideas. "Previously, the kids had a lot of limitations in space and society. Online they can just find those who will learn and approve their ideas. Addition, the web can significantly

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Night Siege. June 6

On the website "Politoboz" discussions are Russian analyst Andrei article Suzdaltseva that predicts the immediate prospects of development Belarusian economy. Creator comes to the conclusion that the administration of Belarus have two options. 1st — oust Belarusian economy all possible financial resources, but unreformed economy can nadarvatstsa in 2008. Second — to announce the latest economic policy (NEP) to enter the market deal with major economic partners. Comments:"Belarusian financial model kept resale price Russian domestic gas and oil to the outside. This allowed us to have 5-7 billion profit. With the construction of a pipeline bypassing Belarus will not profit.

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37 Weeks Pregnant


Yours pregnancy now considered full-term. If deliveries will begin, they will not be premature. Now is the time enter into a contract for delivery (if you're going to give birth to charge), to choose the hospital and the doctor (in the case of paid labor).


On the ninth month of pregnancy baby daily gain weight (up to 14 grams). His liver accumulates iron, which will help blood formation in the first year of life.

Baby moves quite active, but the place to train less. He makes breathing movements. In this case, light enters

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We do not need such freedom …

Man: "Ladies Radio Liberty! March 8 Orlov spoke about artist Peter Sergievich. His I listen to every day, and love. But This time He said nothing about the post-war years and his life Sergievich in Maysagose. These years He spent the priest near Vilnius, now more centennial Joseph Abrenskaga. Here he lived and going to ruin outstanding Vilna svetary department and with Dawn, who were forced by the Bolsheviks. Sergievich there was one with them: they are Renders redecorated Maysagoskaga church, he even made two side altars. As we see, he was not only a painter, and architect. Second. On

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