Assault awareness. Paradise doomed.

Paradise … In people's minds there is no place more beautiful. Does he exist in reality? And where you are? Recent discoveries of scientists say is a beautiful legend of Eden — the truth! Once on Earth did exist paradise — in South Africa!

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After the presentation

The Company The most important figures that stand at the heart of American photography, are considered Edward steak (1879 — 1973) (or by birth — Shtayhen) and Alfred Styglits (1864 — 1946).

The concept of creativity, and they are pretty close to the stage piktorealizm, and then — in the real (modern) photos. I would have said it was a strong photographic talent Styglitsa and technical perfection, performance and photographic shyrokaabsyazhnasts steak.

Assessment of the level of creativity steak, probably a bit exaggerated in American art history, but well-founded reasons for these estimates.

Steak served with hot promoter and organizer

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Society At this time, old friends and ideological opposites Savely and Gregory expressed about the reconstruction of the Belarusian churches in the Russian style.


Grisha:Crazy pro-Russian rest do not give.Once you advernessya, onion erect.In Nyasvizh and Navahrudak and dumplings, and they are everywhere —Bulbs, bulbs, bulbs, bulbs …

White-headed Duck:What a beautiful anomaly — the golden dome.We do not need in Russia, she came to analysis.Do not go to Suzdal, do not go to Tver,Smatryu and enjoy — eat all we have now.

Grisha:Russian guardsmen hard and cynicalThe appearance of historical destroy our land. And our once

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Man Ray

Man Ray was a society in the art of the original, as well as many talented painters but unteachable left.

Learn to prevent such people exaggerated idea of his own genius and left-wing ideas that prompted them to overthrow the world.

With perakulvannya Art Man Ray and began by joining the "Dada" — (nonsense) of marginal antymastatskaga direction, which set the goal (no more, no less) to destroy European culture through the expansion of art and aesthetics of destruction. (By the way, now it is effectively done by others).

The revolutionary anti-art lasted six years (1916 to 1922), leaving a

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Slavic Russia, century XXI. Dolly for my daughter in Russian

Keep wild excursion into the culture of the Slavs. What do today Russian? Sew dolls for their children, and not only for the course, but also for sale. Just say — well, of course not all Russian, the vast majority of Russian hardcore fans of Barbie, Ken and preferably Chinese-made radioactive dyes. But these dolls — Russian, with sense, because each in traditional Russian costume. Russian to the last details.

It was the case and I am very fond of sewing dolls and separately — on the orders of finished dolls. As a student at leisure once sewed doll

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10 most interesting volcanoes, which may be reached


10 most interesting volcanoes according to Forbes.


Pinatubo. Philippines. The last time the volcano erupted 20 years ago. During this time, he quickly recovered its crater filled with rainwater and it once again became an attractive place for tourists.

Eyjafjallajökull. Iceland. So difficult to pronounce the name of the volcano is now on everyone's lips. Iceland heavily weathered the economic crisis, but because of its volcano, tourism in this country is thriving and puts his feet on the impoverished economy. Journey to the

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Landscaping in the Lipetsk region

The village Borinskaya build a village recreation area

Better than in the city. In Borinskaya, on the banks of the local pond, build a recreation area for the villagers. Local government for the resettlement of the coast did not spend a dime. All costs assumed by sponsors.

More recently, the pond on the outskirts of the village Borinskaya except ducks geese so few people are attracted. Now, even on a weekday is willing to sit by the water. Comfortable gazebo, beautiful design. You can come with the company. Roast barbecue, chat in the shade.

Alexander Berezin,

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Belarusian Flag over Vilnius

Society This photograph I have often printed on the cover of the magazine, and in the books and made sure that Belarusians it is especially pleasant. I think that picture to much, as the image is beautiful. Getae amateur photo was placed on the Web years back without the author (or rather, the author identified the pseudonym "Cornflower"). (For Belarusians it is typical — not to celebrate their work and achievements, they say, and did well. But for the national culture is bad. Creativity must unintelligible).

Photo well done on the composition and correctly through the world. Kantravoe light beautifully

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How to buy a steam engine?

In our time, there is a very noble and pleasant hobby — steam engines. This beautiful and designed for different levels of enthusiasm. For example, if you are a keen designer, you can buy a small plant in parts, plus many more accessories. For a long time to collect them, to design situations, etc.

If you just want a beautiful thing, and you may not bring any difficulty, but the delights of all others, and in his spare time, it's just a beautiful decoration of the interior, it is surprisingly also a steam engine. You can buy a pre-assembled

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Alisa Krylova from Moscow won the title of Mrs. Globe 2011


LOS ANGELES, Aug. 29. / Itar-Tass Kachalin /. Charming blonde Alisa Krylova from Moscow won the beauty contest, "Mrs. Globe." Final match took place on Sunday in Rancho Mirage / California /. "We are holding a competition 15 years in a row. A spokeswoman for the first time Russia won the crown of a beauty queen, "- said the correspondent. ITAR-TASS organizer "Mrs. Globe" Dr. Tracy Campbell, president of the charitable organization "Women in Need". The organization is a nonprofit and is collecting donations to support mothers with children who find themselves in a difficult situation. Motto

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