Land and water

Society seems to be that it may be easier for this photo: linen friend (wild grain) of grass on a background of endless water. Simple — but you can not look away. Photo attracts like a magnet on it a pleasure to watch! We immediately see that this simple beautiful story (photo 1) master shot pictures. (The picture is called "Grass on the beach. ")

A pleasant experience is based on a comfortable sense of security, asvetlenastsi the sun and the beauty of semitones that gently come in blurred distance.

Comfortable sense of security arises from the

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Chinese Atlantis

In China, in Zhejiang province is Lake Qingdao — it's amazingly beautiful place, man-made. Qingdao lake was formed in 1959 by the construction of hydroelectric power plants. After the construction of the dam, the reservoir was formed, with a giant square five hundred seventy-three square kilometers. Chinese call Qingdao Lake — the lake of a thousand islands, so named due to the fact that on the surface of the lake is located 1078 large islands and thousands of small islands.

Lovers of land tours is to visit themed islands: Monkey Island, Bird Island, Island of the castle, etc.

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Moscow hosted the final of the competition Miss Russia-2012 (photo)

Burning a hole in the Turkmen desert

To get to one of the strangest and most spectacular sights of the world is possible through the Karakum desert. In the Russian translation of the Karakum — a "black sand" and Darwaza — the "door." That is, it's called the "door in the black sand." The way it looks from the outside, the only difference between this and the "doors" of the ordinary in that it has a round shape and is constantly raging fire. For miles around there is no one at all, just maybe, some wild animals, such as camels. In general, close to

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Belarus. Lida: a beautiful city with a beautiful name

These lines of the poet Jaroslav Smelyakov favorite thanks to the film "Operation" Y "and Other Adventures of Shurik" in Lida still popular. Moreover, that there is not only n ereulok Street and South, but also a neighborhood called "Southern town." The truth, according to local residents, the women named Lida here today a rarity. But the beauty of this second largest city in the Grodno region deficit namesakes NE effect. Lida aura itself evokes comfort, tranquility and well-being. Neat houses with fences, quiet little streets, nice open people — that's the first thing that you notice

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Aerobics with no clothes / Totally Nude Aerobics (+18) Full Movie

+18 Beautiful animated film with elements of eroticism and the role of Professor beautiful actresses, athletes. Skill, unusual angle shots and professionalism of the director, the actresses reveal the beauty of the bare body of a woman on the move. The movie is used as a guide for professional athletes. Excellent seen what muscle groups are working in the performance of this or other exercises.

Sacks and Love

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Secrets of the Earth. Coral Reef: Underwater Egypt watch online

Perform a dive trip without leaving home. Underwater World Reddish Sea in Egypt is not just beautiful — it fabulously beautiful! Corals, huge stingrays, fish, millions of very different coloring, wrecks. This world you will have to pull for himself with such force that you will vorachivatsya there again and again, to try that indescribable ecstasy, satisfaction of the first discovery, a sense of tranquility and just happiness. Take a breathtaking journey from the comfort of home, along with the film "Coral Reef — underwater world Egypt. "

Animals of the underwater world

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The more dangerous Hollywood princess?

Most recently, in the UK, a book Jennifer Hardenshtayn raising issues influence of modern Hollywood cartoons on the development and formation of character girls.

According to the author, idealized heroes will certainly lead to the appearance of young spectators princess syndrome. It would seem that what can be wrong with the child at an early age will gravitate to elegant dress and beautiful hair, but therein lies a hidden danger.

Looking at one of the other young cartoon of the fair sex will inevitably begin to identify with many beautiful, but totally unrealistic princesses. They are ideal for many

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The most beautiful places in the world: New York City / Visions: New York City Full Movie

Brand-new series of documentary television series devoted to New York. It is unlikely that this city, hitherto considered the birthplace of skyscrapers, though there are a huge number of mega-cities with high-rise buildings, it is safe to call "the most beautiful area." But the fact that New-york unique city — it does not cause vibrations.

Borough world

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Opened in Zvenigorod updated clinic

Dull unfinished, cold and dated by all accounts, a few months turned into a beautiful, modern building.

Clinic refers to Zvenigorod central city hospital — an institution with a rich history. It opened back in 1830, and at the end of the 19th century there for two years he worked for a physician Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Name of the great Russian writer and playwright was awarded the hospital in 1944. And today was opened and a beautiful monument to Anton Chekhov.

Now it is a multi-hospital, well equipped and renovated. Clinic was unrecognizable — comfortable rooms,

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