Attacked in 1264, besieged in 1642 and damaged by fire in 1871, since it was constructed in 1068 at the command of William the Conqueror, Warwick Castle has gloriously survived the ever-changing fortunes of history.

Situated in the heart of the midlands, the picturesque Castle was the birthplace of Richard III’s wife, Anne Neville and played home to the Earls of Warwick until 1978, since then it has become a famous visitor attraction for the whole family, which is not to be missed – especially at Halloween when the dungeons become even more real.

With over 1,000 years of history



How did it happen that a columnist for Forbes magazine and a businessman who runs his own strategy consultancy, started to document the world using photography?

It wasn’t a conscious decision, but a gradual process. If you had asked me about ten years ago: “Would photography play important role in your life? Would it take the role of writing has in your life?” I would have said: “No.” Long before I started my column at Forbes, I was a reporter (also at Forbes) and I’ve been a history buff all my life. Over the years, photography has become my preferred




«Being able to create shows your coworkers that you aren’t a one-trick pony. In the boardroom, creativity pushes your stock up in the company you’re working for. You become that asset that everyone knows they can count on. That go-to guy that can think out of the box and be ready at a moment’s notice. Using your imagination fused with your skill set will define your status and will take you from employee to boss level. And when you combine that unique imagination with clean shaven professionalism, the result can only be success.»

«Creativity is something that can be

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Do not rush to move into a nursing home, if again forgot the name of a new colleague, and stop already complain about the lack of inspiration. To head you will not let down, it is better to take care of proper nutrition.

You would be happy to do all his life a light snack, but your brain, be sure likes to eat a full and balanced. It weighs some 2% of body weight, but still manages to burn a quarter of the energy that the body uses during sedentary work. That’s why you wore down like a stonecutter until

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Serpent Sting in White Nights

With difficulty launching its roots in the local soil international music festivals. See for yourself: CTE rolled up DC — Kinoteatornogo level: a mother nursing BIZ Enterprises, beholding the commercial failure of the tour Sepultura, Accept and Cannibal Corpse, decided to take profits promotion promising local artists. It remains the only festival of its rank — "White Nights of St. Petersburg". This year, he said its fourth anniversary and gradually, although with difficulty, gets up on solid feet on the St. Petersburg rotten swamp. Today, we are talking about it.

The festival’s program is always the same: young performers competition,

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NEWS heavy and extreme music

At the traditional meeting of the Association of Feng BonFest, which took place in the homeland of the singer AC / DC Bon Scott (Kirrimuir, Scotland), it was decided to collect 50,000 pounds for the installation of a bronze statue (in full size) of this famous resident Kirrimuira. Ronald Belford Scott was born in 1946 and lived here until 1952, when his family moved to Australia. Over the immediate execution of the order took sculptor John McKenna, also a big fan of the band Bon Osprey in general and in particular.

STATUS QUO announced the addition of drummer Leo

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29 Weeks Pregnant


Congratulations! You have reached the third trimester of pregnancy. Feel lighter irregular uterine contractions? This is normal: your body begins to prepare for the birth. The abdomen becomes more: Stomach may bulge, and the skin may occur stretch, so do not forget to use special tools. Sleep becomes very uncomfortable, it is necessary to invent something: underlay more pillows, use special mattress, etc.


Little eyes on the kid already appeared lashes.

Its length — 35 cm, weight — 1100Baby is large enough and can not be easily reversed. Now he basically shoves her

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31 Weeks Pregnant


Many women in this stage of pregnancy worries heartburn — a burning sensation behind the breastbone. To reduce discomfort, try to eat more often but in smaller portions, to sleep with the head of the bed elevated, avoid fatty foods, chocolate, fresh pastries. If these measures do not help — talk to your doctor: he tells medications safe in your position.

At this stage of pregnancy you may notice that your gait changed and become like a "duck". This is due to the fact that the expectant mother has produced a special hormone — relaxin, which softens the

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38 Weeks Pregnant


Fetal head descends and fixed at the entrance to the pelvis, thus your stomach "Sinks", it becomes easier to breathe, reduces heartburn. At the same time you run to the toilet more often — the pressure on the bladder becomes stronger. In nulliparous stomach usually falls to 2 — 4 weeks prior to delivery. Multifarious — before birth (or not omitted).

Rejoice! Very soon you will become a mother.


Future baby is gaining weight 28-30 g daily. At any moment he could be born. It's time to think about how you call it.


Ethnomir — the whole world!

Cultural and educational tourist center ETNOMIR (Kaluga region) — this is a unique project that will allow anyone to experience the life, culture and traditions of the peoples of the world. Only in ETNOMIR everyone can become a resident of any etnodvora, feeling himself on the many facets of culture and enriching themselves with new knowledge about the life and traditions of the people.

The world's largest Russian stove

Tourists are invited to be not just a visitor to the cultural and educational tourism complex, and the time to become "native" residents of any country in

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