Icy Europe could become the biggest scientific instrument humanity




Icy moon of Jupiter — Europe — one day can become the greatest of scientific instruments used by mankind. She awaits the fate of becoming a detector of charged particles arriving in the solar system from deep space.

Europe is an ideal testing ground for studies of

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The asteroid, similar to Earth

October 29, 2011 15:27

The study of asteroid 21 Lutetsiya (21 Lutetia) showed that it has a molten hot core, which retains evidence of the early days of the solar system, according to Space.com. A more detailed examination may reveal the secrets of magnetic unusual meteorites that fell to Earth.

Asteroid Lutetia is located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Space probe "Rosetta» (Rosetta) of the European Space Agency (ESA) flew by Lutetia in 2010, and has collected detailed information about this asteroid

Lu measurement showed that it is much denser than

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Secret signs. Strange phenomena. How to become invisible

November 21, 2011 0:38

Scientists for more than two centuries, are creating new ways to disguise. The first train of the invisible appeared during the Civil War in Russia. Soldiers just inflicted on the car roof design of the railway. The enemy spy planes could not see worth a "hidden" train. Soon developed better ways to disguise, many of which remain secret until now. In addition to the technological ways to create invisibility, there are psychological. And they can be enjoyed not only military, but also … criminals. The Invisible Man — will soon become a

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Thought can become a reality

November 10, 2011 21:16

Recently, the shelves appeared quite a lot of literature on the problem of materialization of thought. These ideas are sound and in television. More people are using the method of materializing ideas to achieve their goals. That you may be to them still are not there yet (and may not be treated at all), but as you know, any thought in the human brain goes through three stages:

1. -What nonsense! 2. — This is something there … 3. — Who does not know! Therefore, these ideas worth considering. Suppose you and immediately think, "What nonsense,"

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Superior Mi-34C1 is going to China

The fact that our homeland is a favorite not only in the production of weapons and military equipment, but also for civilian purposes is confirmed intrigued by many states in the Russian art to please the domestic needs. So it became clear that China is showing intrigued to acquire the Russian Federation has a new upgraded helicopter E-34C1, this became clear from the statement by the Deputy Director of Marketing Department is part of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" Viktor Yegorov.

The statement was read at the opening of the air show, "Eyshn Aerospace 2011". Egorov pointed out that

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Blow out of the stratosphere

Renaissance airships

Airships after a series of resounding disasters in the 1930s, it seemed, forever a thing of the past, one hundred percent of the displaced aircraft and then helicopters. But the story went back in a spiral. Technological progress does not kill airships. On the contrary, it gives them a chance to be reborn, helping uncover the best features of these aircraft. For the Russian Federation, they may prove very useful.

Indeed, airships are very environmentally friendly, not only in terms of air pollution, and that they are very quiet. They are very economical and can be very

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Krasnodar is preparing for the 2018 World Cup

April 10, in Krasnodar, visited the delegation of FIFA and the Organizing Committee of "Russia-2018".

Guests, including the Theatre Square was presented that during the World Cup will be able to accommodate about 55,000 fans. This area is specially built so as to become a gathering place for football fans. There is a unique light and music fountain, there is a large screen television, on the eve of the championship will be installed two screens measuring 10 by 13 meters.

The fountain was opened in the City Day September 25, 2011.

New light and music fountain in Krasnodar, built

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Muscovites will be able to verbally agree to the removal of organs

Feed mandatory prior written application will not required

Moscow City Duma is preparing a mandrel in the legislation under which the people of Moscow can become posthumous organ donors, so to speak orally. It is reported Medportal.Ru.

As explained head of the Duma Committee on Legislation Alexander testes, Muscovites have the right to consent to an autopsy or the removal of organs after death, only on the basis of a written application. Meanwhile, according to federal law, consent to become a posthumous organ donor can give the Russians both in writing and in orally.

The same applies for permission

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Soviet tank guns

First Russian tank guns were 37-mm as standing on the first tank of the COP, and in fact vserasprostranennom T-18. How unfortunate it did not sound, a 37-mm cannon on the experience gained in the course of the Sino-Soviet conflict in 1929, was not enough to effectively defeat of the enemy, even though it was listed as armor penetration completely sufficient. Explosive projectile 45-mm cannon was almost 50% higher for the 37-mm projectile fragmentation. Specifically, in this regard, the 45-mm gun was adopted as the primary for the new Russian tanks. In many years, it remained the main Russian tank

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Zombies in America again being felt in 2013

In just the past two days off 22 and June 23, 2013 were again recorded cases of assault Zombies in the U.S.. In both incidents crazed people eating creatures…

On Saturday, June 22 male from Houston, Texas, after taking a synthetic drug, tore off her clothes and began running around the house on all fours, growling and strongly scaring their friends. One of the men, afraid of his behavior, locked him in a room, but "zombies" made it through the window at the top of the door and heavily wounded

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