Institute of Steel state defense order was successfully executed

Institute of Steel had successfully completed the production of a large batch of titanium and tkanevopolimernyh helmets and special units of the Russian army in the 2011 state defense order

Institute fulfilled its obligations, even in spite of the delay in funding.

Designed Institute of Steel tkanevopolimernye helmets on the current day are the lightest in the middle of analogues in the world. Their weight is 1.1 kg, with all this, ballistic tolerance are superior counterparts.

Titanium helmets highest level of protection made by the Institute in the past 10 years, to this day are unique and special forces

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In Sicily, watch crazy

  Strange and inexplicable phenomenon while registered on the Italian island of Sicily over a week, electronic, digital watch rush for 10-20 minutes a day, many of the islanders. Unusual phenomenon reported in several cities in Sicily, and the first time so massively. The phenomenon has become a real mystery, since there is no one able to establish the cause.

So far, the people of the island have only minor organizational disadvantages, but the situation could become critical — of order out of the banks. At the moment, the logical explanation that while

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Drought threatens the forests of Borneo

Tropical forests of Southeast Asia, participating in the formation of precipitation in the region, about 130 million years. As has become clear from recent observations on these ancient treasures of the world, giving the house and food to thousands of species of plants and animals in danger, called drought.

From about the 1960s, the Indian Ocean become significantly warmer, El Niño episodes in this part of Asia increased, which reduced rainfall by 1% per decade. If trends in South-East Asia will seasonality, temperature becomes higher and drier climate, with negative effects on the tropical ecosystems. Autumn rains will be longer

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Project VT1. Tank nicknamed «Leopard 3»

Creation of modern military technology is simply unimaginable without the introduction of new ideas. In most cases — this large-scale creation of requests — you have to do is comparable by single innovations that fail to significantly complicate the design. But sometimes in order and military experience designers still hesitant to severe amendments to traditional solutions and make unique system. One of them was the pilot experienced tank VT1 or Leopard 3 (informal title), developed in Germany in the 70s of the last century. First layout Leopard-3 VT1-2 Immediately with the development of the new Leopard 2, work began

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The largest over 2 million years moving ocean inhabitants

6.28 Global warming ocean waters become the cause of the largest movement of marine life for 2 million years. Fish, shellfish, living previously only in tropical areas, are increasingly common in northern waters.

These data have become a major research project output seventeen research institutes. Among some of the most studied is the fact that changes in the appearance of warm-poisonous jellyfish in the North Atlantic. Subspecies jellyfish Pelagia noctiluca (Purple strongly stinging jellyfish, which have a very frightening appearance and glow in the dark!) Have increasingly become a cause of massive private beach, where they had not seen at

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New Ice Age: Origins

Comrade said yesterday kulebakin, that signs of a new ice age increase, here I give a generalization to other sources.Three Independent American researcher Sun, came to the same conclusions — the same as those that have been previously made by our scientists in Russia's Pulkovo Observatory:

— solar activity falls — the current solar cycle, which began in December 2009, will be weak — Next followed, starting in 2018-2020, may become so weak that it will begin the Little Ice Age    

These three studies were announced this week at a press conference on the annual

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Fracture point: Modern civilization as we know it on the verge of the end?


Suddenly, the world is a very scary place and it becomes even worse, like a broken, decaying, dystopian world in science fiction films, none of us ever imagined it would be in reality. Everything seems raspadatesya around us. Concerns about the deterioration of the European debt crisis grows as weak economic data from China, the stock market around the world has decreased over the past two weeks. The financial crisis has spread to Spain and beyond. The government in the Middle East is crumbling and power into the hands of the crowd. Tension rises between Iran and the Arab

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German Leopard 1 main battle tank

Middle of the 50s of the last century Bundeswehr management came to the conclusion that substitution of M47 and M48 tanks South American production. South American armor is outdated and could not compete with the new Russian tanks production, thousands of whom were armed with the Warsaw contract. Cool war sought rapid and efficient solutions. In November 1956 Germany and France have agreed to start joint work on the creation of a new single tank. In German the title documents programm wore Standard-Panzer («Standard tank»). In the midst of the subsequent 57-year specifications were ready to newest armored vehicle

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Europe will become Siberia. Cause of the present conflict — Emergency climatic catastrophe?

Scientists continue to argue: we are waiting for global warming, or the world is on the threshold of the next ice age? And what if inhabited territory suddenly become parched desert or ice "Ice Age is inevitable, but in a few thousand years, — says Vladimir Polevanov, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences. — Then in the polar latitudes grow huge ice caps. When they — that too is inevitable — early-peas to thaw, the huge mass of water "will result" from glacial lakes and flood including Eurasia. This will be another Flood, the water level in the ocean overnight rise

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Earth's climate: more heat waves, droughts and floods in the future

Scientists report paints a dismal outlook for the world

Heatwave in Europe, droughts in Africa, floods in Asia: it will increase due to global warming, with large regional differences — so the report says climate scientists. This paper of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the most comprehensive work done to date, in which scientists tried to measure the potential impact of warming on the frequency and intensity of weather events.

Worst-case scenario, which assumes that report, entire regions become uninhabitable.

"If a disaster will take place more often and with greater amplitude, some areas will

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