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Secrets of Lead Library

December 11, 2011 13:33

As previously reported, the archaeologists of the world froze in anticipation of a sensation. In the north, Jordan found a unique find — lead book. According to scientists, a collection of ancient manuscripts can transform the entire biblical story. To have one problem: the neighboring country — Jordan and Israel — can not divide among themselves lead library.

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Deal of the century

Why is the dispute? Between 2005 and 2007 (not known exactly) in

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Israel has already found the third goat, giving milk

October 28, 2012 21:58

Israel denies its existence goat saying "benefit — both from goat milk." Animal found in the Bedouin village of Arara in the Negev.

It is reported referring to the newspaper "Maariv"

The unusual animal was purchased Sami Abu Jama, a resident of the Bedouin village of Arara in the Negev, to multiply their livestock herds.

The publication says that the goat is not only copes with its task, but also has another unexpected quality — it has the udder and gives milk.

Rumors of an unusual goat quickly circled the country.

By Abu Jama

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