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Bed and bedrooms.

Modern take on tradition.

Skills developed over the decades are used in Velda’s latest collection.

For more than 50 years Velda has produced beds using traditional skills, and still continues to recruit apprentices to maintain these skills. The combination of this and modern technology is seen in its latest Multisense mattress collection, says Adrian Eyre, Velda UK sales agent.

All six mattresses in the range have an Aegis anti-microbe or Aegis Premium anti-microbe and moisture regulation treatment.

Single or double layers of multi-low springs act like a second layer of fillings providing high levels of support while reducing pressure points.

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In Urai (Khanty-Mansiysk) has opened a children’s clinic

In Urai has opened a new children‘s polyclinic for 200 visits per shift, day hospital with 15 beds and 30 pediatric department at the hospital beds.

Clinic was built jointly by the Government of Ugra, Urai and management of the company "LUKOIL — Western Siberia." Total funding for the construction of nearly 440 million rubles, including more than 84 million rubles was spent on the purchase of equipment for the clinic.

The modern building is equipped with high-tech equipment for the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of disease. There is a compartment with hydrotherapy tubs,

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In Orenburg opened therapeutic housing GKB. Pirogov

9-storey therapeutic housing city hospital im.Pirogova Orenburg since September 4, fully involved in the work. Here are the primary vascular compartment, organized under the federal vascular program.

Construction of therapeutic building began in 1985, followed by the difficult economic conditions, the refinery was closed down. Since 2008, it has been allocated additional funding in the amount of about 500 million, construction resumed. 


In the new building, the federal program created by the primary vascular compartment with 120 beds for the treatment of heart attacks and strokes.

In the primary vascular

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In p. Tolbazy (Bashkiria) opened a surgical block CRH

September 5 opening ceremony of the surgical case Tolbazinskoy central hospital.

Currently, the hospital has a 139-night-patient beds and 29 day care beds. A new surgical building designed for 35 beds. Total for the construction of a building intended order of 173 million rubles.


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In the Ryazan region opened a new building of the Alexander Nevsky CRH

The new building of the central hospital of St. Alexander Nevsky district, a total area — 5.1 thousand square meters. m, a capacity of 80 beds. The building housed the emergency room, emergency room care, medical ward of 34 beds with an intensive care nursing center by 50 per shift, as well as physical therapy, pediatric and surgical departments.


In the CRB will be not only the usual operations, but also provide assistance to victims of road accidents (near trail passes M6).


The work was done as part of a long-term target program

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In the Kirov region opened the fifth Vascular Center

New Vascular Center is organized on the basis of Vyatskopolyansky central hospital. It is designed for 12 beds cardiology, 12 beds and neurological intensive care unit on 9 beds.

Under the federal program in the vasculature of the Kirov region about two years ago opened three primary vascular center (the cities of Kirov, Sovietsk, Sloboda) and one regional-based Kirov Regional Hospital.

Vascular Center in Vyatskie Glades opened further as part of the state program of development of the region’s health up to 2020, so that high-quality specialized care for heart attack and stroke was the

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In Beslan (Ossetia) opened a maternity hospital

Maternity hospital for 48 beds was opened on June 28 in the town of Beslan. Object with 18 chambers, equipped with modern medical equipment and 114 jobs built in the Right Bank district hospital

New landscaped medical complex of six thousand square meters of the standards of the World Health Organization. 

Pockets: * Obstetric-physiological * Department of newborns * Children’s pathology * Observational

Number of seats: Provides 48 beds. 18 of them for newborns. 30 — for expectant mothers. One — double rooms with private bath and shower, air conditioning. There is

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In Chita (Amur region), opened a new psychiatric hospital

Construction of a new psychiatric hospital with 600 beds had been planned since 2008, the federal program "Development of Siberia and the Far East." The need to build discrepancy caused most of the existing units in the province of psychiatric services sanitary-epidemiological norms which does not allow to provide mental health care in dignity, since the unit was originally located in a converted premises.

First of all psychiatric hospitals included five medical buildings, medical and diagnostic building, catering department, laundry, garage, gate. At present, construction works performed for landscaping will be held in the warm period. Purchased

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In the City Hospital № 12 of Novosibirsk earned cardiology department

On the basis of the city hospital number 12 opened department for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

New cardiology department will offload other hospitals the right bank of Novosibirsk, where previously delivered emergency cardiology patients.

"Recently we have noted a serious mismatch the number of beds and the number of patients being in the cardiology department of the city hospital number 1 and the city hospital number 25. The two departments in these hospitals "take on" the entire burden of admission of patients with cardiovascular pathologies Central, Dzerzhinsky, Kalinin, Central district of Novosibirsk "- explained during a visit

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In Volgograd regional perinatal center is open


Today in the Soviet district of Volgograd hosted the opening ceremony of the regional clinical perinatal center. This IA "Height 102" According to the press service of the regional administration. Participation in the event was Deputy Minister of Regional Development Anatoly Popov. In veduchrezhdenii already have the first patients. The program includes a one-day working visit to Volgograd Anatoly Popov as familiarity with the work of a single control point TM88-1 Krasnoarmeyski region, participated in the meeting in the regional administration on measures to improve the quality of housing and communal services through improving public sector management and

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