In Belarus more expensive beef

He explained to why the ministry insists on more expensive beef. Fact, that chicken and pork in Belarus are about the same as their neighbors. Because, that beef is not exported from Belarus, the Ministry proposes government to increase her prices. Subsequent what prices could rise — dairy products. But this increase, according to the minister, will be held no earlier than illumine. Tags: prices, beef

Grodno beef consecrated for Iranians

Grodno meat-packing proposal for supplying beef to Iran was not a short sudden. Came as a surprise that it will deliver a flight. But it turned out: fuel available in the Iranians, and they used their own plane. In this this country hitherto imported meat from further general Latin America.Meat processing plant in Grodno visited a group of Iranian professionals. Mullah Jafar al-Husseini debated in the workshop through an interpreter journalist Inna Maksimchik. She was struck by the event that he was there with a compass in hand defines where the east. For what? 

Carcasses raise the assembly flow head

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Tambov farmers enjoy delicacies

The program for the development of cattle breeding conditions for the development and production of high-quality beef, including marble.

 Tambov farmers have already taken advantage of this expensive delicacy, and the type of meat. Today in the field of animal breeders have bred about 2,000 head of beef cattle. Beef Kalmyk breed grown in Sampurskaya, Kirsanovsky, Morshansk areas. In Umetskom preference given limousines in Mordovia Cows grazing Charolais and Angus.

The region is planned to further strengthen the breeding and food supply, creating grounds for fattening beef cattle breeding base formation.

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Just four cattle-breeding complexes built in the Astrakhan region

As part of the target program for the development of beef cattle and increased production of beef in four districts of the Astrakhan region at the same time erected feedlots and processing facilities. For new APC purchased three thousand head of cattle breeding.

During a working visit to the Volga region governor Alexander Jilkin inspects construction sites.

commissioning of the livestock center in s. Three Protoka scheduled for late May

The premises are being built quickly and efficiently, they are economical and easy to operate, in the winter and in the summer they will be supported by the same

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How to save a supply of fresh water?

How to save a supply of fresh water? Save the planet

Fig. 400-meter devices for irrigation delivers water to the field in Oregon, sown with alfalfa. Currently such costly mechanism replaced with environmentally friendly irrigation systems.

Water is the basis of all life. On Earth sustenance 7 billion of humanity and all ecosystems depend on fresh water, which is only 1% of the total water supply of the planet. To contribute to the preservation of these precious drops, enough to do the following:

Try to organize the landscape near his home and planted the plants for watering which under normal

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Agriculture Russia: Problems and Prospects

About the alleged critical situation in Russian agriculture today is not expressed, perhaps, only the laziest. And we have abandoned the field, and technology is not enough, and the meat import. It is believed that as soon as we stop food imports, the country will immediately begin hunger.

Let's try to understand: is it really, should we be afraid of the potentially possible hunger and what the problems really are. And most importantly — how to solve them?

Crop and livestock production

Agricultural situation in the history of the Russian Federation government is clearly divided into two

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The number of cattle in the U.S. fell to a minimum of sixty

Beef is one of the scarcest commodities in the U.S. food market. This is the conclusion consumer protection organizations after a disappointing report, the Department of Agriculture (Department of Agriculture — USDA).

According to the latest data, the number of cattle in the United States now stands at 91 million, the lowest figure since 1952, that is, over the past six decades.

The worst thing is that in recent years the government has done nothing to save the once thriving meat business. "One hundred years ago, a good rib-eye steak was a symbol of America — says the farmer

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The meat market — the current situation on 09.07.2012

Beef, pork, poultry.

Production, livestock, prices of production, consumer prices, import:

According to the Agriculture Ministry, the price of beef has increased by 1.1%, poultry — by 1.8% of pork decreased — by 0.3%. Consumer prices increased for beef and pork by 0.1% and poultry by 0.7%. Volumes of supplies of imported beef below the level of 2011, while pork and poultry — above last year's level. In foreign countries, prices have decreased by beef and poultry — by 1.9%, pork prices rose by 0.1%.

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In the Samara region began to plant breeding cattle

Since Soviet times, in the Samara region had no farms, which have specialized in the breeding of purebred beef cattle breed. Beef and mutton just grown, but breeding of thoroughbred animals have long no one did. Finally there was farming, which has decided to take on this mission.

In p. Shilan Krasnoyarsk region Three years ago opened "from scratch", LLC "Ermak", much of Canada were imported beef cows Hereford.

The company has filed an application to Moscow and received a certificate from the state to recognize the status of "breeding sow".

Engaged in the production of meat today,

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Ladybugs arrived from Canada

In the Company "Krasotinskoe" Berezovsky District, engaged beef cattle, breeding cattle imported from Canada. Total — 108 goals, among them — 80 neletey and 2 bull breed "Aberdeen Angus", 25 heifers and one bull breed "Hereford".

According to experts, breeding stock was imported from Canada, has good genetic characteristics. Animal breeds Aberdeen-Angus and Hereford gain weight quickly and even when crossed with other breeds are transmitted to offspring good "meat" of the quality. They also tolerate Ural climate, may be contained in the open air, even in the most extreme cold. 

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