A new rise of beekeeping

The new labor victories of the Soviet people met thirty-fourth anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Millions of workers in town and country, by participating in socialist competition, have made and achieve significant growth in industrial and agricultural production and improve its quality. Our people are proud of the great builders labor successes of hydraulic structures of the Stalinist era of the Volga, the Dnieper, the Amu Darya and Don, proud of the success in transforming the nature and achievements of the Stakhanovite industry, transport and agriculture.

The Soviet people are not spared his

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Beekeeping in orchards

The successful development of any agricultural enterprise depends on the correct proportions between primary and secondary industries.

Standards of proportional development of beekeeping in horticulture farms, consider the experience of the state farm named after Lenin, the Ryazan region. This bee farm is in conjunction with horticulture and animal husbandry.

It was found that economically feasible rate of bee colonies to pollinate orchards in the conventional method of using family apiary is 2-2.5 per hectare. The introduction of a new method of pollination-replacement families in flowering garden-reducing regulations twice.

Increasing the number of bee colonies per hectare garden leads to

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DECREE-Union scientific and technical conference on beekeeping, dedicated to improving productivity in the apiary

Performing covenants Lenin that «Labour productivity is, in the final analysis, the most important thing, the most important thing for the victory of the new social order,» the Soviet people under the leadership of the Communist Party takes decisive action to significantly increase the productivity of labor in industry and in agriculture.

Great success in this business have also reached and advanced beekeepers. For example, the beekeeper Sverdlov collective farm, Bashkiria, PF gilding with the assistant service 300 bee colonies, and the beekeeper beekeeping Kalacheevskogo inter-district department of the Voronezh region PA Baranov, an assistant service 400 bee colonies

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KEY ways to increase productivity in beekeeping

Increasing productivity and profitability of agriculture is given importance. With this in all sectors there is great growth. It goes without saying that we, the workers of beekeeping, we can not stand aside from the solution of this important national objective.

In connection with the transfer of on-farm payment any industry collective or state farm must win their right to exist, giving the economy a good profit. In order for the industry was not unprofitable and profitable, it is necessary first of all to ensure a high level of productivity.

Perhaps in no other sector of agriculture there is

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Our plans.

Russia has always been considered a country of developed beekeeping. Even during the perestroika reforms that caused severe damage to agriculture, our industry has suffered relatively less as compared to other. The property is 88.6% of the population turned out to bee colonies, and in all categories of farms (including private and cooperative) — 11.4% of households from the total. In 2004, there were 3.3 million bee colonies at a fairly steady production of marketable honey in the last 10 years at around 50 thousand. Tonnes per year.

It should be noted that the state has an enormous resources

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MASTER of the collective farm BEE

A short distance away from the central manor of collective farm in the fertile garden, there are a small overhead winterer and bee house. This apiary farm «Victory», Kromskoy District. Who quiet here. Hives demolished winterer. But beekeeper Tsvetukhin Musatov concerns nothing less than the summer. It is necessary to look after the «Trust» to next summer again was a good honey harvest, and from spring to autumn bee tirelessly worn in cell fragrant nectar, giving the beekeeper for all his efforts and care.

Pasechnik Tsvetukhin began in 1953 after the merger of seven smaller farms. The collective farm was

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