My old man was a fairly competent muddler. He could drill holes through things and he understood where volts came from.

By the time I was 15 or so I’d emptied the old man’s recollections into my own experience pit. That and a couple of years at Bolton Tech (OND Mech Eng, like the 11-plus equivalent of fixing stuff), interspersed with a stint at Riversdale College, in Garston, on the banks of the Mersey, messing about with big, proper engines with pistons the size of four-gallon buckets, and con rods straight out of Isambard Kingdom’s book of how to ‘mek’

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Everybody Loves colder

The world is not perfect though, because in it there is a warm beer. Because our goal — to make the world a little better, we’ll show you how cool it (not the world, and beer) for 12 minutes.

Minutes 0-1

The situations are different: in the store overheated refrigerator or a strange one product brought warm … find old newspaper and tear off some pages.

Minutes 2-3

Wet the paper under the tap or in the rain, if the weather has. (Ideally suited to the situation of the newspaper "Kaif weekend" and "Zalipuha!".)

Minutes 4-5

Tightly wrap bottles

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Heat: win beer producers and traders Kondyukov

Belarusians or adapted for life and work in the criteria for the heat?If the owners of modern cars filled with climate-control system, on its own desire can create artificially in car interiors virtually any weather, the passengers of public transport travel to "steel containers" as in mobile steam room. 30 degree heat in the street truck added hot "passenger" degrees. No model trolleybuses, buses, trams, made in Belarus, not kandytsyyavana. In general, public transport in the winter other skraynasts — subzero temperature. Ascertain how physicians in the bulk of the anomalous heat hospitals — people with heart and susudistymi nevralyagichnymi

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Whether the Government will keep the Belarusian breweries?

Now Belarus creation beer involved 12 specialized factories. State programm brewing industry development of the country asks increment production capacity to 64 million dal in the year 2010.In This year seven months at Belarusian breweries brewed more than 21 million deciliter of beer. Imported to Belarus for the first half of more than 4 million dal drink."From this value will not change — the output change, the loss of the plant will be …"On a number of companies in the industry are already presently ascertain prepyadstviya. So, for example, aggravated condition Minsk Brewery "Krynica". In the first half of this

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Review of the Belarusian network on August 13th

"The KGB will expand and extend its capabilities by subordination Zhadobin presidential security service and transfer to the KGB operational structures and special forces operating in the sector operational activities vyshukavay … <…> So makarom, Alexander Lukashenko will be protected from the possibility of using some of the law enforcement agencies to conduct nomenclature coup. <…> Of course one thing for the new manager of the KGB no longer anecdotal spyware "showdown" with stories of gay diplomats, Georgian terrorists and padohlymi rats at BT; demonstration catching young oppositionists and control animated cartoons. Be sensible, thoughtful and harsh work in all

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Grodno beer precipitates

Pros and cons of Grodno beerIn the center of town, I could hardly find in a store two plastic bottles of local beer, and not so long ago the authorities did in Grodno obstacles even for "Lida" and entire refrigerated cabinets were installed Grodno beer. It actually speaking, could not compete, although the plant since 1877. We asked its director Andrei Losev now is whether beer, or not?"Not yet I can tell neither yes nor no, — responsible Losev. — Therefore, that utter release — releasing and utter not let — do not release. So it’s a little commercial maybe

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Siege April 20

The forums web site there is a debate over whether in Belarus soon undo many benefits.Odile writes: "My great-grandmother is very ill. She almost can not walk herself, she was very sore feet. When she tried to go to the Health … she uttered, in clear text — you’re already old and all the same going to die. And here I sit with her, and she knows me crying … That during the war in their village were occupying forces. And their house is located a few Germans. And among them was a German doctor. And when kids fallen ill,

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Or rebuked in Minsk to sell beer on the streets?

If the proposal will take effect Misha Pavlov, summer cafes bankrupt — convinced the emperor tents on Independence Avenue"In business, of course, kick (which concerns Minsk namely). Indeed trade without beer is actually not. With all this still everyone who want to, will find method" bought all. "Sit on the subway, passing two stops, get in the store and vorachivayutsya back to the center with beer bottles. And who wants to legally drink beer, he does not drink.’s the whole effect. In other words it is real and no one will not help. But initiatives by the authorities constantly provoked

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Day of sobriety under advertising beer

Prohibiting the sale of alcohol on July 16 Vitebsk buyers in advance — in every store hung warning notice, so that those who were able to make provisions in advance.Candidacy Liquor Department in today pharmacies and kiosks were "Belsayuzdruk" — they say, there paraskupili all in store cheapest kind of cologne and alcoholic tinctures of hawthorn.Prior to the concert, which is the square of the Millennium Vitebsk organized police, Managing the Regional Department of Internal Affairs Leonid Farmagei assured that up to 17 hours on July 16 in vytsvyarezniku was no 1st "client." Words Farmageya sovereign and his call to

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Minister Naumov blames media

June 6 at the press center of the State brought Russian journalists who were invited to Belarus at programmke lighting to combat human trafficking.At a press conference Interior Minister Vladimir Naumova, dedicated topic, came and Belarusian journalists. Among other, the minister was asked about the situation in the country’s traffic police. Whether the police are equally aggressively punish all violators of the rules in including and among the police themselves? Minister Naumov assured that this will dosmiling and done already. Example — will soon be Tribunal over traffic police, who formed the so-called "human shield."

Media have accused officials of

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