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Volkswagen third-generation Beetle will make young friends fast e’re happy to report that the design of the 21 st Century Beetle largely stays true to its initial concept: a sterner, masculine vision, and one that promised to look and feel fun. VW’s chief designer Walter de Silva realised that it was pointless trying to reinvent the old, iconic Beetle. It was created for a world that no longer exists. The 21st Century version is, well, 21st century. It’s larger, wider, bulkier and heavier than it was before. The wheel arches are less pronounced, and the roof is flatter and longer.

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MiG-29 AESA radar with GET

Russian company «Fazotron-NIIP» given the task to create a mock radar with active phased array antenna for the MiG-29, reports Jane’s. Brand new radar will be created based on the radar «Zhuk-A», developed for a promising fighter MiG-35. In developing a new radar for the MiG-29 Russian Air Force interested and another country, the title of which has not been disclosed.   Radar for the MiG-29, according to the source agency, will be 30 percent larger than the desktop layout «Bug-A» is installed on the MiG-35, who participated in the Indian tender MMRCA. An enhanced version of the radar

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Beetles — Goliaths 4 books from afar

Very interested in publishing a new title — "Goliaths". Because even before the presentation climbed to the dictionary. On the porch of the House of Writers met the founder of the publishing house, the famous writer and artist Dmitry Cherry.Reporter: "I calculated at least four meanings of the word" Goliath ": there and German self-propelled mine, and the turtle, and fighter, and even humanoid robot. But in your case, what is it? "Cherry: "Encyclopedia gives" Goliath "and" Goliath. "It has different meanings. But we have identified that this African beetles, 5 large African beetles. We have a lot of" greenish

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Scientists have invented a new MEPhI drone May beetle

Young engineers of the National Research Nuclear University MEPI created a unique unmanned aerial vehicle — quadrocopter "May-bug."

The main difference between "May Bug" from ordinary UAVs is that this quadrocopter made taking into account the principles of radiation-resistant hardware, which allows for work in the nuclear power plants in the aftermath of emergencies. To achieve this protection specialists MiFi had literally from scratch to design all the electronics, plumbing board, select material for the body and even wear "Beetle" on x-ray. Chips were exposed alternately to the active mode to a dose of 240 krad with

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Nanobutylki save the world from a shortage of drinking water

Nanobutylki save the world from a shortage of drinking water Facts

Climate change constantly reduces drinking water on the planet. But even if all the water from the rivers and lakes dry up, now there is hope for humanity will not die of thirst with a new device — a special bottle, absorbing moisture from the air. But according to scientists, the Earth's atmosphere are concentrated over 11 quadrillion gallons of water.

The world already knows about wind turbine, which can absorb water from the air even in the desert, but this method of getting rid of thirst

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BEETLE — domestic engineering reconnaissance vehicle

The main purpose — reconnaissance, water hazards and ways to move troops. Is adopted to ’80. It is based on components and assemblies BMP-1. Installed equipment: — Minesweeper wide grip; — Sounder; — Compass PAB-2A; — Equipment for navigation TNA-3; — The device of a circular observation PIR 451;

Installed equipment can detect mines at a depth of 30 cm strip of 3.6 meters, to obtain the necessary data on the slopes, cross-country, the presence of minefields and obstacles, depth, width and velocity of water obstacles in the path of the troops, the density of the bottom,

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In the forests of the district Asha rampant spruce bark beetle


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9.09.11.Ashinsky district, Chelyabinsk Region (New Region, Alla Alexandrova) — In the woods Asha areas have dangerous pest invasion — bark beetles.

Told the "New Region" Head protection and reforestation of the main forest management Chelyabinsk region Pyotr Arlashov about anomalies in the forest department officials said Asha forestry.

Arrived at the scene lesopatolog specialist and an expert center for protection of forests. The survey was defined lesion — only pest affected 900 hectares of spruce and fir trees.

No drugs against this pest does not exist, it only appears with an ax. That is, patients

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Primorye attacking Colorado potato beetle



VLADIVOSTOK, July 22. / Itar-Tass Leonid Vinogradov /. Primorye can remain without a crop of potatoes, tomatoes and other nightshade.

On the field comes Colorado potato beetle, which threatens to destroy 100 percent of the crop if planting will not be subjected to three times the processing chemicals.

According to the deputy head of the agriculture department of Primorsky Krai Andrei Brontsa, mass invasion of Colorado beetles recorded in the taiga regions — Yakovlevsky, Anuchinskom, Michael, Ussuri and others.

Pest comes from the north, on each potato bush has 5-6 beetles and up to hundreds of

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Bark beetles in six months destroyed 400 hectares of Bryansk forests


© Photo: Anaxibia

BRYANSK, Aug. 4 — RIA Novosti. More than 400 hectares of Bryansk forests killed in the first six months of this year because of bark beetles, told RIA Novosti expert management of forests in the Bryansk region on Thursday.

Last year it killed the bugs in the region of about 300 hectares of forest, which is comparable to the damage from the wildfires of 2010.

The reason for this "invasion" was mass reproduction bark, which last summer gave two generations, not including nursing generations.

According to the agency interlocutor, the spread of bark beetle on

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In Astana dung beetle invasion


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30.07.11.Astana experiencing an invasion of dung beetles. Experts believe that the insect scavengers showed up in the capital with the lake Taldykol.

It is noteworthy that the insects prefer to attack the prestigious area of the left bank. "Lovely" creation were seen even in shopping malls. The first Internet alarmed Vice Finance Minister Ruslan Dalen, made a statement on Twitter: "In Astana, who still faced with the beetles? Biblical hordes! .. ".

A little later in the debriefing specialists left the National Center phyto and forecasts. — This beetle — ditritofag — commented biologist Zhunusbekov

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