Dynko: Bykov was modern Socrates

Writer by profession, was also a huge Bulls sage, teacher behavior, modern Socrates. For him, it was fundamentally not only what he wrote, and how he lived, that read, as operated. Through its truth, but once ancient restraint, a sense of proportion, realism, and the ability to remain constant through or around the sound heresy or truth and shame or praise, and he became a great spiritual authority.Bykov generation — and in his prose including — made war and totalitarianism in Europe and criminal phenomena unlikely.As a writer, he studied human behavior, delivered in front of a moral choice.As a

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Yu.Hodyko: In a civilized society can not tolerate such

"How can evaluate the behavior of the authorities, even when the law allowed those authorities to release human to bid farewell to the deceased spouse? Then what’s happening, it — savagery. This is typically not a civilized society, and for stage netsyvilizatsyynaga human existence. Because I very strongly condemn such behavior of the authorities, "- said Yu.Hodyko

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Social Anthropology

Tepminom "social anthropology" denotes At the first stage of scientific The direction, the purpose of which was to study and description of the concepts of man as a social being, formed in the so-called "Primitive" societies. In fact, pech was a man of traditional society — as opposed to the modern society. In other words, the key to the problem of Western philosophy of "man and society" ppoetsipovalas to non-Western culture and civilization — to those whose research relates to the field of Anthropology and Ethnography.


Great stimulus to the development of social anthropology has given study primitive

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The impact of natural disasters on people's behavior

The impact of natural disasters on people's behavior Facts

A study by the University of Canterbury of New Zealand, said that the survivors of natural disasters more likely to suffer from mental impairment. This leads to the fact that during everyday activities such people begin to behave inappropriately. For example, the victims of terrorist acts increasingly involved in an accident, are more prone to stress and anxiety.

Assistant professor of psychology William Helton believes that greater stress and confusion, leading to this behavior are the result arising from disasters cognitive disorders. To confirm the theory have been several psychological tests

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Can animals predict natural disasters?

Can animals predict natural disasters? It is interesting

What you appear association, when you hear the phrase "animal instinct"? Some special sensory perception? Premonition? Or a sixth sense? It is indisputable that the animal is feeling the need to survive in the wild. But the question is how this feeling can come to the rescue in a disaster? Researchers studying animal behavior, trying to draw a parallel between anxiety animals and natural disasters.

For animals living in the wild, life is like survival. This explains the keen sense of smell and hearing. Animals are able to respond to the vibrations

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It's time scientists set an example for reducing the "carbon footprint"

It's time scientists set an example for reducing the "carbon footprint" to save the planet

From November 28 to December 9, 2011 will be a meeting of politicians in Durban, South Africa, to discuss the program of action in the face of climate change, which are the result of human activity. However, all this is due to the scientists, who presented the problem of the public and people began to call on the world to develop "green" behavior.

Everyone knows what to do and how to reduce carbon emissions. In fact, it appears that not only is very difficult for

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Scientists: Insomnia ants can warn about earthquake

April 11, 2013. Sudden changes in the behavior of forest ants indicate that in a few hours will be an earthquake, German scientists found that three-year clock watched a few anthills.

"In the behavior of ants, for which we observed showed a steady change of phases of activity and tranquility. A few hours before the earthquake instead of sleep phase advancing surge of activity, and the following phase of the activity does not occur during the day, "- said Gabriela Berbera (Gabriele Berberich) from the University of Duisburg (Germany), who presented the first results of the experiment at the European

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Canadian documentary "The Corporation" examines the phenomenon of corporations from its origins to the present, showing their true colors. The film examines the behavior and development of corporations as the behavior of the person, as if corporations are at a reception at the psychologist and discover their pathological.

Unusual testimony of radar in the deaths of birds

In fact, the weather radar shows not only the weather, as many think. The National Weather Service (NRS) in the U.S. North Little Rock, Arkansas, studied the spot, which appeared on the radar at about the same time, on the eve of the new year, when hundreds of birds fell from the sky because of the alleged injury.

Lauren Clark, a correspondent for Today's THV, met with the head of scientific programs CPO Chris Bonanno, to find out the details. According to Bonanno, this spot is most definitely did not look like rain. Most of all, it looked like

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Liberalism split the catholic society on people-atoms and brought them back into the society of mass consumption

Atomization of society. Side effects caused by the principle of Le Chatelier and associated with rapid changes in the conditions of life, manifested in the spiritual realm. At the forefront purely personal interests, individual short-range goals, the pursuit of material wealth and new sensations. Break the connections between people that determine relatively distant future. The essence of the changes clearly seen from the comparison of modern society with traditional.

Prior to the new time of life of the people heading the traditional society. This society has a high degree of stability, it was sealed with multiple relationships between people. In

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