Tour Guide Beijing, China — The Forbidden City

Take a journey to the heart of Beijing to a place that China’s emperors called home for half a millennium and which is now the city’s biggest tourist attraction

01 The site of student protest and government retaliation

As you approach the Forbidden City you’ll walk through Tiananmen Square, the scene of several infamous demonstrations throughout the 20th century. Most famous of all were the student-led protests that took place between April and June 1989 in the square. The Chinese government ordered troops with tanks and rifles to end the occupation of the square, resulting in an indeterminate number of

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Chinese designer and architect, Jingjing Naihan Li, was born in 1981 in Harbin then moved to Beijing in the mid-eighties. Growing up, she spent most of her childhood amidst the explosion of imported cultural concepts. In 1999, she left China for United Kingdom to further her studies. Studying abroad gave her the need to study something that she can bring home with. She started studying architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London.

After graduating, Naihan returned to Beijing in 2004, where she collaborated with artist, Ai Wei Wei, and that experience made her decide to move back to


Prior to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing — exactly one year

Total during the Olympic Games will involve 37 stadiums for competitions and 56 sites for training.As of August 1, a year before the Olympic starts representatives of Belarus captured 73 licenses in six sports: 47 — in athletics, 10 — in swimming, 9 — in the shooting, 4 — sailing, 2 — Diving and 1 — in cycling. Expected to address 250 Belarusians in 23 sports. Meanwhile there is a threat of boycotting the Olympics United States. Thus, in House of Representatives Congress made two resolutions calling for an official boycott, as in China violated human rights, and Beijing support

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Chinese — for the purity of sport series

Olympic TV channel in Beijing and then scroll the information that in the past 40 years for the use of illegal drugs was almost disqualified athletes weaving. Affects this warning on the Olympians show the coming days are. Meanwhile Information Chinese TV ready "mislead" brains all without exception. Before the Games as much as 40 channels with studio until illuminations — in anticipation starts.Locked topic here and about the state cuisine using dog meat. According to the latest disk imaging, four-legged friends of man in Beijing were not kidding flocks have long. And not only because they were caught in

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Olympic fire is already in Beijing

Beijing absolutely immersed in the Olympics: it will open officially on August 8 8:00, 8 minutes and 8 seconds. Beijing International Airport — would beehive. Weave volunteers greeted guests around the clock. Sure that their smirks slightly flatten hot weather — plus 35 at very highest humidity. Blue sky over Beijing is not visible — it is tight thick haze, through which the sun can not get through.Parish Olympics and felt in the capital’s roads. Drivers who are not very keen to adhere to traffic rules has become more familiar concept of congestion, because the left lane only given to

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Olympic challenge: whether to ignore proud?

What results are expected from the Belarusians in Beijing? At the Beijing Olympics will be three "Bangalore"Gesture and with the content-OlympianIn Paris a couple of times Olympic fire was quenchedTibet and Sports

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Successful joint project of LLC Russian Railways Tour and Intourist


From Moscow to Beijing went first tourist train. This fact was an important step in the development of international rail travel. Tourist trains are different from the long-distance trains that passengers do not just make the trip from one point to another, and the process of the trip is the most important part of the tourism program. The train, which started yesterday (July 15, 2011.) From the Russian capital, tourists travel from 20 countries with almost all the continents of South America, Asia, Australia and Europe. The train "Moscow — Beijing" — 21 car. It is formed of

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Beijing faces water shortages and subsidence

Beijing faces water shortages and subsidence Facts

800 wells that extract water within the fifth ring road in Beijing, will be closed this year to keep the ground water. In 2011, the total amount of water that has been used residents of the capital, was 3.6 billion cubic meters. According to the authorities, by 2014, the extraction of water in urban areas will be discontinued, as the capital is observed subsidence, in other words, the city falls to the ground. In Beijing, there are over 10,000 wells in the city and its suburbs. Excessive use of surface water, along with

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Snowfall disrupt your normal life in Beijing

Snowfall disrupt your normal life in Beijing Weather and Climate

Ground and air traffic in China's capital, Beijing vybilos from the usual schedule due to last almost day snowstorms. Due to unstable weather conditions stopped working two railway express route. According to the city was declared a warning relating to increased snowfall. All citizens officially made known that snowfall may last another day.

The capital's international airport because of deteriorating visibility 51 flight was canceled, another 22 flights were delayed. One hour in the early snowfall average snow depth reached 4.7 cm, 5 cm in some places Since

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Air pollution in China can be seen from space

Air pollution in China can be seen from space Danger Zone

On satellite imagery revealed haze over eastern China, which confirms reports of severe air pollution in Beijing.

At the time of taking pictures haze enveloped the sky for more than a month. In early November, the Beijing center observations of air reported that the detected particles ranging in size from 10 microns, classifying the level of pollution as the average or small. In this case, the U.S. Agency for Environmental Protection has expressed a strong level of pollution particles 2.5 microns.

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