White-headed Duck yes Grisha. Molotov cocktail



White-headed Duck:

What UTB for sredstva?What UTB for the purpose?Thrown into the embassy Molotov cocktail.

UTB Who do you want?And who out of spite?Mozhet, ETA NATOZaplyalo machinations?


Well, I think,What's behind it all are Russian.Maybe even, FSB,I'm telling you!

White-headed Duck:

Mozhet, the EchoGas warWell, just mozhetThe boys were drinking,

They drank, chatted,Was Harashi …And then we decided to Zdelats fire show.


Well, maybe someone in authorityProvocation arranged?Maybe it's the KGB,I'm telling you!

White-headed Duck:

Mozhet someone justPeraputav goalAnd not at the embassy Threw her drink?

He did not understandJust a drunken eyes.And now TerekAbvinyayut

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