Allergies to work (asthma)

When choosing a profession or place of work, few think about how it will affect the decision on health. However, harmless at first glance working conditions hairdresser, a beautician, a librarian, a pharmacist or a seller may contribute to the pet store quite a serious disease — asthma. Researchers around the world have come to the sad conclusion — one in five asthmatic disease owes his profession.

Why did this happen?

What materials are most often the culprits of asthma caused by profession?

Allergens of animal origin — silk, wool, animal hair, feathers, bees, vegetable flies, worms. Since

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Hair loss in men

Gone are the days when it was believed that a man should be a little nicer apes. In today's world ball is ruled metrosexuals. Now the company believes that all men should be fine: the face, the clothes, the soul, and … hair. What can prevent a man be perfect?

The most typical male problem with hair: thinning hair, starting from the temples and crown of the head, gradually "spread out" on his head. This is called a "normal male pattern baldness" or androgenetic alopecia (AGA).

Begin treatment at the beginning of hair loss!

It is important to

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Hepatitis B

This is quite common and severe form of hepatitis is also called serum hepatitis. This name is due to the fact that infection with the hepatitis B virus can occur through blood, and rather hit a very small number of viral particles. Hepatitis B virus can be transmitted sexually, with injections of sterile syringes for drug addicts, from mother to fetus.

Situations in which infection occurs most often:

Transfusion of blood. Worldwide, an average of 0,01-2% Of donors are carriers of hepatitis viruses, so now donated blood before transfusion recipient is examined for the presence of hepatitis viruses

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Eye diseases in children

Most eye diseases diagnosed in adults, can also occur in children. For example, an allergic reaction, contact with the eye of the infectious agent and other reasons, a child may be an inflammation of one or more shells eye — conjunctivitis, keratitis or uveitis. Injuries, burns, foreign body eye children are not less than those of their parents — in such cases it is important to quickly and efficiently provide first aid.

Childhood is the time, especially in school, most often the problem starts with vision — myopia andastigmatism. For as long as possible to keep a good eye,

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Delayed puberty in males

About the Late puberty say that if the boy does not increase the testicles to 13 years and the appearance of pubic hair by age 15. Also on the possibility of a delay of sexual development may indicate the lag in the growth of the child — gipostatura.


Late sexual maturation could well be hereditary, if a similar situation has occurred with relatives boy. The growth rate in this case is normal, and although the growth spurt and sexual maturation occur later than most peer, hereinafter they proceed in the usual way.

However, the reason for the late

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How to help the drinker relative

How to help a person quit drinking?

Conscious behavior of the alcoholic becomes a dream, not only his family, but the drinker. Many alcoholics — smart, knowledgeable people who drink, not because of their low social status, or a meager intellect, and as a result very different, unconscious of their own reasons.

Any alcoholic needs to adopt and support. It has long been proven that alcoholism is cultivated on a deep emotional dissatisfaction, lack of love and faith in himself, unwilling to live. That is why the first thing a person can help the drinker — not

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Russian can not be overcome because it is necessary to destroy

Is there a practical sense in the ability to reconstruct the speculative actions of the past? There is, and to overestimate its value is very difficult. History — is not only a scientific discipline, and the gun.

Wage war seriously. The soldier on the battlefield need a very powerful incentive to expose themselves to danger. The ability to withstand losses, willingness to endure intense fight, keeping the will to fight in the most adverse conditions, referred to as the moral elasticity forces. You can equip the army with the most modern and expensive instrument, provide all the necessary reserves to

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From patrol boats to aircraft carriers

Our home offers a full range of naval equipment and armaments

The questions weekly "MIC" said Managing delegation of "Rosoboronexport", the first deputy general director Ivan Maksimovic Goncharenko.

"MIC" Ivan Maksimovic is too early to sum up the work of "Rosoboronexport" for the year, but there are some crotch results?

— Yes, of course, and they cheer. Namely, for the first six months of military products export destination only strip our society of 6.5 billion dollars. This is higher than the results for the same period last year. So we can say that on this day Rosoboronexport continues to do

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Lifestyle during pregnancy

In his youth, the majority of women do not think about how a healthy lifestyle they lead. But now comes the pregnancy— And pregnant women, respectively related to his condition, many questions arise.

How to eat? What drinks prefer and which to reject? Dietary habits of pregnant can be quite unusual and often serve as an occasion for jokes. Meanwhile, they were certainly worth a listen: it so the body can "signal" about the deficit any important substances. However, to go to extremes and not worth it. Food should be very diverse, natural, balanced and fulfilling the content

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Cool brand new war would be fought in the Arctic (La Repubblica, Italy)

As the Arctic Ocean ice-released more as a result of striking the configuration Environment on the planet, the tension grows between countries seeking to use the natural resources of this area becoming more and more accessible. NATO experts beating anxiety.

This year, the shrinking of the polar pack ice approached for records in 2007 and 2008 were recorded in 30 years of satellite observations. Area an old ice shrinking, new ice narrower and less stable, and the trend is on the beliefs of scientists will continue. In the coming decades, the Arctic Ocean reincarnate of aggressive and difficult to access

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