June: Season drowned

On the days of family Trashkovyh Vitebsk buried son Alexei. Schoolboy failed vyplystsi with massive whirlpool on the Dvina and drowned at the sight of friends. Exactly three months back the owner’s family buried Trashkovy Gennady: navigator Trashkov was IL-76 that was shot down in Somalia.Holidays in hospital wardsDoctor Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics Vladimir Tsarev says that from the beginning of June Chamber hospitals are overcrowded. Most patients — young people or even children. They helped out of lakes, ponds and artificial reservoirs:"As for travmatalyagichnyh unhealthy, it first intoxication. A drunk — this, in turn, foolhardiness, which does

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Last Hours of Freedom: Guest — SBP chairman Ales Pashkevich

Ales Pashkevich — Chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers, creator of the essay, "What I believe" that sounded on the waves of Liberty. Ales Pashkevich, who was in command of Alexander Kozulin during the past presidential elections, Among other comment on the poll — worth writer support politicians or political idea. In research papers — on last week Belarus 90 people drowned. Where you can swim, can go to relax Belarusians. In the "record" Alexander Pamidorau — "Polotsk notebook." Siege Belarusian web, in the anthology "Night ABC" — Mikhalina EmelyanovAfter 23 minutes — "Prague accent" — what the consequences

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Tuesday at Freedom

Morning 6:00 * replay of the webcast from 18.00 Mon. 6:30 * replay of the webcast from 19.00 Mon. 07.00 Morning F* Guest live broadcast — Victor Kryvelev, a businessman from Rein, Chairman of Minsk regional organization BSDP (Gromada). These weekend he was elected favorite newly formed trade union organizations of the Minsk regional businessmen. * June 26 — International day of struggle against drugs. What is the average turnover of the Belarusian government and the addict to face the dilemma of addiction. * In Kobrin district discussions are a new project — industrial feeding of peacocks. It took over

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The head of government of the Czech Republic met with Belarusian stazhystami

About this meeting with the head of the Belarusian Czech government we asked to tell Antonina Berdyha, chairman of the Association of international issues:Byrd: "The Emperor Topolanek long time looking for the development of Situation in Belarus. He met with representatives of Belarusian opposition and at a time when there was a prime» EPAM and he was in opposition. Today’s meeting, but was typical that his interlocutors were not representatives of the Belarusian political parties, and rank and file civilian society.Specifically, this means meeting the emperor» Prime er could not figure out at first hand about the what’s happening in

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June Vasil Bykov: Society is not ready to bring the success of the state of democracy

"Voice of any errors of democracy, maybe it makes no sense. Since in general, when you get down and fundamentally approach, then these errors such significant errors, was not so much. Maybe they did not exist. Another thing and that is very legitimate, reasonable policy of success has not brought. So she generally in these criteria and could not bring such success, which Democrats had hoped. Means can just talk about the extra hope Belarusian democracy. Here it really was. Society is not ready to bring the success of the Belarusian state of democracy. "From Mon on Friday in our

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Your choice: more readable materials Sunday

First "Over the bar» EPAM": activities of Belarusian students abroad (Belarus abroad) Second week numbers 3rd Honoring favorites fatakonkursu "My Belarus" (photos) Fourth "Expertise" Freedom ":" Can you solve the problem of migration and demographic increase in the retirement age? " Fifth of Belarus in the 10-ke worst violators of freedom of speech

Malady blame BT libel

In the "Panorama" told the audience that at the Belarusian-Polish border KGB detained activists "Young Front" and BPF. They checked Tipo laptops and found the electrical benefits of terrorism. Mentioned the names of students applets Kalinowski.In the story "Panorama" journalist Yuri PROKOPOV said that the Belarusian-Polish border detained spokesman "Young Front" Haretski managing Grodno branch organization Eugene Skrabutan also BPF boy Dmitry and Alexey Trubkin.Story Creator argued that the guys who are trained in Poland programmke Kalinouski, took laptops.By Yuri Prakopau, there was information about how to prepare a terrorist attack that explosive devices used in concrete or brick buildings,

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Another pipeline bypassing Belarus

Length of the new pipeline — almost tyscha km from the Bulgarian coast, one branch of the pipeline will go to Austria and Slovenia, the other — to Italy. New transit corridor that will be title "noon stream" means to build for the year. Through it will be pumped 30 billion cubic meters of gas per year — about a third of the annual needs of Germany and two-thirds of the volume of gas that was pumped through Belarus Last year. According to Putin, the new project has already been approved by the governments of Russia and Italy, and the

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What arrested KGB colonel and head Belneftehim?

Middle of the last sonorous criminal cases, by Peter Miklashevich, special attention should arrest senior briber, who worked for the KGB and then chairman of the concern "Belneftekhim" Alexander Borovsky, in which portrayed "millions of dollars. "This confirmed: the case against senior officers of the KGB and MVD, indeed, started. It came out more on May 31."Indeed, the Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus opened a case of bribery against 3 colonels KGB and MVD, among which one active KGB. They arrested. Thing lead investigator of the Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus", — said Miklashevich.Earlier online edition reported that among those arrested —

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Required if Belarus foreign loans?

On Thursday, Alexander Lukashenko met with the management of Dutch bank «ABN Amro», which is going to give Belarus a loan of 500 million dollars.For what Belarusian management seeks to attract external financial resources? Indeed whether the situation with money in the country is such a critical? A lot of success in the Belarusian authorities verbovanii foreign loans? Either situation with money in the country is such a critical?Valery Karbalevich: "Until this year, Small external debt (838 million dollars at the beginning of the year) were a source of pride, one of the propaganda trumps the Belarusian government.Alexander Lukashenko has

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