Required if Belarus foreign loans?

On Thursday, Alexander Lukashenko met with the management of Dutch bank «ABN Amro», which is going to give Belarus a loan of 500 million dollars.For what Belarusian management seeks to attract external financial resources? Indeed whether the situation with money in the country is such a critical? A lot of success in the Belarusian authorities verbovanii foreign loans? Either situation with money in the country is such a critical?Valery Karbalevich: "Before this year Small external debt (838 million dollars at the beginning of the year) were a source of pride, one of the propaganda trumps the Belarusian government.Alexander Lukashenko has

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Figure a day or 322 billion rubles

322 billion rubles — such supplies of finished products was light industry of Belarus on 1 chervenya. It is almost equal six-week production industry. This is the highest figure of supplies from all sectors of the state economy. It is worth recalling that, according to forecasts, the EU’s decision to exclude Belarus from the Generalized System of Preferences of the Union will be particularly painful specifically for light industry and exacerbate an already bad situation.

Announcement: If you need help or advice — please …

How to live and students from the first set on programmke Kalinowski and what they are doing at the moment? What conditions in the dorms, what lacks scholarship?As trained students who wssd» ithout want to get an education, and how they spend their leisure time?Students Kalinouski willing to share experiences and you can access them for help, for advice. In the new program "Belarusian abroad" about themselves and own life Belarusian students say Kalinouski who are trained from last year in Poland. "Belarusian abroad" over "Freedom" on June 26.

Our people can impale long, but not infinitely

I will begin with a discussion of correspondence with our listener Alexei Kolchin of Mogilev.June 14 on the website of "Liberty" is located a message entitled "in Mogilev left public organizations that would be engaged in the recovery of kids."It was about children affected by Chernobyl, and they are invited to stay for themselves on foreign charities. On the same day we received a critical response to this publication Alexei Kolchin. In his letter he wrote to electric:"I’m a listener (and reader website) your radio with a significant experience, it could not pass without going through. What in Mogilev Tipo

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Mon to Freedom

Morning * In mon to Berlin at the invitation of the Bundestag large delegation arrives united democratic forces. It will accept a role in an international conference dedicated to the Belarusian issue.* Guest ether — last businessman, an economist by training, member of the Political Council of the United Civil Party, Chairman of Minsk regional UCP Lev Margolin.* Pruzany became the first regional center where ice palace built for 700 people. Once built similar objects in Orsha (5 thousand people), Bobruisk (7 thousand) and Minsk (15 thousand).* At the height of the holiday season. Where they will spend their holidays

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Germany will help the opposition to develop a platform

Event organizer, member of the Bundestag, the Christian Democrat Arnold Faats, visited Minsk in March, says:"We are doing this conference to Belarusian opposition politicians — an item of political pluralism in every society — could develop future platform. Recent Belarus showed that of the authorities is not some tangible steps toward democratic reforms. In the long term — impending price increase energoelementy coming to power in Russia a new president, a new election in the fall of the Belarusian parliament. All this will open a discussion. And this event should attract attention to the subsequent Belarus have in Germany.During these

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Igumenskij way: in June commemorated the victims of the NKVD

"Igumenskij Way" began with worship near one of the crosses. Priest Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Father Leonid:"Lord Jesus Christ, our God, You alone was innocent repressed. Suffered, crucified. Gentle eyes Look at the dead from the atheist regime when the tyrant Stalin Igumen sufferers.""At This year organizers of the event were representatives of the Conservative Christian Party BPF. Also joined by members of the Belarusian Popular Front movement, historians, some inhabitants of the town in June.Vice-chairman CCP BPF Yury Belenky:"If every Belarusian will not grow their own kids in the Belarusian culture, Belarusian word, relying on our Christian faith, there

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Your choice: more readable materials Saturday

First Honoring favorites fatakonkursu "My Belarus" (photos)Second "Over the bar» EPAM": activities of Belarusian students studying abroad3rd Saturday on "Freedom"Fourth Belarus — 10-ke worst violators of freedom of speech5th "Expertise" Freedom ":" Can you solve the problem of migration and demographic increase in the retirement age? "

Who is responsible for the failure of the Christian festival in Borisov?

At the opening of the festival gathered a half thousand people, but 10 minutes before the opening of the gathering made official in the ideological department and said that the festival will not take place, so justdecision to hold it "lost legal force." Oh, so this formulation commented Chairman Executive Committee Borisova Vasily Dylyuk:"They violated one hundred percent, yielded nothing: neither one there the rule of law is not violated, that there will be cleaned the site after the celebration — there’s nothing there. And we, mugs, all missed it, but it is not so organized. And in general, I’m

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How people relate to the introduction of trade sanctions against Belarus?

Man: "I find it hard to say what I think this occasion. Because trade sanctions that imposed against Belarus on my eyes, not very wise on the part of the Europeans. "Lady: "Nothing decent. I’m no economist, but I think so."Man: "It’s three percent plus fees. Decision Brussels evaluated negatively. This knocks on Belarusian people. A position of the trade unions, I do not know, because hard to say how true it is or not. And people will be worse. How much, I do not know. "Lady: "I think — will master."Man: "Of course, nothing decent about it. Decent What

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