Above the bar» EPAM: activities of Belarusian students studying abroad

Western institutions encourage students to own public activity of various kinds. You can choose something close to their future profession — it will help future successful fulfillment and Prof. car» ers. Or you can engage in social, charitable work. Thus, for example, and make Belarusian students USA, Germany and Lithuania. A more public activities of Belarusian students studying abroad focused on Belarusian affairs and difficulties. What activities do students choose and why? How and why should connect their studies and research with Belarus?Augean stables All of this I spoke with Veronica Vygovskyy in her room in a student hostel in

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In Gdansk opened monument to Yanka Kupala

Opening of the memorial sign in a quiet, colorful district of Gdansk, on the street, which is also named after Yanka Kupala, came in a very festive atmosphere.Yanka Kupala monument in GdanskYanka Kupala Street in GdanskMayor of Gdańsk Paweł Adamowicz, confessing that his family comes from Belarus, said that he is proud that his town appeared such a monument.Adamovich: "Each of you is flowing significant part of the Belarusian blood because with really Gdansk many people, which pahodtsyats from Belarus. We are proud of and thanks Kupala, again Aware of. "Lena GlagovskyMemorial symbol was installed thanks to the efforts first

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Saturday at Freedom

Morning 6:00 * replay of the webcast on Friday from 18.00.6:30 * "Guest on" Freedom " — Your questions answered by the chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yarashuk.7:00 * replay of the webcast on Friday from 19.00.7:30 * "Expertise" Liberty " — Conversation analysts on "Do we need foreign loans Belarus?"7:45 * "Journey" Liberty " — Place Sharkovshchina Vitebsk region. Evening18:00 * Information block: announcements of Belarus and the world.18:30 * "Vasily Bykov reads" — Selected entries from avdyearhivu "Freedom."18:45 * Mailbox-111 " — Letters from listeners on the "Freedom" to read and comment Valentin

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You can not quarrel in the country responsible for the moments

Born December 30, 1976 in Orsha, in the family of journalist Konstantin Sevyarinets and schoolteacher Tatiana Seviarynets. In 1994 he graduated from secondary school number 25 in Vitebsk Art and Architecture class in 2000 — geographical faculty of BSU, received the profession of engineer-geologist specialty "Exploration of minerals." In 1994-1999, he worked as a reporter in a number of municipal and commercial editions. Since 1998, began to be published in the press to be independent as a writer. In October 1995, joined the BPF "Revival". In February 1997 he headed the youth faction Minsk BPF. In September 1997 by the

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Gaiduchevici said in Rome that no political prisoners in Belarus

During a meeting with Italian and deputy speaker of the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe on Belarus Andrea Rigoni Belarusian parliamentarian, a favorite of the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus stressed that prisoners, which are written in the West, are ordinary criminals who pose as political prisoners. He noted Belarus "Is an open state, ready for contacts with the EU and the European institutions., Owed said that his country is stepping rate of economic reforms.In turn, Andrea Rigoni, who is going to visit Minsk in October, said, he wished to satisfy himself of the truth of this disk imaging. During

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Honoring My favorites fatakonkursu Belarus (photos)

Photos. Honoring the first favorites fatakonkursu "Liberty" "My Belarus"Yesterday in the office of the Belarusian Language Society respect favorites came first step fatakonkursu "My Belarus", in which students participate and visit the website of radio "Freedom". In May favorites and the winners were Alexander Osipenko, Kasia Shtirlitsa Alexander Kushner, Alexei Ozhinsky, Prakopau Ludmila Ludmila Vitushkava Yuri Kolbasich Sergei Goodilin Vladimir Urbanowicz, Kasia Shumskaya Oksana Luniniec, InSomnia i Slava. Leading Competition Valery Dranchuk and journalists "Freedom" presented the winners and the winner radyepryymachy and books from the "Library" Freedom ". Competition "My Belarus" lasts. Amateur photos of Belarus can send their

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Germany noted orders 2-Belarusians

As noted by Martin Geker salting, hedid it on behalf of the Federal President — as a symbol of recognition of the huge awards tagged individuals to Germany.The diplomat stressed that the award "compensation considered not only as a technical project, and mainly as a contribution to reconciliation between Belarus and Germany."Under this project, the compensation paid tyscham 120 former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps and working adjective Third Reich.Payments were made from the Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future", which was created at the expense of the country and the German business circles of Germany. Belarus benefit fund engaged in

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Gomel drug will cure methadone

Methadone — a drug which can be used directly, without injections. Under the supervision of doctors allow him to use those instead of hard drugs addicts who was ill and AIDS through the use of shared needles can infect healthy people.The method of substitution therapy metadonavay widely used in Europe, not counting of, said Vladimir Maximchuk.According to the psychiatrist cerebral countries to finance the project, which initially shrink on 50 HIV-infected drug users from Gomel, will international organizations.According to official figures, 6,500 people in Belarus are being treated for drug addiction, even more believe 3000 persons who use drugs.In drug

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EU explained to his attitude to the abolition of the UN mandate to Belarus

In an official statement today Presidency Eschrazvyazu posted on the website www.eu2007.de, said:"The European Union welcomes the retention of all aimed at certain subjects mandates and mandates of most individual countries. Although the European Union would be better that the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on Belarus and Cuba were padoschzhanyya as the situation in these countries a long time is a concern. " As necessary from statements EU accession to the final agreement was the last chance to secure a fundamentally directions monitoring the situation with human rights. As stated on behalf of European states-members of the UN salting

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Our people can impale long, but not infinitely

I will begin with a discussion of correspondence with our listener Alexei Kolchin of Mogilev.14 June on the website of "Liberty" is located a message entitled "in Mogilev left public organizations that would be engaged in the recovery of kids."It was about children affected by Chernobyl, and they are invited to stay for themselves on foreign charities. On the same day we received a critical response to this publication Alexei Kolchin. In his letter he wrote to electric:"I’m a listener (and reader website) your radio with a significant experience, it could not pass without going through. What in Mogilev Tipo

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