Ukraine stopped the export of electricity to Belarus

It is reported that at the present time between Minsk and Kiev held talks on the settlement of deliveries this month, as a criterion for the continuation of the contract in the 2nd half.During the negotiations "Ukrenerga" offered "Belenergo" obtain export volumes at market prices. But Belarusian side does not agree with this proposal and would like to receive more a cheap energy.In January-May, Ukraine has reduced electricity exports to Belarus almost a quarter compared with the 2006th.

In Germany, Eastern European secret services mentioned victims

In the "resistance to communism as part of the peace movement euro" assumed the role of About 200 representatives of East Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Belarus. Considered the work of the former Eastern European secret services regimes in time oppression of democratic movements in the German Democratic Republic (1953), Hungary (1956), Czechoslovakia (1968), also in Belarus (March 2006). It was noted that among the former repressive Eastern European secret services like the "Stasi" (GDRs) on the real point there was only one — the KGB in Belarus.

Arrived in Moscow evacuated from the Gaza Strip Belarusians

Before departure to Moscow, one of the passengers — 30-year-old Belarusian Anna — said the newspaper "The Jerusalem Post", that this decision was not taken lightly. Many of her friends from the CIS countries who are married to Palestinians at the last minute got off the bus that was heading to Oman. They decided to stay. Although, as evidenced by Anna, after seizing power constructive Islamist group Hamas, living in the Gaza Strip for people euros species was unfeasible. On his return to Belarus Anna and her husband of two children insisted ladies, past graduate of the 1st of Belarusian

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The Schengen area is close to Belarus

June 20 salting Poland to Ukraine Jacek Klyuchevskii confirmed that Poland wants to "systematically and rush to the Schengen standards" regarding visa policy.As it happens in relation to Belarus, I tried to find out from the press-secretary of the Polish Embassy in Belarus Monica Sadkovskaya:"Indeed, it has been the view that Poland will join the Schengen zone on January 1 2008. But if it really is because it will look visa regime with Belarus, I is difficult to say. We do not have the official disk imaging, will cost how much visa, it will all be more accurately determine. "While

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Gomel: salting the U.S. meet with activists of the democratic forces

In Gomel now going regional favorites united democratic forces. Invited to a meeting of the U.S. Ambassador to Belarus Karen Stewart.The diplomat said that the U.S. government as before urges the Belarusian authorities to release all political prisoners."But we also have a basic requirement — to change the existing legislation in order to people wasand freedom of speech and freedom of association "- USA salting allocated to Belarus Karen Stewart."U.S. support as before-independent Belarusian media" — said today in Gomel South American salting:"We do it in different ways — conduct educational applets, seminars, implementing programs from small grants, visit the

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What are the political consequences of deprivation Belarus preferences?

From June 21 to enter into force the EU’s decision to deprive Belarus of trade preferences. Is this a high quality turn in relations between Minsk and Brussels?How to evaluate the actions of the Belarusian authorities to prevent this decision? How can further develop affairs of Belarus with the European Union?Is the removal of trade preferences in foreign relations between Minsk and Brussels?Valery Karbalevich: "Although EU officials emphasize that deprivation of Belarus trade preferences can not be considered sanctions, most experts consider this diplomatic game in time.This is a decision of the European Union is the punishment for the violation

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It is a pity that Martynov was not in Brussels

In a recent interview with Germany’s own policies Markus Meckel withstated that the EU needs to create its own strategy towards Belarus, instead of doing what was to This time. By him, preparatory policy of isolation brought only defeat. The EU currently has no "instruments of influence on the situation in Belarus" or "tools to support the opposition." All this he must immediately create."Do you think that rapid lifting of sanctions against Minsk in exchange for fair and democratic elections and become such inventory or the latest least contribute to its development?" — I ask the interlocutor.Meckel"With regard to sanctions,

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EU sanctions have become a reality

In the estimates of losses to Belarus after the abolition of trade preferences economists significantly crawl. Experts call very different amounts — from 30 million dollars to 400 million euros per year.But it is clear that the sanctions will affect first light, chemical and wood processing industry."While sanctions have not felt"Company "Milavitsa" recent years in the European market need lingerie. About probable adjustments to work here they say without hunting.Says director of marketing Julia Garnik:"How will it affect? While this question can not answer, since no sanctions are not felt. As director of marketing, financial component until I can not

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Democratic trade unions call on the government to fulfill all tips

The Council stated in Belarus long since have become the norm and vvyshli into the practice of systematic government violation unions. For these violations of the country "long and hard vvyyshla among world leaders and gathered a full bouquet of punishment by the different international structures. The last of them, and the most opposite — deprivation of Belarus trade preferences with EU countries. It went through the fault Belarusian government, who never listened to the multiple demands of the international community to respect the rights of workers and their organizations. " As thesmiling in a statement at the moment Belarusian

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Belarusian Foreign Ministry hopes for a quick lifting of sanctions

The statement said, in Belarus with a "misunderstanding" reacted to the introduction of the decision taken by the EU Council December 20 2006.Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the "nekompitentny" EU move affects first interests of ordinary Belarusian people. "The economic loss to be incurred as a result of this decision, our partners in the European Union, can not be justified by opportunistic approach on which it is based," — Foreign Ministry said.By Martynov, Belarus considers this decision as temporary and expects that an impartial need to establish and develop good-neighborly cooperation with Belarus to force the European Union to

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