Freedom Night with Alexei Znatkevich. June 15

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Interview with the Belarusian translator from Hebrew and British Kostyukevich Paul.• Polling Novapolatsk — what first comes to your mind when you hear the word "Israel"?• Russian operation projects in Belarus2nd part:• Metro station "October" will be closed for 3 months• How much berazhlivasts Belarusian?• Survey on the streets of Minsk — how are you going to do a presidential directive on savings? • Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Julia takes Sharov• Rock band NRM tours in Poland.• Began the first round "Adboryshcha"• Anthology "Night ABC." Verses Ales Ryazanov.• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau

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Saturday at Freedom

Morning 6:00 * replay of the webcast on Friday from 18.00. 6:30 * Guest on "Freedom" — Answers to your questions Gennady Pear, chairman of the charitable public organization "Children of Chernobyl". 7:00 * replay of the webcast on Friday from 19.00. 7:30 * "Examination of Freedom" — Conversation analysts on the topic "will save the Directive number 3 Belarusian economy?" 7:45 * "Journey to Freedom" — Next dinner Yegor Maerchyka in Ivyanets Evening

End quote: 09.06.2007 — 15.06.2007

"Surely someone very much like to have some cleaning, stripping, executions, exile. On some websites have even appeared the announcement that this Diet plan to the exclusion of BPF. As I read this, then realized — no do not wait! " Vintsuk Vyachorka favorite BPF — after meeting Sojma BPF, which considered the case of party members that the Congress of Democratic Forces entered the fraction "For Freedom" Milinkevich. "The worst problem — it is not the opposition, the worst — it’s money market destabilization … Remember the 1998 default in Russia, and as we came out of it seriously.

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Minsk: International Conference on Crimes of Communism

One of the organizers of the conference, the scientist Igor Kuznetsov said in his opening remarks:"It is symbolic that on June 12 in Washington, U.S. President George W. Bush opened a monument to the victims of communism. Namely, he likened communism with terrorism and radicalism. Can definitely agree with this: the atrocities of communism killed more than 100 million people in the world. This is more than atrocities of fascism. "For discussion were proposed about 10 reports, which were Vladimir Kononov, Yakov Basin, Leonid Lych and others. Word also took a scientist from the National Institute of Poland Jacek P.,

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Student activists summoned to prosecutor’s office

Belarusian activists Unification cause students to Minsk prosecutor. An employee of Public Prosecutions Victoria Kukso invites students over the phone.Eugene Ivaniuk said "Freedom", which first calls began recently trial activists "Young Front". Twelve people had prosecutor to attend almost every day for the last week. Not all agreed to come without a subpoena. Those who came sp.Kukso handed warning. Says Eugene Ivaniuk:

Ya.Ivanyuk: "It likely attempt to intimidate all youth organizations operating in the areas of the Republic of Belarus. Unlikely it will have them. "

"Given the paper in which it is written:" In the Minsk city prosecutor has

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Lukasik family pastor complaint rejected

Jaroslaw Lukasik case involved his wife Natalia, a citizen of Belarus. Pastor himself left the country on June 7, after 14 years of living in Belarus. Natalia Lukasik appealed Miadzieł militia, which ruled in their actions KGB officer. Natalia Lukasik:"Some of the information in RAM disk imaging KGB, were not disclosed in court. And those that were announced: that" contacts with organizations favorites "Bison", "The Edge", " Young Front "Socially active favorites, among them — Shein, Sadovsky, Yatsevich Dashkevich role in the events of March 2006, control hunger strike … "According to the lawyer Sergei Lepesha, discussions between the parties

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Animaevka show on two cartoon in Belarusian

It will show two cartoon in Belarusian "How Nestserka pots sold" and "Tale of Bygone Years". In the past year, the festival of Belarusian movies did not exist. Viewers are invited to the festival, still, in Russian. Total for 2-day festival audience will see 100 toons production of 13 countries in the world.Cartoons "How Nestserka pots sold" and "The Tale of Bygone Years" in This year Mogilev already beheld. Says the employee association "Magilevkinavideeprakat":"As time we got them at the end of the school year. And in May we made such organized screenings of days to crest and flag and

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Your choice: more readable materials Thursday

1st Judicial protection alarmed skirt ShatsikavaSecond opposition would not boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections 3rd Awaiting whether Belarus default? Fourth Nemtsov: "My dream is to come to a free democratic Belarus"

And have, maybe for you to donate blood themselves together with their offspring, with bureaucrats, deputies ..

Man: "Alexander G., where we take the means to take blood? You have removed privileges of the people, in order for you have more funds. Now donors leave. And have, maybe for you to donate blood themselves together with their offspring, bureaucrats, deputies. donors Then we will not be necessary, since you have so many people drank the blood of that you will be enough to cure all. "Anastas Semenovich: "Ladies and gentlemen, Radio Liberty. Good evening! Hunt to express my gratitude to the U.S. president Bush emperor and his government that for the first time put the monument to

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Now President met with Luzhkov

Scheduled for the role of Yuri Luzhkov in the ceremony of laying a capsule in the foundation building "House of Moscow" in Minsk. June 14 during a meeting with Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky Luzhkov said that Moscow "fully opened all its ability to trade and economic relations with Belarus." In turn, Sidorsky said that "Moscow House" is not only an administrative building , and the business center, which will work to increase mutual trade turnover between Belarus and Russian capital.• European "green": Luzhkov better Lukashenko, 28.05.2007

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