June Vasil Bykov: Kurapaty inscribed in the history of Belarus

"Regardless of whether Kurapaty memorial pompous or luxurious, or they will be rolled under the asphalt, though the truth is already out of the dungeon, and she lives in the history of Belarus is already spelled out forever. Yeah, of course it would be very good , that this truth had found some real incarnation, so that people beheld a symbol, a sign of what was happening in the 30s and asked for yourself the question — who povinet? Well, but apparently it is not, and in the loss to society . But history already and they found written in

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June 20 — warning strike donors

June 14 at the Scientific Research Institute of Blood Transfusion and gematalegii Igor Kovalenko gave own medal "Noble donor of Belarus" bureaucrats.Prerequisites such action Kovalenko immediately explained to Radio Liberty:"Without state support, without benefits and support donation medal — just a plaque. This is not a notable achievement, but just a plaque."Official statistics show that every third inhabitant of Belarus at least once in his life came in handy donated blood.Director of the Institute Dr. Misha gematalegii Potapnev states that supplies blood to make the country more than 2-million volunteers:"I understand that without donors May municipal service costs nothing. And

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«Freedom House»: Belarus — in the midst of outsiders on the state of democracy

The document analyzes the compliance of 29 Democratic members of the electoral process standards, the system of central and local government, freedom of the press, corruption, justice, and a number of other characteristics. General state of democracy in the countries evaluated on a scale from 1 to 7 points: 1 index shows the highest state of democratic development, and 7 — of a smaller one. Best result are Central European countries that already were built or integrated into the European Alliance — from 1.82 (Slovenia) to 3:29 (Romania). But in some countries, there is a centrally deterioration of democratic processes.

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Is Belarus expects default?

"While we do not cope with the tasks that the president gave that first year to merit a positive balance in the external trade", — said the prime minister, Prime Minister».According to him it was different about the specific» and» sub specific prerequisites. Namely, it drew attention the lag in sales volumes of petroleum products» in the current year. In addition, in This year versus previous year Belarus needs $ 1 billion. Russian side to pay more for gas.

A few days reverse Lukashenko said that first year Belarus was on the verge of default. And now, him, deterioration in

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P.Sheremet Belarusian revolution will take place in two steps

Drakakhrust: "In late May, was arrested the chairman of" Belneftekhim "Alexander Borovsky. First May Alexander Lukashenko has sent retired manager of the Minsk region Nikolai Domashkevich. Eventually, almost a few days back the information appeared on the arrest of high-ranking officials of the KGB. Interesting to note that Information about these arrests was publicly announced Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, and later the KGB also publicly denied it the deputy head of the Interior Ministry.What do these do? Or their coincidence in time — usually casual, and they have essentially routine nature: Borovsky — not first arrested director Domashkevich —

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Our homeland declassify archives 2nd World War

Order of the Red Army rassakrechanni documents stored in the Central Archives of the Ministry of Defense, signed by Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.The solution is based on the law "On State Secrets", which was adopted in 1991, but, despite this, one and a half years, the 10-ka information remained the secret state.One of the more notable Belarusian researchers, D.Sc. Alexey Litvin working in military archives from another Russian time.He does not believe that access to the repository will be resolved to everyone:"There’s the most natural virgin. But even then, what was available when I worked in the late 1970s, when

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Belarus Foreign Ministry: No reason to continue activities Severin no

"Belarus believes that the work of Severin — a rudiment of the Commission on Human Rights, which itself skampramentavala yes disappeared into oblivion. Therefore no grounds to continue the work Severin not completely no "- said Popov.At the session of the UN Human Rights Geneva sovereign Severin said that Last year situation human rights Belarus deteriorated lasted pressure civilian society and opposition.Adrian Severin, urged the Council to continue the mandate of the Special Rapporteur that it would be a good sign of support and solidarity with all the patrons of democracy in Belarus.• Adrian Severin gave a presentation on Situation

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Bishops gathered in Minsk from 34 European countries

On a yearly meeting in Belarus came to the Secretary of church bishops virtually allx European states.Founder of this forum in Minsk Conference church bishops acted in Belarus and its general secretary Bishop Anthony Demyanko.The meeting began today in Minsk joint Mass. archcathedral church.On why in This year This meeting takes place in Belarus, knows spokesman Conference of Bishops in the Church of Belarus Alexander priest Amelchenya:"It is a fundamental activity of the Catholic Church in the modern world have specifically Central and Eastern Europe. Therefore, although the question, which will open a discussion at this meeting, which sounds like"

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Gennady Pear — Guest on Freedom

Gennady Pear was born in 1950 in Minsk. He graduated from the Philosophy Faculty of the Belarusian State University, PhD. One of the organizers and active participants of the Belarusian Popular Front. Deputy Supreme Council 12 and 13 convocations. 1989 founder and longtime chairman of the Belarusian Charitable public organizations "Children of Chernobyl". During its own activities by assisting over two million inhabitants of Belarus, about 200 thousand babies were focused on the rehabilitation and improvement of many countries. — The most exciting topic in Belarus now — says Gennady Pear — this refusal of the authorities from the social

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Freedom Night with Olga Karatkevich. June 13

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Talk with the artist Bazylev Komarov, which draws an old grave, with an emphasis on historical documents.• Survey in Mogilev: "What are you proud in your own town?"• day Vasil Bykov 2nd part:• 450 bucks. Is the incentive to increase fertility?• As in the countries bordering with Belarus encourage higher fertility rate? • Survey in Vitebsk "How many have to pay for birth baby?"• Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Julia takes balls.• Interview with Eugene Budinas. Now the House of Writers was held a presentation of his book "Come on, girls." •

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