Belarus closer to the loss of trade preferences

This is the fifth case of a formal warning to the Belarusian authorities, which This year has fundamentally value: ILO decision directly affects the intention of the Council of Europe to cancel trade preferences for Belarus in trade with the EU countries. More June 8 while discussing the situation with human-independent trade unions in Belarus at a meeting of the Committee in the implementation of the conventions and the Council of the International Labour Organization group of employers and workers have proposed a group of Belarus in a special paragraph of the ILO report.The decision was approved and adopted. So

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Classifieds in public transport Zhlobin resound in Belarusian

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee Zhlobinsky Fedor Zhytska pleased purchased a CD with Prof. voice. Before city buses sounded partly Russian, partly whiteRussian language, tracks made handicraft:Zhytska: "Do not very good sounds so there different voices: my voice, the voice of the speaker … "As for actually the Belarusian language, objections were:Zhytska: "Announcements Belarusian language like passengers, has great reviews:" Here — as in trains as railway stations. "Reporter: "And who can quarreled?"Zhytska: (Laughs) "No, I have not heard such that someone cursed the Belarusian language.""This is the first example of a joint project byelorussization transport and public infrastructure

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Adrian Severin gave a presentation on the situation in Belarus

Adrian Severin said that within 3 years Belarusian authorities refuses to cooperate with him. All samples of a constructive dialogue with the official Minsk yielded no result."The Government of Belarus, unfortunately, continues to ignore the advice made at other meetings," — said Mr. Adrian Severin.According to Severin, all these tips are burning and Belarusian side must comply with them.Adrian Severin, urged the Council to continue the mandate of the Special Rapporteur that it would be a good sign of support and solidarity with all the patrons of democracy in Belarus.Constant Belarusian representative for the UN Sergei Aleynik Rapporteur accused of

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Belarus lacks almost 3,000 doctors

The average salary in medicine 2006 was 243 bucks. The doctor — 423 bucks to nurse — 237 bucks. It all paid extra for the highest category, seniority and harmful working conditions.Salaries of doctors — young professionals — about 300 thousand rubles (140 bucks). From the words of the Minister of Health Basil Hot, prepared a draft decree on increase of salaries for young professionals which is currently consideration by the President.Planned increase by an average of 65 thousand rubles.Fewer doctors in Belarus pay agricultural workers, welfare, culture, art.According to the minister, 2006 stabilized somewhat and become better demographics. The

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There are no funds in the treasury — dispose of OMON special forces and

Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "In Petersburg the CIS summit. Neither Russian TV channel did not mention Belarus and Lukashenko. Neuzh something no one was enthusiastic about our country? Thought. Maybe Belarus withdrew from the CIS. Switched to "Paths" and made sure that it is not, Belarus still there. But in the "Contour" disk imaging was little. No meetings, no negotiations. Fleetingly showed several fragments. Lukashenko was far from Putin next to Saakashvili. Apparently having fun smelled the "Rose Revolution".Man: "I want to express my outlook on the abolition of privileges. I wish to say to those pensioners and students who have

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Now another anniversary of the War of 1812

French Embassy in Minsk on June 12 no special events are planned. This diplomatic, consular employee says Angelica Beetle:"No,what now not planned. Usually at the end of October — early November, when, and was actually crossing the Berezina, every year we go there. There are carried out mass productions, remember when the historical clearance time, with the laying of wreaths, etc. And it usually has been held. "According to historian Alexei Khadika, unlike of, on the Belarusian lands were expecting the arrival of Bonaparte with certain expectations: "There was a project to restore ON that Napoleon specially promoted to enlist

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Why the opposition again going outside Belarus?

Anatoly Lebedko — One of the co-chairs of the Political Council of 4 united democratic forces, states that hold the conference in Belarus is rather difficult. He gives this explanation gathering in Vilnius: "Where is cheaper, and where some costs — it is not always determined only by the price of tickets. Vilnius for the coming all regional centers of Belarus. Well and money it does not exceed the rate of ordinary expenses. Humans have a visa … This — not Rio de Janeiro. And based on beliefs of security, a frank and open discussion anything close in Belarus will

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Tuesday at Freedom

Morning 6:00 * replay of the webcast from 18.00 Mon. 6:30 * replay of the webcast from 19.00 Mon. 07.00 Morning F* In Vilnius rally representatives of the Belarusian democratic forces. Why abroad again? * Live — Karnyayaenkam conversation with Victor, one of the organizers of the "Freedom Movement" * How to squeeze the health services of business assets * day Russian and Belarusian context Evening18:00* Information block: Announcement of Belarus and the world * 18:30 Liberty Travel — Jesuit church, barrow memory uprising Kalinowski, where Yang visited Chechot — the passing notes Dmitry Bartosik from the village area Crankshaft

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Our homeland and rush to market business. With everyone.

Alexander Surikov a couple of times drew attention out Our homeland that runs across all countries without exception on market relations:"We’re talking about a competitive market economy. And it can not exist in obscure preferences and subsidies. And our homeland, and Belarus will uniformly cross on world prices and availability rates. "Salting noted that during the second half of the year is no utility Belarus will not — Our homeland already does almost everything that the Belarusian economy has not suffered:"For we have agreed to the gradual adaptation of the first half to get from Belarus only 55 bucks for

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Question of the week: Is Belarus gets the Schengen area, and when?

Man: "I believe that it is real, but it is dependent on our government. How long will it take? Do not know — maybe five years."Youth"We do definitely want to, but after a couple of years — it is impossible to find. The sooner the better. "His companion: "I believe that likely a couple of years to join the Schengen Belarus alliance, but lately it does not happen by impartial reasons connected with politics, and economic issues. "Young Man: "I find it almost mystical — as well as Ukraine and the Russian Federation or to get into such unions. We

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