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According to statistics, more readable page of our Web site for last week were the following:Viktor Shenderovich: "Belarusian reality can provide material for a powerful film …"Lukashenko has long promised to "break the horns" Damashkevich"My Belarus" — new fatakonkurs "Liberty"Milinkevich: Bush says Belarus remains the focus of the U.S.Police dispersed the faithful about the church Cv. JosephPolice beat young people who came to support Valery ShchukinResignation M.Damashkevicha: corruption or personal misunderstandings?Fatakonkurs "My Belarus": light works on your victorySentences protesters Protest: 3-5 daysA. Milinkevich split opposition — natural

The festival ended in Wroclaw Belarusian culture

In one of the cafes in the old town hall meeting filled with small well — Andrew Khadanovich and Dr. Adam Pomorski represent naparedadni issued in Wroclaw bilingual book ontology young Belarusian poetry. A. and A. Pomorski Khadanovich represent analogy young Belarusian poetry Gravel in our eyes, sand under your knees, not to read as …. Piach w nasze oczy, caly Synaj piasku, zeby nie powiedzieli … "When I read poetry, I always look people in the eye. When they are not aware of my poems, then stop. Here I read one poem — the response is, smiling people …

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Mon to Freedom

Morning * Over the weekend, June 9 and 10 Grodno public protested against plans careless reconstruction of the historic center. Talk with Grodno activists, one of the organizers of public resistance Ales Zalewski * Mogilev damaged four of the monument to the town’s oldest in the Catholic cemetery. A few early June 10 s destroyed gravestones in the ancient cemetery of Bobruisk. Within a month, the police finds intruders who defiled the Jewish cemetery in Borisov. Reports on the extent of vandalism in the cemetery in Belarus* Reporting the summer military-patriotic education. 11 thousand Belarusian troops this summer will take

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Appointed as the new Consul General of Ukraine in Brest

Ivan Little Sheep, which 56 years old, was born in Transcarpathia, and there began his career. Not counting the Agricultural Institute, sire Baranchik graduated international relations Kiev Slavonic Institute. In 1998 was elected as a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and ran after the opportunities to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.During the first interview with reporters Ivan Baranchik noted that among the major issues of representation General — protecting the interests of the people of Ukraine to Belarus. Namely, according to the Ukrainian diplomat, you need to untie the problem of the prices for medical services

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Prague accent: Either pay the West for the release of prisoners in Belarus?

Europe’s reaction to concessions to Minsk?Drakakhrust: "Last week, were released early and Paul Seviarynets Statkevich also Catherine Sadovskaya convicted of insulting the president. This week, members of the" Young Front "contrary to expectations, were sentenced to fines, not imprisonment. Also this week were terminated criminal proceedings against five youth activists.Namely the West and Europe called the release of political prisoners of mandatory condition to start the dialogue with Minsk, dialogue, intrigued in which Alexander Lukashenko clearly expressed first of this year, namely, in a interview with Alexander Raru. Official Minsk officially recognizes the existence of political prisoners in the country,

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End quote: 02.06.2007-08.06.2007

"I read word for word." Dear Igor, thanks for the kind words and support. For a week I have been suffering from heart pain clinic at Kalwaria. No progress. Health spoiled all. I suspect that heart attacks will not be completed " Igor Shynkaryk, vice chairman of the Joint civilian party — on a letter to him a political prisoner Andrei Klimov "They pulled it out of my hands, took his face and thrown into a car"Christina Shatsikava, social activist — on detention it together with his son about the structure of the court, where he was Tribunal over Valery

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Where should I go Lukashenko, color pavers

To begin the program from calls on elections to the House of Representatives.Paul Davydenko r n Parichi: "I advise all people to go to the opposition, and not play politics. How to work and result."Emperor, Minsk: "I appeal to the leaders of the democratic forces. Stop electoral stupidity! NOT disturbing people! Until we have this mode, no election was not, and never will be."Emperor Victor: "As for the elections. Want to stay in their own party’s candidate. And whether it was possible in 1988 Pozniak, Golubeva and others? If they expect the configuration of the electoral code, configuration commission …

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How many medals Belarusians can count on the Beijing Olympics?

If we start counting from now, before the opening of the Beijing Olympics is exactly 14 months. 8th August 2008 the official opening of the most popular events on the planet. Athletes will compete for 906 medals.How many medals can expect Olympians Belarus? With this issue I appealed to the Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism of Belarus Dmitry Shichko. Sovereign Shichko results initially recalled the last 3 Olympics. In Atlyantse Belarusians have 15 medals in Sydney — 17 in Athens — again same fifteenth added that this number allows the athlete comes to Belarus by 20 of strongest countries

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Brussels expects Minsk certain steps

As saidand "Freedom" Christina Homan, a spokesman for EU Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner, during this meeting about the custom preferences do not read as. Question their preservation or cancellations are not within the competence of the European Commission and addressed through the adoption of the respective EU regulations.During the current negotiations, Mrs. Ferrero-Waldner said the Belarusian side that Brussels is interested in establishing a dialogue with the official Minsk, but expects the Belarusian control not only words."During the conversation, the commissioner stressed forcefully that expects real Minsk certain steps in democratization, human Human Rights, including the release of political prisoners.One of the

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European Parliament proposes to extend the Schengen area

Expanding shrink on Belarus’ neighbors: Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, and other countries of Eastern and Central Europe.Member voting, MEP, first head-independent Lithuania Vytautas Landsbergis recommendatory nature emphasizes solutions: "But it is also impossible to ignore. So we’ll see how to react to this European Union. If this is what satisfies the European Union, the question just closed. And if there were any kontraprapanovy, it may be delayed."Managing the consular department of the Embassy of Latvia in Belarus Dearden Liepene states that in April and May, the number of failures for Belarusian citizens to obtain Latvian visas of only 0.9%.But with

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