Guest on Freedom — Yaroslav Lukasik

May 30 Head of the Central district police fined the pastor Vitaly Sinjakov Lukasik and immediately announced the deportation and a ban on arrival to Belarus for 5 years. Evening June 6 Yaroslav went to his parents, who live in Poland. Natalia wife and three kids are left at home. Ms. Lukasik will push through the abolition of the tribunal deportation own spouse. If Belarus Temida abandon go forward, together with the children she moves to her husband.What kind of mood the priest leaves his own house, where he lived for the last 14 years?— Believe Belarus avoid terribly profound

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The fate of the collective-farm foreman Stolina touched by an international jury

In the category of small-sized films for the main merit in Krakow fought 46 films and filmmakers in the midst of — a number of prominent filmmakers from around the world. Galina Adamovich, despite the fact that her films have received Merit winner in the Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, at first did not believe that can overcome: "Men, but disturb similar things in globally: The meaning of life, fear of death, the satisfaction of the child’s birth and so on. This universal things, and if they show true because it hurts everyone, "- so Ms. Adamovich answers the question, what

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ILO accept the final decision regarding preferences for Belarus

The other day, went to Switzerland government delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov and deputy head of the presidential administration Natalya Pyatkevich. In Geneva are also favorites Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (FPB) Leonid Kozik and the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions (CDTU) Alexander Yarashuk.On the facts of periodic human rights-independent trade unions in Belarus, the Council of the European Union decided to exclude the country from the generalized system of tariff preferences, to be enter into force on June 21. At the theoretical level, Belarus can still avoid sanctions if the government delegation led by

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Movies: Belarusian dissident taken hostage by the First Lady

Series, which These days are broadcast on German TV Sat1, dedicated to the formation of the German counter-terrorist "GSG-9". One of the film series called "Embassy". Question about how the terrain of the German Embassy in Minsk sudden happens. Belarusian dissident Yanina takes hostage … wife of German President. Individual watchmen can not do anything. Then help is flying to Minsk group GSG-9. Counter-Terrorism operation is conducted in collaboration with a group of Belarusian special forces led by General Syuchenkam. With terrorist longish negotiations underway. Hostage obviously release.One of the Institute’s Governing terrorism and security studies in the German town

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Thursday at Freedom

Morning 6:00 * Mailbox-111 — Review letters listeners 6:15 * Liberty Travel — Dmitry Bartosik knows about the village district Sho Gluboksky 6:30 * Examination of Liberty — Or braked growth in property prices in Minsk 6:45 * Online Conference — Participants’ questions online meets Viktor Shenderovich 07.00 Morning F* June 7-8, during the session of the International Labour Organization will hear "Belarusian issue". Final decision will be announced on the abolition of Belarus trade preferences with the EU* Guest live broadcast — the wife of a Protestant clergyman deported yesterday Jaroslaw Lukasik, Ms. Natalia * 80 years ago Boris

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Pastor Yaroslav Lukasik deported from Belarus

At the railway station of Minsk Jaroslaw Lukasik conducted more than 100 people, including pastors of Protestant churches, believers and his personal friends.When the train left, gathered sang the hymn "God Almighty" and chanted "Long live Belarus!".In an interview with BelaPAN Yaroslav Lukasik noted that throughout the 14 years of life in Belarus it enjoys excellent business with many pastors and bishops of different Protestant denominations.

Jaroslaw Lukasik arrived in Belarus 14 years ago as a Catholic activist. He became one of the founders of the charismatic community activities that led to the conflict with the hierarchy of the Catholic

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Lithuania confirmed the ban on Lukashenko to check

In Lithuania, as in all other EU countries, not have the right to approximately 70 persons coming from Belarus. Among objectionable — Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, ministers of power structures, the Attorney General, Managing KGB, some parliamentarians and members of the Central Election Commission. Sanctions imposed against persons responsible for the universally recognized rigged election violations Human Rights and political repression.Now the Government of Lithuania approved the list of unwanted persons in the country, half cooked year reversed UN and the EU. This list includes several hundred officials from states such as Uzbekistan, the unrecognized republic of Transdniestria, Zimbabwe, Sudan,

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Yuri Khaschevatsky: That’s where I finally saw his face

"Vitebsk proletarians", year 1937. Newspaper reports from the Congress of Writers of Belarus: "All those who spoke sharply writers had read about the poet A.. It was created phony authority, it is not criticized, has long been known for its greased aggressive acts. At a meeting of the facts of cooperation Alexandrovich with natsdemov. This is their job, he wrote counterrevolutionary Collected Poems … brought Alexandrovich from the board Russian Union of Writers of Belarus. "On the pages of "Lima" in 1947 Bronislaw Smolskiy notes: "In the work of the second naikrupneyshgo Belarusian symphonic composer N.Aladova theme of love for

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Night Siege. June 6

On the website "Politoboz" discussions are Russian analyst Andrei article Suzdaltseva that predicts the immediate prospects of development Belarusian economy. Creator comes to the conclusion that the administration of Belarus have two options. 1st — oust Belarusian economy all possible financial resources, but unreformed economy can nadarvatstsa in 2008. Second — to announce the latest economic policy (NEP) to enter the market deal with major economic partners. Comments:"Belarusian financial model kept resale price Russian domestic gas and oil to the outside. This allowed us to have 5-7 billion profit. With the construction of a pipeline bypassing Belarus will not profit.

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Last Hours of Freedom: guest art M.Zhbankov

With Maxim Zhbankova we continue the theme of skills education in Belarus. Maxim Zhbankov teaches at "Belarusian Collegium" which gives you more training. Not counting the training topics — movie theme. Maxim Zhbankov leading film festival in our midst of the waves and the rest of the comment on the poll — your beloved characters in the movie. On centralized testing, which is conducted in large cities of Belarus and on the basis of which can be enter educational institutions, enrolled more than 200 thousand people. Many educators are skeptical about the effectiveness of this method for checking knowledge. You’ll

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