Either pay the West for the release of prisoners in Belarus?

Europe’s reaction to concessions to Minsk?Drakakhrust: "Last week, were released early and Paul Seviarynets Statkevich also Catherine Sadovskaya convicted of insulting the president. This week, members of the" Young Front "contrary to expectations, were sentenced to fines, not imprisonment. Also this week were terminated criminal proceedings against five youth activists.Namely the West and Europe called the release of political prisoners of mandatory condition to start the dialogue with Minsk, dialogue, intrigued in which Alexander Lukashenko expressed unequivocally first this year, namely, in a interview with Alexander Raru. Official Minsk officially recognizes the existence of political prisoners in the country, at

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What an extraordinary and exciting can lure in Belarus?

How many Belarusians used the services of travel agencies and tour headed to the country — such statistics are available. The Ministry of Sport and Tourism refer to difficulties in counting — say, the bulk goes to sights not on the tourist buses and private transport. A very popular route, "Castles of Belarus""Friendly stay" — so called day excursion program that developed Dmitry Kaspyarovich. Kaspiarovich does not work in the tourist firm, but says that the tour of Belarus is getting more and more popular: once a week to go full bus routes:"We have developed more than 40 routes. Even

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Wednesday at Freedom

Morning 6:00 * Liberty Travel — Dmitry Bartosik knows about the village district Sho Gluboksky 6:15 * Belarus abroad — Conversation with the newly elected chairman of association Vyachka Stankevich 6:30 * Mailbox-111 — Letters from listeners on the freedom to read and comment Valentin Zhdanko. 6:45 * Free Studio — Guest "Free Studio" — historian Misha Chernyavskii.07.00 Morning F* In Minsk, the Committee for the Council of Ministers confessions on Tuesday held a picket-performance Christian youth. About it — about the latest measures to protect the believers their rights * Live broadcast — Yuri Drakakhrust: what is behind the

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Lukashenko has received an award from the Russian Orthodox Church

Lukashenko awarded merit Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus Filaret during celebrations to mark the consecration of the restored shrine holy Euphrosyne.In the letter of Patriarch Metropolitan and All Russia Alexy II noted that the Belarusian leader was awarded the Order "in recognition of his assistance in recovering the silver shrine for the relics of St. Euphrosyne, Abbess of Polotsk".This is not the first church merit Lukashenko. In Last year he received from the Belorussian Orthodox Church Order of Cyril of Turov.

Belarusian mix in Dresden

Her prepared Brussels’ Office for Democratic Belarus "and Belarusian alliance designers. Supported event German Robert Bosch Foundation and the South American Marshall Fund.In a press release from the Office notes that "the exhibition is a reflection the most diverse audiences than emphasizes the universal character invented Belarusian plyakatystami semietyki variants of perception which may have different colors, worthy of attention and surprise." In one format, the exhibition hosts a number of cultural activities related to Belarus. Exposure poster accompanied screening of the documentary "For Freedom 1 … 2 … 3", reading books Arthur Klinova "Minsk — the City of the

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Will include whether South Ossetia and Abkhazia in the Federal Government?

On Thursday, the President of Abkhazia Sergey Bagapsh said that his republic intends to apply for membership in the Federal Government of Belarus and Russia. What is the meaning of this idea? What could be the reaction of the official Minsk to such a proposal? Why Belarus tightens the question of recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia?Participants: Associate Capital Municipal Institute of international relations Kirill Koktysh from Moscow and political scientist Andrei Fedorov from Minsk.Method international legitimation of South Ossetia and AbkhaziaValery Karbalevich"Thought the entry of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in the Federal Government of Belarus and Russia appeared at

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Bush thanked the Czech Republic for support of dissidents in Belarus and Cuba

By him, Czech Republic such makarom gives them a chance to enjoy the advantages of democracy and a free society:"We want to work together with others to bring the dignity of freedom to those who do not have it. Thank you very much for your support to the Government of the Czech Republic who is not has the ability to to speak on their own behalf — whether dissidents in Belarus or in Cuba, "- said George Bush.

Polish minister held talks in Minsk

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, limited short informational message about the meeting:"Parties objectively discern the state and prospects of bilateral cooperation in economy, trade, cross-border, consular areas as the development of the legal framework of the Belarusian-Polish relations and cooperation with Poland in the context of the dialogue between Belarus and the European Union."A September 11 Sergei Martynov Trakai held an informal meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Petras Vaytekyunasa. Favourite BPF Lavon Barshcheuski said: such contacts are not accidental:"They show in-1’s that European politicians do not keep their word. Since during a visit to Warsaw

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In Rakov on Thursday wives Peri blocks for prevention

In Rakov most famous people — brothers Yanushkevich: Valerian architect, painter and scholar Joseph Felix. Despite the rural status, there is only personal gallery in the country. On an area of 500 m2 — monuments, busts, works of art, a rich local history exhibition: books, household items, documents and unique attributes of the Polish, German and Russian times. Immediately — the only hotel in Rakov classical Belarusian cuisine and drink. A sign above the entrance — the Belarusian Academy of Fine Arts.

Academics without AcademyMy guide on the art site — Felix Yanushkevich: "For us it is important that

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Melting Ice — a burning topic

Head of the department of public disk imaging Consulate Office in Belarus Viktor Radivinovski told Freedom:"The main event days of this will be held in Norway. Motto of a day or very ordinary: "Melting Ice — a burning topic." After first it relates to the theme of climate configurations. Norway — north of our planet, associated with melting ice. But Actually it affects all countries, which depend on the configuration of the climate. And so the celebration will be not only in Norway, and in Belarus. " I.Kulyashova: "We have placed agricultural zones"In Belarus, the study of weather processes involved

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