How to respond to actions in Belarus on the Russian stock market?

Russian companies shares fall on global stock markets began even before the events in the Caucasus. During August and early September, while there was a weapons conflict, the situation worsened, economists say output from Russia more than 60 billion dollars.According to some professionals, the outflow of foreign capital from Russia threatens its economy failed to plan for the modernization of production. And affect the Belarusian economy shares fall Russian companies? Managing Research Mises Center economist Yaroslav Romanchuk says:"Does not affect because Belarusian funds in the stock market is no RF or virtually none. There are only individual businessmen who earn

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In Belarus, decreases the number of babies

All kids up to 3 years deprived of benefits to free pharmaceuticals. In addition, minors are not have entitled to a 50% discount when praezde in urban and suburban transport.But the Belarusian Association of Large Families, which runs a representative of the Council of the Republic of Tatyana Kravchenko, not behold the nothing reprehensible in this. Deputy chairman of the association says Olga Karankova:"If our large families borrow and build apartments — is far with any drive. I’m happy for our family. But small issues — will not at the moment about it read." Adjusted by kids — inhumaneHow to

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Politicians have begun preparation for the European March

"Young Front"Supports the autumn this year Marsha euros. This was stated by the favorite "Junior Front"Zmiter Fedoruk:"Young Front", which holds the European democratic values, certainly will fall in the streets of our capital. We will conduct a real European march. Belarus will say again that it be in Europe. We must again show ability and willingness to be part of a united democratic Europe. "Party Chairman BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka said:"In October" European march for freedom "we demand from the government to support the proposals by European Union in order to save the country from imminent crisis.Belarus should immediately respond to

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Gazeta Wyborcza: Lukashenko prepares amnesty

By Gazety Wyborczej, Ministry Interior Belarus has already prepared a draft of the respective law, considering that "House of Representatives will before the parliamentary recess, or until June 29. " "Amnesty can be girth as enemy number one Alexander Lukashenko — Ayalyaksandar Kozulin … Prison gates will unfold July 3 — day in the country, which is celebrated on the anniversary of the liberation of Minsk in 1944, which is slightly surprising because usually amnesty in Belarus made after round anniversaries "- writes Polish weekly.The newspaper notes that asking about the "release of political prisoners" in the officials does not

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A day or figure: 1,000,000,000 162.5 million dollars

This figure refers to the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis of the country. Only in April deficit increased by 300 million. In This year balance of foreign trade for the first time included in the official list of the main characteristics of the economic development of Belarus. By request Alexander Lukashenko, it is in This year should be positive and be 500-600 millions of dollars. In Last year at year-end deficit of foreign trade Belaursi amounted to 1 billion 663 million bucksSee also:Oil loss affected the money Belarus

In Belarus, expensive oil

Oil price hike in Belarus initiated by Moscow. Russian government raised the export duty on oil from June 1 to 200.6 dollars per ton. Compared with the previous value — is almost a third of the above. Says this occasion Managing the capital of Belarus Institute of CIS Alexander Fadeev"This is due to the global environment, with the game on the oil market. This is an attempt, first, to solve their own problems. Since raw materials complex — it zvyshdahodny business. But in Belarus, as you know, the fee is unified with the Russian."Unification was the consequence of the deterioration

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June 1 — International day of protection Toddler

Reporter: "What are the primary prepyadstviya in protecting kids need to be addressed in Belarus?"Man: "I think health. I think that we need to elevate the real base and more than serious about this."Lady: "Drunkenness parents and all family prepyadstviya, because all there. I myself work in a school, and I know. "Man: "Of course, and drunkenness and sin. But when the ancestors of smoking and drinking vodka, then it Babes will do . "Lady: "Surely, this single-parent families, abandoned children, the disabled, orphans. Those kids who do not get the love and support in the family."As told in the

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Salting Belarus in cyberspace

Vlad was one of the first Belarusians, which entered the global network — even in the early 90’s, as a child, while studying in the United States under applets "Freedom Support Act". He immediately became interested in this new world and became one of the most Belarusian kibernavtav recognizable.Created 10-s innovative web projects created by Belarusian interface Google, founder of the Belarusian Wikipedia, one of the first Belarusian bloggers — he carried the world are great (and from time to time and bad) news about Belarus.He had acquired a workaholic. It would take perhaps five people to make up for

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Citations a day or — 31 May

"Again stress that the Belarusian side with no one is a no-trade. And it is not going to lead. Belarus — legal country. And all that what’s happening Belarus, occurs only in accordance with applicable law our country . "Ministry spokesman Foreign Affairs Belarus Andrei Popov — in answer to the question of "Freedom" or does not see it for premature release of political prisoners and the smallest sentence activists "Young Front" desire official Belarusian authorities to do better business with the West. "He wrote in a letter that a further three months extended period. Wrote that for him it

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Sikorski: Belarusian authorities are sending signals

Sikorsky: "We see positive changes in domestic policy in Belarus. Freed political prisoners. Belarusian authorities are sending signals indicating the desire to restore not only the case with Poland, and with the entire European Union. As you may remember, in Avignon, at a meeting of foreign ministers of the EU to open a discussion my suggestion ability and the conditions under which could be restored political dialogue between the EU and Belarus, and could be suspended or canceled, the EU sanctions imposed on Minsk. So makarom, after consultation consular and economic discussions with the Belarusian authorities will take the next

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