Citations past: Recorded 400 tales, legend and said the raid guerrilla units in the rear of the enemy Kovpaka

"Glos Prawdy", year 1927. The newspaper is aware of election maneuvers: "During the past days have developed suitable conditions for the formation of a solid block, which covers all groups without exception philistine: ie not counting the old block Zionists Mizrahistav, Chysazdus, NEGOTIANT, Little NEGOTIANT and artisans joined to the block landlord, the Jews of the suburbs, and hula Alliance tenants. ""Star" in 1947, writes: "From the areas Polessye Pinsk and returned a group of students and scientific employees of the Belarusian Municipal Institute, collects Belarusian folklore. Recorded 400 tales, legend and said about eminent raid guerrilla groups Kovpaka the

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Beltransgaz has no debt to Gazprom

Until the 23rd of each month, Belarus should pay for Russian gas delivered.Press Secretary "Beltransgaz" Vladimir Chekov said:Checks, "Debt in the contract no."Reporter: "And how many have listed for August, how much?"Checks "Sum — is working moments. Dolgov no."No other disk imaging in "Beltransgaz" not provided. Also in "Gazprom" did not want to read on this topic.Spokesman of "Gazprom" Andrei Dark also declined to comment on the expression of Alexander Lukashenko.The head of the Belarus said that the official Minsk will be a tough motivation in the negotiations on a brand new contract for next year.Why Belarusian side managed so

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Visegrad Four presidents promise to issue free visas for Belarusians

Head of diplomatic missions of Slovakia Lubomir Rehak, which makes the function of EU consulates in Belarus, now said "Freedom":"Yes, I know about that decision, but until more disk imaging in this regard have not. At the moment I am preparing a respective request. From my personal viewpoint, at the technical leveldo it will be difficult. " • L.Rehak "Price Schengen visas open a discussion with Belarus in advance," 5:09. 2007

Aleksey Lukashevich: At first festival like best to select the most

Bushlyakov "Why Belarusian rock festival in Lutsk specifically why specifically chose this city?"Lukashevich: "In 1-x, we thought to hold the festival in Ukraine and found a place near the border with Belarus, where the authorities would meet us … And specifically Lutsk became the place where the authoritiesdid everything probable for us. ""The idea of the festival in Ukraine belongs to Vitaly Supranovich"Bushlyakov: "It’s difficult to organize a festival in Ukraine, Belarus?"Lukashevich: "Naturally hard, you know, a foreign country, where just authorities allowed, and must all find an agreement … But we tried."Bushlyakov: "In the midst of the festival organizers

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EU funds first learn bureaucrats

Economist Misha Zaleski data not amazed Accounting Chamber:"Every organization, if it is created, should work. And every organization people work. And the more they love at work that department, which is called the cash register where and get their wages. Means always get easier. But to do something for the means — this is how it goes. And if the organization as a fifth wheel in the cart, then you can do and can not do. It is said that 100 years poppy has not begotten, and there was no famine. That’s how they work — earnings mastered by three

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Belarusian News main event on September 24 — 30

In Mon, September 24, will be held in Gomel Tribunal in the case of Sergei Semenov, who refused to fill out the form on the Russian border and claimed Declaration Form in the Belarusian language. Penalty for non-compliance was almost 450 bucks. At the moment, the situation repeated itself, says Semenov"In my next mon tribunal with such wording as" disobeying legitimate requirements of customs officers. " I again asked for a declaration on whiteRussian language and they again just made me protocol. And, most likely, will consider the case the same referee Marina Domnenkov. "In mon in Minsk will be

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Belarusian rock festival in Ukraine will become a regular

Supranovich: "It turned out better than I thought: and the sound and light, and the reaction of people. Indeed, could it be that there would be no people: doedut Belarusians and Ukrainians will not be curious. But there were several thousand, and it all looked fine enough. Watching people react, and listening to a concert, I again made sure Belarusian musicians have the highest world level. And if properly promote our music abroad, Belarusian groups could become a global star. " Reporter: "You can map your festival with" Basowiszcza "?Supranovich: "Apparently," Basowiszcza "a global event, which already has its own

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Mon to Freedom

Do not wake the morning live broadcast at 7.00! Previews, analysis, event sounds, voices of listeners — from 6.00 to 8.00 and from 18.00 until midnight. Website — text, audio, photos, video: updated 24 hours. In mon on "Freedom" — …Morning 6:10 * "Prague accent" — Prospects Belarus relations and the European Union, the participants — politicians Denis Melyantsou and Vyacheslav Pozniak and Deputy Party chairman BPF Yuri Khadika.6:35 * "Call" Freedom "- weekly review calls our listeners.6:45 * "Free Studio" — an interview with historian Shibeko Zahar, who published the book "100 Minsk years ago"6:55 * "September with

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Police with the people! — Motto guests concert of Belarusian musicians in Lutsk

Inhabitant of Lutsk: "I believe that such activities is positive for the style of our town, in recent years the number of such events increases — the more, the better. With On the other hand, we should pay our Belarusian friends venue for events such as we know that the Belarusian Culture in Belarus pereterpit pressure. "Guest of the festival: "What’s not to like it — it’s fence, which was fenced scene: Tipo in zagonchyku. When tried during the performance of" Neuro Dubel "break — even in Belarus we drove out militiamen. This was very sad, we tried to yell

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What contribution Belarus in global warming?

"Belarusian degree" twice European standardBelarusian klimatolyag, PhD in Geography Paul Kovriga notes that Belarus’ contribution to global warming will take more. This "promote" first large industrial facilities, as well moree amount of traffic. From these causes is currently the average annual temperature in Belarus superior characteristics of many other European countries:"Belarus, which is a total global system, a single geographic shell, has its own a certain role in all global processes. And recent years notes, due to the impact of Belarus own industry, his creation, which has developed and operates, and thereby produces greenhouse gases, we have compared with the

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