I’m very sorry Kalinowski our time — Sevyarinets

Nikolay Melnikov: "So listen, that althought say Russian war veterans stateliness. We are the height of past years say that the Congress of the democratic forces should be elected nationwide favorite democratic forces. They are, in our opinion, should be Alexander Milinkevich. Ethe man embodied within itself human and public properties as head of the country need. Alexander Milinkevich — winner of the Sakharov Prize, teacher and scholar. Recommended delegate Congress again to reconsider the issues of election favorite democratic forces and choose Milinkevich. It will lead people to victory. So we believe, participants in the Russian war. "Man: "I’m

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In Warsaw, picketed the Belarusian Embassy

The building of the Belarusian Embassy in Warsaw, about 15 people came — Belarusians and Poles. Participants of the rally held white-red-white flags and sought to end the trial of activists "Junior Front. "By picket organizer Sergei Marchyk, shares support abroad are important for those who are in Belarus.Marchik: "The regime has made concessions. During the week vyzvaenyya from prison three political prisoners. Do not know what exactly it is connected, but the pressure of international organizations, for sure, had a value here. ‘Cause you need to continue the action, show foreigners that people dissatisfied with the regime a lot.

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In the Minsk office of the OSCE will be the new manager

Sovereign Petersen worked in Belarus least 2 years. He — 3rd control cabinet OSCE Minsk after German diplomats Hans-Georg Wieck yes Eberhard Heiken.Deputy Chairman of the Joint civilian Party Yaroslav Romanchuk said: Now the person managing the office does not have the meaning as it was during the sovereign Vic.Fact, he explains that the official Minsk reached the review of the mandate of the OSCE consulate. Now he is severely limited, and yes even officially changed the title — from the Advisory and Monitoring Group to an ordinary office:"In fact, the OSCE mission turned into an eye that looks at

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Cancel preferences for Belarus: Pros and Cons

If experts of the European Commission called the decision "an ordinary technical procedure in response to the systematic violation of workers’ rights by the Belarusian authorities," a number of German and European political observers believe that "economic sanctions, first, harm the Belarusian workers."After the EU accession of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, Belarus’ exports to the countries of the united Europe increased fourfold and is about half of the Belarusian exports outside the CIS. So, last year preferences (down 10% duty) of the Belarusian exports to the EU amounted to 390 million euros. The main economic partner of Belarus in the

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Minsk is a very unsafe

Discussion on the loose. Than like Abkhazia and South Ossetia to Belarus?Either enter South Ossetia and Abkhazia in the Federal Government of Belarus and the Russian Federation?In the "expertise" Freedom "theme discussions are docent Metropolitan Municipal Institute of international relations of Moscow Kirill Koktysh and political analyst Andrei Fedorov from Minsk. V.Orgish: "This is a continuation of those games that our homeland is in the Caucasus" "This is the result of the hasty action that made Our homeland after the intervention in Georgia. Currently it, as they say, is trying to" stake out "location." "About South Ossetia and Abkhazia did not

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What prazdnichek will celebrate border guards in a year?

The total length of state border of Belarus — 3.5 thousand kilometers. Belarus borders with Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania and Latvia. The most significant portion — with the Russian Federation: almost 1,300 km. Specifically, this "transparent" piece soon comes in a number of more problematic. "Transparent" border — shutConstruction so called Union countries in practice proved to fiction and the border crossing at the moment takes time, even more than with euroallied Lithuania and Latvia. This says truckers Sergey Gusev: "I carry loads from Belarus to Russia, have difficulties. In time Belarus is unclear for what (the bureaucrats then wonder?)

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KGB detained Pastor Yaroslav Lukasik

Militiamen KGB stormed the Protestant Church "John the Baptist." In that time there occurred worship. They claimed to finish service. The church was Pastor Yaroslav Lukasik.Earlier KGB Department issued an order to terminate the movement pastor permission to stay on the ground and Belarus to deport him as a citizen, that "their actions threaten state security."Pastor Yaroslav Lukasik appealed to the court complaint. He requested clarification on the real reason for his own deportation. Polish citizen has the right to be on the ground in Belarus until June 7.

Wreath Memory: Vladimir Katkovsky

For a day or three to own 30th anniversary, on a sunny day June 15, 2006 and the first to settle his wife Yanada probably the only citizen of Albania with perfect Belarusian language, hit the car accident in the center of Prague.Spouse has lost a leg, with Vlad addition time was in a deep coma.NIGHT MODE yesterday, after almost a year of fighting for his life, parental daily hours of watch near, Vlad was killed.He was a brilliant webmaster, blogger, enthusiast Belarusian Web. It reached the settle, so that the most recognizable in the world of search engine Google

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End quote: 19.05.2007 — 25.05.2007

"On the Russian side blaming me that I fooled everyone and reached the very highest prices. On the Belarusian side blame me, I’m not all substantiated. Certainly, I went on a razor knife in the center. Certainly, I found that mean that all arranged. And ultimately granted Belarus. And all predict unrealistic. Life will tell. "Vladimir Semashko, first deputy prime minister of Belarus — on the criteria for the implementation of "Gazprom" shares "Beltransgaz" "And now Congress is converted into Congress party forces. I respect party activists, but this is only a small part of the democratic forces. And if

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Vitaly Supranovich: I believe in the Belarusian music

In 1994 I became interested in the Belarusian music. In 1996, we released the first CD of Belarusian rock music "Free Dance: listen to your!" And organized the first concerts. Already Belarusian Belarusian-drives have several hundred.Because I believe in what I do. I believe in the Belarusian music in its power to influence the minds of people do flegmantichnyh sincere people of Belarusians. How, in principle, and came with me."I was born here", "balloon", "God Almighty", "The Edge You’re my land" — these products will not leave flegmantichnymi. I believe in myself, in their own strength. Believe that I can

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