Or the condition of Europe and Belarus Our homeland?

Who offers the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact for Belarus?Drakakhrust: "On this week in "Our field" article appeared Vitaly Silitski "Dances with Wolves". He, like many of the publication of this creator, fascinating even to those who disagree with him, at least entertaining precise and clear wording of the question, if not answers.The main topic of the article — the possibility and usefulness of dialogue in Europe and Russia on Belarus, the project changes in Belarus, Brussels and Moscow could create together. Might not. Silitski begins with the observation that a recognizable "Manifesto" and Sinitsyna Parfenovich "own terry antybelaruskastsyu and natural nonsense" manifesto

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Night Siege — May 25

On forums portal discussions are an article by Igor Ivanov, Russian Internet edition

Freedom Night with Olga Karatkevich. May 25

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Interview with former teacher closed by the authorities Belarusian Lyceum Valentina Sivkovych.• In Minsk commemorated Maxim Bogdanovich 2nd part: • Belarusians who were suspected of drug trafficking, released• News Digest forward to.• Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Julia takes Sharov• What abilities next year study in Belarusian schools in Minsk?• Survey in Polotsk: what be perspective Belarusian language? • «Night rap." Poems of Paul Sverdlov.• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Bard Victor Shalkevich

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Mogilev not all delegates will go to the Congress

At a press conference Mogilev policy stated:"Our solution is based on the fact that the central authorities have failed to produce a clear understandable objectives of Congress Democratic Forces Belarus also develop a fair, clear and transparent mechanism for nominating delegates to the congress.As a result, in the Mogilev region several 10-s people who honestly have collected 300 signatures, were denied the right to a role in kantrese.We do not own abilities litsezreem role in Congress. Such a role would assent nyaspravyadlivastsyu and simple manifestation of lack of solidarity with their friends. "The participants noted that the statement is recommendatory

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V. Stefanovic: expect our homeland to promote democratization in Belarus, wrong

Authorities went to the aggressive human rights violations Karatkevich: "Thursday was a report on human rights violations in Belarus over the last year. What was remarkable in the last year?Stefanovic: "The year 2006 was notable for the amount of» human rights violations and persecution. Initially this is due to the presidential elections in the Republic of Belarus and those events which we have followed in March 2006. Then thousands of people have been brought to administrative responsibility, 10 matches — criminal responsibility for political reasons. We followed here and new trends of criminal prosecution, which we did not previously beheld

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Lukashenko about the benefits and Russia

Alexander Lukashenko said that developing cooperation with Iran, Belarus is not removed from Russia. "If our homeland might want to Belarus estranged, it set itself apart. But if Our homeland wishes, as previously, to live together, then we will live together. But we do not need to take for the larynx," — said the head of Belarus during the visit of Brest.He explained that the presence of other sources of energy "can not be grabbed the gas or oil spigot, control Belarus." According to him, "you simply take for granted, Belarus is a sovereign independent state, lives here such as

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Oil loss affected the money Belarus

Huge loss-making foreign trade first deputy prime minister explained to the reduction of Belarusian exports. In particular, it is felt at sales outside of gasoline, fuel oil and other products from crude oil.These words confirm the conclusions of those professionals, which read, Belarus to incur huge loss of oil than gas.Vladimir Semashko reminded that Alexander Lukashenko requests this year a positive and not a negative foreign trade balance:"But we are still very far from being in This year get a positive balance of foreign trade size 500-600 million U.S. dollars. Specifically this puzzle we have put in the main indicators

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LIFE in Belarus until

As already said, the last chief editor of the "frozen", "LIFE" Kirill Pozniak, at the moment the team is dissolved, office rent, but actually a commercial enterprise will continue trials register in Belarus:"… Therefore, what you need hear more or less clear answer from the Ministry of disk imaging — either positive or negative. Because there is no specific answer to say: we do not give to you a license. And accordingly, no further explanation — why no such permission. In general, and no claims also not announced.In total 32 pages of "Life" was supposed to have half of local

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Belarus should Gazprom 400 million dollars

Semashko reminded that debt 400 millions of dollars formed from the beginning this year, as Belarus paid only 55% of the price of gas.1st Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko said: "I believe that the Government will be able to repay the debt. We’re working on it. In the latter case we find different options."

V.Semashko: will be sharply reduced the number of duty-free shops

"We have produced duty-free in every village," said Semashko during a speech to the deputies of the National Assembly.First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus said that the number of stores byazmytavaga trade will "drastically reduced."Bureaucrat referred to foreign experience. In other statesah, he singled out such shops have extremely large Fri crossing the border.Chap. also: • Will be closed on the duty-free shops? 11.04.2007• Belarus will eliminate stores duty free? 27.10.2005• Or increase in the stores "duty-free" Belarusian alcoholic beverages and cigarettes? 27.06.2005

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