Alexei Januszewski

Alexei Januszewski — activist "Young Front". It also Palazhanka Anastasia, Boris Goretskogo, Aleh Korban and Dmitriy Fedoruk, blame participation in an unregistered organization. Court begins trial in Russian district of Minsk On May 28 and 10 am.

Alexei Januszewski is in the Czech Republic and on days of declared his intention to seek political asylum.

In an interview with "Freedom" Alexei Januszewski said: "About the 24th of April I left Belarus. On the decision to leave is affected, that at the moment Belarusian regime launched a targeted war against democratic Belarusian youth against "Junior Front. "And, bolshennomu Unfortunately, at the

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The representative of the Russian defense industry: We do not sell an instrument through Belarus

By him, "Our homeland does not allow itself to action behind international community", and such charges "go from dishonest competitors."Discussions about Our homeland that delivers an instrument in hot points are not conducted the first year. In This year organization "Amnesty International", presented a report, whereby Our homeland and China supplied a weapon in the conflict zone in Darfur — Sudan province, where there is a war civilians.According to the defenders of supplying weapons that are banned UN also participated Belarus, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.Last topic realization Russian guns was rising rapidly through Belarus in March in connection with the

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Poll Zhlobin: West believes that we, too, rogue

Lady: "I’m not interested in politics. I know, of course, that came Ahmadinejad, announcements watched."Pensioner: "The West thinks we also outcasts. As if we despot. Because he had no choice to make, not counting as friends with those with whom profitable, as I understand it."Man: "Normally all. Contract concluded, as expected, our control. Everyone should own country be the owner. "Reporter: "How do you feel about the fact Belarus support business with rogue states? "Lady: "Why rogue nations? All countries, sure can talk together. "Retired: "It would be better friends with Russia further yes — Poland, Nemechchyna. These countries better

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P. Sevyarynets: The moment of truth will Tribunal over the Young Front

Paul Sevyarinets now in the fourth morning at the station met with flowers and music activists "Young Front".About hundreds of people came to the town hall in the afternoon on the first BPF after release press conference Paul Sevyarinets. People stood in line to hug and congratulate Paul.First himand there were words of gratitude to all those who supported him, who arrives in a small Sitna, which is more than five hundred people.And in the village, says Paul, it was carried out with the words:"Pasha! Do something!" In the village, seemingly running for 300 people only 25 cattle on earth

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Devotes Milinkevich verse ..

Man: "With great pleasure I learned that eventually formed the Movement" For Freedom! "On this occasion, dedicate a favorite motion Milinkevich poem" Freedom is in Belarus ":To live with dignity, Live for Belarus. Rise against serfdom, forced. Down with the collective farm system, disparagingly contract Animal horror ignorant dictates! We — a free people, we Descendants Lithuanians! And we have a free spirit is not lost! Jarmo servant we still cast off! We’ll be free! We shed no language! We raised our flag Protz! "Pursuit" to inspire us, will call! We will win nasty horror! No enemy will destroy us!

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Belagroprombank finds the capital of the Italian market

Commenting on the event, the Italian edition of "La Voce d» Italia" writes: "On the whole the strategic importance of this event for Belarus evidenced by the fact that the ceremony was not only salting Alexei Skripko whose identity Italians after popular option about the girl Vika Moroz, and Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Bambiza. Opening Milan consulate Bank Belarusian side clarifies "brisk development of trade and economic cooperation with Italy," and "increasing needs for banking services and trade flows between vkladyvatelnyh projects with 2 countries."

Alexei Violin "Belarus has a lot to give to their partners."

According to

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Gazeta Wyborcza: Lukashenko dreams of International against the U.S.

"Alexander Lukashenko finds friends first midst of Governors of States that are anti-American policy, and that he himself peraynachyvshy George W. Bush referred to the "axis of good." The Belarusian leader dreams of developing "international" against the United States and therefore held in conjunction with the leaders of Cuba or Venezuela, "- writes in the current issue" Gazeta Wyborcza ".According to the weekly views, despite the fact that the official purpose of Ahmadinejad’s visit to Minsk — the signing of trade agreements on the extensive use of products, the leaders of Iran and Belarus "are more worthy of attention offers"

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Entrepreneurs from the regions — about business prospects

"This pullback reversal in business development"That said now that "Freedom" the chairman of the Coordinating Council of Belarusian businessmen Anatoly Zmitrovich (Svetlogorsk)"We are at the moment — the last in the chain rassredotachivaniya product. Receive its first wholesale base, then — intermediaries. If they are, as they say, will fall under this press, we — too, and almost within 1 month. Believe that Economy Ministry document — is an administrative barrier to business development, reverse roll back. "Anatoly Zmitrovich also knows how to explain the new owners of the Belarusian government pressure on their business:"It is only necessary to perform

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Citations a day or — 22 May

"I think it’s just trafficking. Hostages taken initially, and later try to implement for the funds. Nigerian poor is not even dream — they only million bucks took for the stolen Belarusian, but here are willing to 400 million euros. All it is very abominably. Especially since Additional foul condition — there is some writing application addressed Pyatkevich or lawyer, or close relatives, or yourself … Incidentally, I did not write any statements, again stress, because I’m sure that it sounds with the highest stands — "that’s neither here asked zavyalenne wrote, I asvabadiv them, and in no way again

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Night Siege — 22 May

Hi!Wearer fotaczka left in his LiveJournal diary is a record: "They let Sevyarinets. I have many questions there. 1) Neuzh then as the economy itself tryndets come? Initially, the abolition of benefits after negotiations for the lifting of economic sanctions. Though 400 millions of dollars — it itself for itself a tasty morsel. 2) release of all political prisoners, as promised, or only those two months before the end of the term left? 3) West such makarom "Fighting" for the democratization of the regime, and not for its destruction? 4) Either we yield favorable political prisoners Such price? "In the

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