What connects voedinyzhdy Belarus and Iran?

Political scientist, chairman of the Belarusian Schumann Society Igor Lyalkov stresses that the international society avoids contact with both modes — Belarusian and Iranian:"Modes, which fall in isolation from the rest of international society, naturally drawn to each other. Do not think that this visit of Belarus will be a big income. But we can show that we are not alone in this world. And the Belarusian regime tries do . ""Minsk and Tehran connects voedinyzhdy anti-Americanism"Another analyst Ming — Andrei Fedorov shares this same idea:"As Belarusian and Iranian authorities do not widely accepted in the world. Their fairly limited

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In Belarus, the newcomer appeared Chernobyl organization

The conference uchavstvovala about fifty delegates from all regions of the country. Chernobyl invalid Dmitry Biryukov represented Minsk:In Chernobyl disabled Dmitry Biryukov government is going to take away the right to free medicines"I worked at the station before the tragedy and during the tragedy. Turbine shop number 2. Two years eliminate the consequences of the tragedy. My second group of disability. Many diseases. Certainly, such an organization is necessary. Here gathered the active part of the liquidators. "Liquidator Vladimir Luzán came from Mozyr"Since 1992, I am disabled Chernobyl. In 2006 I was deprived of the status of the liquidator. In

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V.Semashko: For sure, I was on a razor knife

Half "Beltransgaz" Russian "Gazprom" bought 2.5 billion dollars. The contract has been written by Belarusian law. In the coming days of the Russian side to pay the first 12.5 percent stake. That’s roughly 625 millions of dollars.For the shares acquired funds, according to Minister of Belarus will play a role in stabilizing the financial and banking system.One of the difficult issues that emerged during the negotiations was due to the "golden share", which gives the state the right to a special role in enterprise management. Sovereign Semashko said:

V.Semashko: "Gazprom" wanted to be assured that we do not introduce a

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What they say about the non-election of Belarus Minsk residents in the Human Rights Council of the UN?

Listen:Young Man: "By my views, we need ourselves, in our own country to ensure human rights, and later have to go to an international level. Also I will make such a world, in Europe, not everyone knows what’s happening in Belarus. And therefore they can not give a specific estimate of the process that’s going on here. "Woman: "It is wrong to make members of the United Nations, because we are members of this organization. And when we are her friends, must take our interests. "Man: "The negative attitude. Since not all so simple and exactly happens as it seems."Man:

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In Poland commemorates Joseph Naydyuk (Aleksandrovich)

Joseph Naydyuk in Inavrotslave remember first as Joseph Alexandrovich, as such, he took the name after, I moved after the second Global War in Poland, fleeing persecution Russian authorities.There Belarusian activist, publisher, historian Vawkavysk out, he lived until his death in 1984, working productively for the benefit of the latest homeland. Sovereign Naydyuk did Inavrotslave printing press and for many years it was headed.In Last year Polish inhabitants of this town have installed a plaque on the building, where he lived Joseph Naydyuk, and This year the city was visited by students Kalinouski initiative Belarusian state memory, laid flowers at

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Foreign Ministry confirmed term Ahmadinejad’s visit

According to the manager of the press service Alexander Lukashenko Paul Light, hold talks Presidents of Belarus and Iran.Iran, against the decisions of the UN Security Council does not stop its nuclear program from. Belarus sells weapons to Iran and military-technical equipment that has drawn criticism from Western countries.Alexander Lukashenko visited Iran in December 2003 and in November 2006. And in September 2004 an official visit to Belarus then Iranian President Mohammad Khatami.

Sunday — a day of memory of victims of AIDS

In This year May 1, 8120 in Belarus recorded cases of HIV infection. It is almost a thousand more than in the past. From the beginning, AIDS stage of the disease was found in 100 people. Specialists believe that the reality is more unhealthy.But official statistics close to reality, says the head of the Center for AIDS Prevention Lily Myaleshka:"We can say, that our statistics are close to the official. We do not have any, that we present: here, in a region we can be so much and so many. We have our own ways, we can study them and

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Human rights activists welcomed the non-election of Belarus in the Human Rights Council

Even a few days before the vote on the two seats from the Eastern European regional group claimed two countries — Slovenia and Belarus. And at the last moment his was nominated Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many observers tend to opinion, it came under pressure from Western countries concerned about the prospect of the election in Belarus.According to voting results, Belarus was third. In the first round for Slovenia voted 188 out of 192 UN member states. In the 2nd round of Bosnia and Herzegovina received 112 votes, Belarus — 72 with 97 votes needed.Salting UN Ambassador Zalmay Halilzhad told reporters

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Kasparov compared Putin’s regime with the Lukashenko regime

Now they were detained at the capital’s airport "Sheremetyevo" before flying to Samara. Passports returned to them after 5 hours. No charges have been filed.Samara just could not fly 27 people, including foreign journalists. Garry Kasparov told reporters likened Vladimir Putin’s regime with the regimes Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe:

G.Kasparav: "Europeans know that they are dealing … with a regime similar Lukashenko’s regime in Belarus or Zymbabve Mugabe."

"The Europeans know that they are not dealing with a democratic regime, not the regime that respects its own international obligations and its own constitution, but with a

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UN vote — comments of the official Minsk

Vice-chairman commission on international affairs House of Representatives Anatoly Krasutski (Pictured) believes that nothing dramatic happened:

A.Krasutsky: "Well, nothing. Did not get to This time, would get the following. "

"We must not forget that the world is politicized very very. And the UN is no exception. And also do not forget who the UN is the best part. It is clear that in Bosnia and Herzegovina predominantly Muslim. And about two-thirds of the world adhere to this religion. And it has played an important role.And add to this the political pressure is being implemented, no doubt, on the country’s

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