Elections: three complaints

So makarom, total number of appeals reached the 18. They even turned 19, but at the last moment, one bidder withdrew his statement. 6 complaints from unhappy yesterday none. In including and members of the Communist Party of Belarus Alexander Apanasyuk and Basil Lopatin, also non-partisan activist Deputy Chairman Free Trade Union of Belarus Yuri Novikov. The Tribunal also rejected Larissa Shukailo, Alexander Kazakevich, Tadeusz Kryuchkovsky. As already reported, "Freedom", while satisfied with only two complaints —Alexei Turovich and Vladimir Markov.

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UN vote — politicians comments

According to the South American Ambassador to the UN Zalmay Halilzhada, "In the eyes of the public election showed obvious progress of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is sympathetic to discover ahead of Belarus" "I wish in particular to thank my colleagues for their own choice is not in favor of Belarus, which is called the last dictatorship in Europe" — highlighted during the press conference Halilzhad. Commenting on the results of the vote, the Croatian edition Javno writes about "winning the Western states, which at the last moment Bosnia assured his candidacy and thus makarom resist entry of Belarus to

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Increasing pressure on priests and believers

Of the Presidential Administration and the Ministry of Interior waits for a response Natalia Lukasik. Mother of three kids do not ask, and asks officials not razbivats her family. "When we got married, then had the right to choose the country in which we live. After Poland enters the EU. But a conscious decision was elected Belarus. Will educate kids on there own native language. In the Belarusian historical heritage. That’s it. And suddenly such a baseless, totally groundless decision Myadel police department … "Jaroslaw Lukasik warned that up to June 7th should leave Belarus. Prerequisite for such solutions is

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The Consulate of the European Commission delayed

Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Popov in response RL marked than on the views of the authorities should deal with the new cabinet: "This is, first, the energy sphere. And many others in which mutual cooperation intrigued to obvious and even impartial. This — transit, border infrastructure, international crime, including trafficking. Well, and, of course, security environment. " Browser international portal «Wider Europe» Roman Jacob pays attention to the fact that the official Belarusian authorities to bypass the difficulties of democracy and Human Rights in Belarus. In his view, the authorities wish to limit the activities of the consulate, that has

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Funeral buzz on the global ambitions of the official Minsk

From Belarus await implementation of the EU standards Belarus vote bypassed Bosnia, the country has put forward its candidature for a day or two before the election of Council members. Other countries: Egipet, Angola and Qatar, against whose membership in the parliament were also sharply human rights organizations were just chosen its composition. In the definition of "the last dictatorship in Europe", which is now often used in relation to Belarus, the worst — particularly the combination, there really works "double standard" from Angola or Egypt in fact no special achievements in the field of human rights and does not

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After the first round of Belarus has not passed to the UN Council on Human Rights

Belarus voted for 78 States for Bosnia — 95 for Slovenia — 100 Total sixty-eighth assumed the role of Poll 192 countries. For election to the Board at least 97 votes needed.

Belarus is not selected in the UN Council on Human pravoh

In the 2nd round of voting received more votes Bosnia and Herzegovina. 112 voted for it states. For Belarus — with 72 needed for election by 97 votes. In the first round of voting by the group of Eastern European countries elected Slovenia — 168 votes. Only assumed the role of Poll 192 countries.• Belarus gets whether the UN Council on Human Rights?, 16.05.2007 • "Human Rights Watch" — against the candidacy of Belarus, 16.05.2007 • Bosnia amount konkurentnst Belarus, 16.05.2007 • Alexander Milinkevich appealed to States — members of the United Nations, 15.05.2007 • PACE Committee: Belarus has no

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Guest night air — KGB lieutenant colonel Valery Kostka supplies

Now our guest the night air is Colonel supplies State Security Committee of Belarus Valery Kostka, who am answering questions from the audience of "Freedom". In our survey, people on the streets of Minsk utter, whether they are afraid of the KGB.At night we research paperstalking about, that can not be photographed in Minsk and other Belarusian towns. We will tell about prem» career in Minsk cartoon "Shrek 3" and film critic Maxim Zhbankov recommend that it is worth to have a look of the novelties of the Belarusian videarynku.The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes continues the story of a group

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Yu.Mitskevich: Homophobia in Belarus is still very strong

In 1993, of the Belarusian Criminal Code excluded articles related to the persecution of homosexuality. But sexy Belarusian minorities have always acted in the criteria underground.Middle of the 1990s years wasof several attempts to register with the Ministry of Justice of Belarus league sexy equality "Lambda". Unsuccessful.Tried to arrange in Minsk in 2000, International Festival of gays and lesbians, but most of the festival events then forbade. In 2001, the capital hosted the first and only gay pride parade.Previously carried out in the crowded party Minsk club "Babylon." But since December 20, 2005 Belarusian League sexy equality "Lambda" announced the

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Signing a contract with tolerated Gazpromam

As told some media, is now scheduled to arrive in Minsk head of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller, to sign an agreement to sell a 50 percent stake "Beltransgaz". This agreement was a condition of low cost on Russian gas Belarus. Recall, "Gazprom" to receive shares of the Belarusian company evenly, until 2010. As told in "Beltransgaz" delegation "Gazprom" is now coming to Minsk, but the signing of the contract does not take place, because there were differences. Also canceled a visit to Minsk Miller. Sergei Kupriyanov said that the agreement will take place later:"You know, we have a good staff with

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