Mogilev bureaucrats they say about the rehabilitation of Chernobyl-

During the 2-day participants make out the results of the implementation of international programs from Belarus "Cooperation for Rehabilitation".With Belarusian side seminar uchavstvujut only employees of municipal structures.According to the official disk imaging, the seminar will undergo consideration the difficulty of providing radiological safety, health, culture, education, youth and kids education, socio-economic development of rural dirty radiation.The program "Cooperation for Rehabilitation" operates in Belarus August 25 2004. Projects implemented in the programs from Bragin, Chechersk, Slavgorod and Stolin districts. The program is funded by a global network of United Nations in the development and positive changes people’s lives. Network covers

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Swedish cinema in Belarusian — during the Days of Culture of Sweden to Belarus

In the program follow-up: May 17 at the Church of St. Simon and Lena will be a presentation book Andrew Kotlyarchuk "Swedes in the history and culture of the Belarusians." May 24 in central children’s library — books presentation Entsa Albom "Jonathan from Mount gulls."From May 30 to June 2 — literary and musical days of the role of the Swedish writer Astrid Trottsig and poets Berkvista Eric and Claudia Marx, also Belarusian writer and musician.The festival of Swedish cinema in Minsk cinemas will demanstavatstsa films united by the theme of life in the village, the inhabitants of the province.

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10-ka opponents press on internationalist Committee to Protect Journalists

"Lim""Lim" on this week 1937 wrote in an editorial: "We have great breakthroughs in our literature and art. This obliges us to the most creative and hard, dedicated work the other day, the 20th anniversary of the October Revolution. We must eliminate the effects of the Trotskyite-wrecking stuff nationalist, fascist agents at the front Belarusian literature and Belarusian art. Ideologically-saturated, highly artistic works best meet writers and painters ordenanosnay BSSR large prazdnichek proletaryyata world. "The same "Lim" 20 years later to speak Abetsedarsky historian who insists: "Orthodox Church in the Russian state fought against the theater, announcing the play "the

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Last visit to England Milinkevich

During a visit to the British Parliament Alexander Milinkevich held talks with the control commission Foreign Affairs ruling party leybaryskay Eric Joyce. Politicians discussed support applets civilian society in Belarus, the situation with the media are independent and political repression in the country. One of the main topics was the cooperation between the EU and Belarus on the criteria put up by the European Commission."I turned to the Emperor Eric Joyce requested to become an ambassador Democratic Forces Belarus in England. He often visited our country and knows the situation from within. Very fundamentally, so Belarusian topic did not disappear

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Belarus — reformer: an advance or a statement of fact?

The report Doing Business-2009 assesses 181st world economy on the ease of doing business criteria. With all this taken into account the characteristics of 10 municipal business regulation. Taken into account the time and cost performance of government requirements to start your own business, tax mechanism, the ability of coagulation business. The ratings do not take into account characteristics such as macroeconomic policy, quality of infrastructure, currency stability, sentiment and some other points. Whether such recognition from the international emblem of professionals considers reciprocity in response to the search for the Belarusian authorities for reconciliation with the West? Economist, former

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Belarus threatens whether antyraketnaya NATO protection?

Now in Moscow last meeting U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Russian control. During the meetings will be open a discussion blending plans in Poland and the Czech Republic antyraketnay parts of Defense and NATO. South American side says that the missiles that are out there install will not be targeted against Russia. According to the Yankees, their purpose — to shoot down those Iranian missiles or rockets other dictatorships of Asia that can poruha to Europe and the United States. Military analyst Alexander Alesin believes that such events may be dangerous option for Belarusians:

"The Fall of downed

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Nomination of Belarus is not a scandal, and two scandals

Together with Slovenia Belarus claims two seats in the Council of Europe.According to observers of the German radio Deutschlandfunk, when the UN Council on Human Rights has already presented such undemocratic and non-legal countries like China, Our homeland, Cuba, Morocco, Azerbaijan, it is possible that their company to join, and so called "Europe’s last dictatorship" .Members of the Committee on Legal Affairs of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the Commission on Human Rights of the Bundestag urged the General Assembly todo, in order to avoid scandal. How should the application of PACE, "exhibiting Belarus as no

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Industrialists will rescue the economy forum

The Belarusian manufacture small marginNot spared the negative trend and one of the flagships of the ordinary Belarusian economy — Minsk Automobile Plant."If we consider prices energoelementy and all kinds of taxes in comparison, for example, with the Russian manufacturers, producing befitting products, the Russians have a 7 percent increase profitability than us", — explained the "Freedom" Managing public relations center MAZ Valentin bursts."Why is that?""Their more deshevenky energoelementy and lowest taxes. None, for example, the turnover tax, which we have," — said the emperor burst. Belarusian products obsoleteBad economic trends in affected This year not just giant factories and

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Quote a day or — 14 May

"Consumed by the concept that does not need a chairman who is responsible for everything, and there is a collective form of government — as the most effective form of anarchy. Syamibayarshchynu not invented the Belarusian opposition, and she never gives the result. I believe that systemic Belarusian opposition found a comfortable form of demonstration of unity. But it does not threaten the regime. "Member of the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces Viktor Kornienko — in connection with the decision to move the joint management democratic forces from 1st person to the co-chairs.

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Belarusian car market will give Chinese

Deputy Chairman of the Municipal Customs Committee Vladimir Goshin said that the committee has prepared a proposal to the Government of Belarus from July 1 to raise duties on imported cars to 5 evratsentav per cubic centimeter engine. In other words, the fee for a car with an engine of 1.6 liters will rise by 80 euros, with an engine of more than 2 liters — 100 euros.Currently in Belarus customs rates are similar for businesses and individuals from 35 evratsentav per cubic centimeter engine for small cars, which from 3 to 10 years, to 60 evratsentav for cars, the

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