I.Kozulina meet with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kramer

In the U.S., Ira Kozulin met many politicians and public figures, who are concerned with the situation human rights Belarus and attain liberation of political prisoners.Topic, namely, was devoted to conversation in Washington with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Kramer.Kozulin Ira recalled that David Kramer two weeks reversed visited Minsk and had the opportunity to monitor the situation in the country:"We shared experiences and discussed the status of political prisoners. Certain plans work in this area is already there, it is known to all, we will work on it. What I do not intend to be idle, that’s

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Lukashenko: We apply liberal manners, as in Russia

Alexander Lukashenko stated that 2007 began in the criteria sharp increase in energy prices, which was an ordeal for the entire national economy. And according to the Belarusian leader, much time was spent, that the government got rid of the shock and confusion.Alexander Lukashenko claimed by Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky lay out a plan of action of the government in minimizing the effects of price increases energoelementy. President of Belarus admitted: "I’m interested in how the Belarusian producers will compete in the Russian market with the influx of Russian products in connection with the signing of an agreement with the

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In Minsk vganaruyuts laureates BPF

The other day I read a rewarding deputy chairman of the jury, which determined the winners, Franak Vecherko. Here is what he said:"This award is the Belarusian Popular Front" Revival "is awarded every year to people who one way or another on the basis of work stood out in favor of the revival of Belarus in the field of politics, culture, science and education. In This year prize is awarded for the first time. Premium is not currency, it first means recognizing the achievements of man. I think from time to time it is much more precious than gold. "Nominated

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Private books do not come up with Hitler and Stalin did not. First was the Apostle Paul

Larissa, Minsk: "listen to Radio Liberty every day. During the whole after year elections of people detained after each prazdnichka. This applies especially to young people. Their another look at our lives. They do not want to live because currently live with their ancestors and forefathers. Listen to them. Maybe someone that change in their own visions and actions. This hunt recommend to our government. All heed what their blame. One sentence — ugly and swore disobeyed police. This is becoming fun. But they praglytvayuts this sentence, and no one speaks on their behalf. I will never believe that ugly

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Inflation in August — 0.2%

According to the Ministry of Economy, the actual increase in prices 2008 14%, compared to the planned 8.6% per year, Interfax reported.Inflation in Belarus over the last few months of 2008:

    Inflation in Belarus in recent years:

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Belarus to destroy the legacy of the USSR

According to official statistics, Belarus ranked seventh in the world in the number of antipersonnel mines. This — the legacy left after the collapse of Russian Union and elimination of the Belarusian Military Area."Undermine their open method unrealistic"Director of the analytical center "Scat" Yuri Zagumenov considers the problem of very severe:"3.6 million mines — mines is filled with liquid, which are, in fact, the chemical weapon. There is prussic acid and other toxic substances. Undermine their open method unrealistic. Explosions lead to poisoning of the atmosphere, with not only the Belarusian , and other countries around the perimeter. And it

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Freedom Night with Olga Karatkevich. May 10

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Conversation with activist "Junior Front"Anastasia Azarko• Poll: Novopolotsk inhabitants reflect on the question — what should be addressed youth organization?• Maxim film festivals Zhbankova• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis" Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich.2nd part:• On May 10th in Germany "day books" — in today in 1933, the Nazis burned books recognizable creators• In 1937th burning books throughout Belarus• Belarusian website in "Night Siege" takes Julia Sharov• Semi-final "Eurovision" — about the prospects of the Belarusian artist Dmitry Warlock, scandals performances Belarusian singer• «ABC Night": verses Victor Zhibulya

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Belarus is a brand new Singapore?

"Significant steps made by the Government of Belarus in the past year toward improving business criterion, have been recognized in the last, the second yearly report "Doing Business 2009". Belarus is one of the four leading reformers in the legal field, "- told Interfax Group Managing Global Bank in Belarus Craig Bell."From June 2007 to June 2008 Belarus introduced reforms in 6 of the 10 areas that are investigated in the report," — said the Tsar Bell.In general, the world ranking rose from 115 Belarus 85 place."This is the highest result, which suggests purposeful work of the government to improve

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Eurovision 2007: Azarenka knocked again

The movie, in which Yuri Azaronak defiled State Belarusian flag and coat of arms, also spoke abusively toward the then favorite BPF Poznyak and representatives of the democratic intelligentsia, three times showed on television the other day referendum. Following a referendum on national symbols changed refreshed signs BSSR. Later Belarusian society Azarenka showed film Yuri "backstage", in which he dismayed population a "secret mechanisms" in the state Belarusian opposition. In 2001 came the TV series "Secret springs politics," in which also participated Azaronak.In 2002, fired from his job. A year later he was hired by the General Prosecutor’s Office of

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In 1937th throughout Belarus burned books

This timeAffairs was devoted to the order number 33 organization, which was called "Glavlit BSSR." this order came June 3, 1937 and was called the "List of literature to be withdrawn from public use of libraries, educational institutions and bookselling." This was very meaningful order, he took 111 pages.I quote — that just prescribed this annotation to do with "objectionable" books in Belarus: "Do liquidation by crossing cutters printers. Waste paper in the form of chopped Renting junk. In regional centers, where there is no printing presses cutters adopted literature spalivat mark on the act of burning. "Alphabetical list of

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