Near Belarus build nuclear burial

For disk imaging deputy head of the Presidential Secretariat Oleksandr Chaly, a new coating fourth Chernobyl Unit ensures the security station least 100 years.Environmentalists, the public is more concerned with the second project — a repository for waste. Sovereign Chaly said that the store would only be used to service Chernobyl and waste from other states will not bring. But all the same this nuclear burial ground, while near the Belarusian abroad.Head of the Department gidrametearalegii Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Germenchuk Maria explained that there is an international procedure. A country that builds nearby border with another

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Baranovichi: courts every day last

First to the tribunal now called student from Minsk Alexander Milintsa. Interrogated him for 30 minutes. For cry "Long live Belarus!" Put me together with Agurbash and Jagger"I was accused of participating in a meeting where I yelled" Long live Belarus! . "But from the dictionary Ushakov learned that the word" meeting "means a political meeting. We itself was not. And in-2, I wish that I was put in a cell with Angelica Agurbash and Mick Jagger. They, too, it read: "Long live Belarus!" — reads Alexander Milinets.Minutes of his detention tribunal sent to the city police department for revision.

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4 Polish spies planted. What is the fifth?

According to investigators, Sergei Yurenya coupled with 4 Belarusian army officers transferred foreign intelligence information on strategic targets united air defense system of Belarus and Russia.Press secretary of the Capital District Military Court Minchanovski Alexander said:"Sergei Yurenya — soldier of the 1st of military units of the Metropolitan Area of the military, Major. Article in its 275-thou, municipal treason and espionage. Cooperation in favor of one of the Eastern European States. Well I can tell, it’s Poland. "Spy threatens imprisonment from 12 to 20 years.No details about the case for the Metropolitan military court said. Allegedly, the Tribunal had not

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A. Marochkin: It’s a pity that the museum is locked in Golshany

On November 10, a meeting of the political council of the United Democratic Forces, which will discuss the difficulties of the opposition for making configurations in the electoral law. One of the favorites SLM Viktor Kornienko said, "Freedom."

"In the Sun coalition subjects bring their proposals regarding the composition of the Group. How will people? Will depend continued. If the 500-700 people that emphasizes the seriousness of the goals of political parties, then we will continue . "November 10 will be held Tribunal over five activists of the Young Front, who were detained on November 7 after a protest near

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Oh, so destroy the Belarusian language in our Beryozovka

Under the heading "Letters" in "Belorussian village" in 1927 signed Misha can be read: "I am every Sunday Pukhovichi are fair. Going to a lot of people. This is great, but the bad thing is that if you want to drink, so at least go home . the market vendors selling kvas, but just as this kvass drink, so in "Riga" and went. " Syalkor socks: "And as our chef, let his fever — they say in v.Baravoy, Koydanovskogo district. Chef in arranging this in our village circle on vaenizatsyi spelled youth, but on this matter ended." Belarusian village ",

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Does Alexander Lukashenko dacha in Sochi?

The program NTV sounded no evidence of in the Red Polyana near Sochi giving the Belarusian leader. Only one agent Sochi Dmitry Goborov said about any people who, they say, they say that in their neighbor — itself "father Lukashenko." Referring to the very highest level of secrecy, the display showed a small house from afar with the Belarusian flag and municipal Latin inscription "Belarus". For Belarus paid Russian landSamples to check the information about the existence of the presidential estate of the Red Polyana special to no avail. In the presidential administration has not found the one who would

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Authorities engaged in foreign priests and missionaries

This statement was manufactured Bobruisk during a discussion of ethno-confessional situation in Belarus. The Committee on Religious and Ethnic Affairs declined to comment. Bureaucrats refer to the fact that all laws should be improved, and therefore prepared configuration. Head of Religious Affairs Alexander Kalin Pronunciation: "This decision of the Council of Ministers. Was ancient ruling on Invitation of the priests and their activities on the territory of the country. Currently there any configuration drift.’s All. Still pending. If it is accepted, and then can be comment on something. " The representative of the Belarusian Exarchate of the Orthodox Church Andrew

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Social Democrats asked the UN to protect Kozulin

The Presidium of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) appealed to the UN General Assembly. Party members need to take under international control violations Human Rights in Belarus. And in particular the prosecution party favorite Alexander Kozulin.September 19 marks a year from the entry into force of a day or a sentence against A.Kozulin. The proclamation states that this case is politically targeted "national courts stubbornly renounce improve gross violations of the laws and rights A.Kozulin. Privacy A.Kozulin preparing a complaint that will soon go to the UN Committee on Human Rights . "BSDP (D) called on UN agencies, first

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Tuesday at Freedom

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast from 18.00 Mon.6:30 * "Prague accent"7:00 * F* Will be brand new edition of the Regulation on the procedure for the invitation to the people of Belarus abroad for religious activities. * Live a lawyer church "New Life" Sergei Lukanin. * Belarusian real estate in Sochi. What fate may befall her in preparation for the Winter Olympics 1914? Among other — there is a dacha Alexander Lukashenko, as reported on the days of Russian media?* Blitz-analysis of the relationship of the church and the country with the role of political scientist Peter Rudkovsky.* Published

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P. Rudkovskii: From power suffer more informal religious initiatives

Tsigankov: "What words best describe the relationship between the state and religious confessions in Belarus? This cooperation, domination or something else?" Rudkovskii: "These cases may be referred to such a shaky state of equilibrium. Equilibrium because any acquired conflict is not observed, and so far does not seem to be. From time to time there are certain excesses like the memorable article Presidential Administration Deputy Governor Anatoly Rubinov anti-religious or anti-Catholic temper article in June in the newspaper "Respublika" "New Crusaders." But in both cases editorial tried to soften this statement or even an apology. " Tsigankov: "But the government

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