By 2050, Belarusians will lose 38% of the population

Newspaper "Our word" first lane is subject 645th anniversary of the victory of the Belarusian army over the Mongolian Blue on Water and Ukraine’s liberation from the Mongol yoke. What role did the battle on the course of history in Eastern Europe? Read the article in Anatolia Gritskevich most fresh newspaper."Our word" print information materials, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Vladimir sodalite. Readers can read notes about Vladimir sodalite today his case with the police and reasoning about life in the article "What is baptism and the same fate.""Our word" published a letter from the Constitutional Court, which advises

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In Minsk, the anniversary of the beginning of the exhibition victory at Blue Waters

The Company Belarusian language celebratory meeting dedicated to the Battle of the Blue Waters. Olga Ipatova unveiled its latest book, a historical novel about the events. Poets read poetry — and their students, who sent them to the TBM from the regions of the country. On the walls — pictures kids and students.Salting Ihor Likhovyi expressed confidence that with time in Ukraine will stand a monument Prince Algirdas.The defeat of the united Mongol forces» at Blue Waters was the first great victory over the Golden Horde in Eastern Europe. He was an inspiration to the eastern Slavs, who suffered under

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Stanislav Shushkevich: Belarus has all chances to meet the standards of the European Union

Stanislav Shushkevich (born in 1934), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, corresponding member Academy Belarus.In 1989-1991 Deputy of the USSR, member of the Interregional Group. In 1990-1996 — deputy Supreme Council Of the 12th convocation, first Deputy Chairman, from September 1991 to January 1994 and Chairman Supreme Council Belarus. In December 1991, together with Boris Yeltsin and Leonid Kravchuk signed an agreement on the abolition of Viskuly USSR and the development of the CIS. He was a deputy Supreme Council 13th convocation. Highlighted Lech Walesa to receive the Nobel Peace Prize 2007.

The U.S. State Department condemned the recent crackdown in Belarus

The statement states that "the Belarusian authorities intensified campaign of intimidation against its own people.""At soon opposition politician Andrei Klimov was sentenced in a closed trial for publishing articles critical of the Lukashenko regime on the Web. Police arrested people who peacefully protested against political targets trials members of the "Young Front" were arrested actors and audience of the play, detained citizens who have tried to take part in the celebration of the anniversary of a medieval battle. Political parties, which plan take the role of in elections next year, appeared before the risk of losing reception.Lukashenko’s regime expressed a

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Wednesday at Freedom

Morning 6:03 * replay of the webcast Tuesday from 18.00. 6:33 * "Journey" Liberty " — Parečča village Dokshitsky district.6:45 * "Belarusian abroad" — Belarusians popular institutes in the world: ordinary Belarusians and study in Russia, Holland, England and South American Harvard.7:00 * F* Blitz-analysis: what is behind the request for the resignation of Vladimir Konopleva?* Who is the Supreme Tribunal of Belarus cause representatives of women’s party "Nadzeja." Will hear their objections to the claim of the Ministry of Justice, which supports the proposal to eliminate the "Hope."* Live with Larissa Nasanovich, chairman of the Minsk regional organizations and

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Ya.Grischeney: If we are judged for Belarus, so let’s see, in 1937

About the judgment Jaroslav Hryshchenya states with irony:"The sentence was all the same right as Myagenkaya and hard. If we are judged for Belarus, so let’s see, in 1937 — before removing the sentence, or to the highest execution …"In fact featured footage from the movie Yuri Khaschevatsky "Area", protocols Tipo neprelichnuyu detention for swearing and stuff.About own plans Jaroslav Hryshchenya subsequent reads:"Under no circumstances do not stop activities like doing and will do. When suspend — it’s just show weakness and just play. "Tribunal over Malady started on 10 September. Courthouse riot police detained from Brest 2-10-s of the

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Permit and registration: explanations of the authorities

While registration on the post-Soviet space is preserved only in Turkmenistan and Belarus. But from 1 January of the new year in Belarus, it is canceled.According to the creators of the decree, the registration will help people make better records in the community. Now citizens can be registered at the same address, but live elsewhere.Procedure for registration will be certain restrictions, if compared with European practice.Deputy Director of the center of legislative activity under President Lyudmila Panferova said:"In a moment, we can not immediately proceed to clean the notification procedure without any restrictions, because the institution of registration is closely

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Radovan Karadzic was hiding either in Belarus?

Florance Hartmann in 2000-2006 years was assistant Attorney General Carla del Ponte.In his book "Peace and Punishment" she argues that in November 1997, when Bosnia was under NATO control had be elections, Russian urgently plane evakuavav Radovan Karadzic for several months in Belarus.The representative of the State Security Committee of Belarus Valery Nadtochaev Radio Liberty on request to confirm or deny the approval of Ms. Hartmann said:"Nothing I can tell on this occasion, as it is not familiar with this topic. I do not know, where did she get this information. "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also did not comment

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Supreme Tribunal verdict Polish spy

The process began on September 4. Military Collegium Supreme Court began to consider criminal case against 4 people of Belarus. All the blame of treason and espionage. According to investigators, they are collected and transferred to a foreign country information on foreign intelligence task.This is the last major armed forces Vladimir Ruskin, the last Major Viktor Bogdan, military radio brigade-Defense Forces of Belarus Pavel and Sergei Pyatkevich Korneliouk.The process takes place behind closed doors. Lawyers accused refuses to comment.About detention so called "Group of Polish spies" KGB said in July. • Lawyers "Polish spies" shall be removed from comments, 6:09:07

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PR move during the crisis, to prevent the outflow of deposits likely

The theme of this issue of the weekly "Bel" — U.S. presidential election. In the article "The United States of Obama" journalists and analysts seek out answers to the question whether it means coming to a whitewashed house Barack Obama configuration between the U.S. and Belarus, reports deputy editor of Victor Martinovic:

"Victory Barca Obama is also winning Belarus because Obama — the new man in a white house. Due to the fact that most likely at the moment will start to change management paradigm in the United States. And authorities Belarus will easier to agree on improving relations without

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