New number of Literary Belarus

First band devoted figure Ales Adamovich. Article Ales Kudryavtsev has these words: "If it were not Adamovich, maybe now people would not know the truth about the consequences of so-called"Peaceful" atom ".The publication excerpts from correspondence Ales Adamovich and Vasil Bykov.Under the heading "Position" placed statement from the secretariat of the Union of Belarusian Writers relative configurations school programs Belarusian literature. Among other states: "At the hour when the native language and literature abroad put before destruction … invited to the same struggle with the historical truth and literary modernity."Category "Poetry" presents a selection of poems in the midst of

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Ales Adamovich: This destruction — tremendous happiness …

December 8, 1993, I met with Ales Adamovich in Moscow, at the Institute of problems of cinema, which he headed.At 5:00 it was already dark. Adamovich one expected at his desk in his own beloved sweater. In the study, which was once half of workplace employees (was restored buildings), there was no one.I remembered how his invitation was there 5 years before the first meeting of the Board of the anti-Stalinist society "Memorial". Were sitting at the table elected by popular vote Yuri Karjakin, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Yuri Afanasiev, Andrei Sakharov expected. Failed to come Vasil Bykov, Alexander Solzhenitsyn sent a

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September 1 youth activists noted flash mobs

September 1, the first day of the school year, students, teachers and their ancestors Humanitarian Lyceum had a classic line at the gates of the former building of the Lyceum. Director Vladimir Colas said that This year Lyceum students will participate in various educational and cultural projects with the role of the Polish partners:"At the moment, very strong musical project "People’s album" that we are doing together with Polish lyceum. We showed him this summer in Zakopane, Gdansk, Warsaw role Belarusian school students, with great success. And we are invited to have a number of festivals in Poland. Think about

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Belarusian Bialystok

"Belarusian Bialystok" — so called brand new book regionalist from Slonim Sergei Chigrina, what happened not so long ago in Minsk publishing "knigosbor." This is the first in Belarus special study of the history and culture of ethnic Belarusian lands that are now part of Poland. Created by books — Guest "Free studio."Michas Scoble"Sergei, but does not it seem to you that" Belarusian Bialystok "sounds a little provocative? I can imagine how we would react, Belarusians on the book, which was published somewhere in Warsaw under the title, for example," Polish Grodno region. " or not you have sown here,

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Belarusian countries: Lukashenko Give it LuNet!

Active Belarusians from different continents begin this fall campaign "Against control and censorship in ByNet" initiated several youth organizations from different countries. This, according to the organizers, "completely informal initiative" for the series of mass actions on Belarusian websites for illumine 2007, when Belarus will be considered media law.Belarusian company organized public initiatives that are working intensively on the Web: "Air", "Third Way", and other initiatives participating manifesto "Together to Victory!".Initiative was supported by cabinet "For a Democratic Belarus" in Brussels, the Committee of the repressed, the project "Our Opinion" agency "BelaPAN" FSA over 40 websites BYnet, many public initiatives

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My Belarus: Light, which predicts Freedom

ATTENDANCE:Alex Olga exemplary Igor Ahramuk Zoe Volosevych (Prize of the Week) Constantine Nicholas Gorki Ilyuchik (Prize of the Week) Andrew Vishinskiy Lena Lütke Maryska Danik Nesvizhski (Prize of the Week) Sergei PALACE Anna Syrel Vadim Titov Catherine Skoda Kasia Kasia Shumskaya ShtirlitsaFavorites of the past 14 weeks1 week: Kasia Shtirlitsa Ales Osipenko, Alexander Kushner Week 2: Alexei Ozhinsky Lyudmila Prakopau, InSomnia Week 3: Yuri Kolbasich Sergei Goodilin Vladimir Urbanowicz, Lyudmila Vitushkava 4 week: Kasia Shumskaya, Slava, Oksana Luniniec 5 week: Vadim Titov, Denis Fedorenko, Valery Kazyuminski 6 week: Dmitry Zenkovich, Ales Sidlyarevich Tatiana Myronovych 7 week: Vitaly Brazovsky Pauline Grynchanka

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People on Freedom

On the new economic conditionsVasily Cornflower, Radoshkovichi Molodechno district: "I think more than our homeland would give us a cheap gas, the more damage it this cause Belarus. Pay attention: the Japanese have no oil, no gas, no other relevant resources. And what quality of life in this country! Life forced their brains to work, and eventually Japan in almost all high-tech sectors of the economy takes a leading place in the world. A kolkhoz system in Belarus held specifically on cheap energoelementah. (Speaking of the collective-farm system, I mean not only the rural Agriculture). It was the same for

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End quote: 25.08.2007 — 31.08.2007

"Generally, they just blame scary. We will appeal, as we blame hooliganism. Tipo inscription blasphemed our society. I do not think that the word" Belarus — is sacred! "You can set off as hooliganism. Yet even if they wrote that something is damaged, needs repair. No, they wrote that this hooligan that this inscription we humiliate anyone. Anyway, here are the fears. "Anastasia Palazhanka, youth activist — on detention Nyasvizh 3 her companions. "It depends on the level of our political integration, also from those of professionals, diplomats, military: it is necessary, it is possible, when and how. I mean»

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Saturday at Freedom

Morning 6:03 * replay of the webcast on Friday from 18.00.6:33 * "Guest on" Freedom "- the record responses chairman of the Society of Belarusian schools Ales Lozko questions from the audience of" Freedom ".7:03 * replay of the webcast on Friday from 19.00.7:33 * "Examination" Freedom "-" Why the IMF Belarusian economy such contradictory? "How to explain that IMF projections on Belarus is often not realized Is it possible to estimate the non-market economy using market tools? Will last gross growth characteristics? These questions round-table discussions are "Expertise" Liberty "economists Leonid Zlotnikov Alexander Chubrik.7:45 * "Journey" Freedom "- the

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Night Siege — August 31

Guests Forum Portal intensively open a discussion in the publication Barscheuski "Our field"In which he mentioned that the newly issued handbills on literature no certain works Kupala Bykov Shamyakin, but there Cherginets and Avrutin.Photographer says: "The only way out — the ancestors, that have impact on the education of kids out of school. But with this we even worse, because nobody is not necessary … "He objected Aleh_K: "Why anyone? I need. My friends need. For you, I hope, too. Teach kids will own, that’s just not enough of it."But meeshootkin in anticipation: "If we are in the program

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