Belarus may become a member of the EU in 15 years

Tsigankov "Rada creators claim that the main task of this body will be to develop a strategic vision of the European integration of Belarus, the definition of certain political, economic, institutional, legal and information actions necessary for the establishment of European standards and training of Belarus to EU membership. As one of those people, who have agreed to enter into this parliament, how do you see the European perspective of Belarus? "Antipenko:" I think it can be. I hope and believe, Belarus someday become a member of the European Union. This can occur when 2-criteria — in-1-x, if we we

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A.Milinkevich about democracy, about the opposition, about the radar

Karatkevich: What might be the results of such forums?Milinkevich: some think that it is an empty waste of time and money that people are going to — day chatted and parted. But in the 1-x, attracts outstanding people — experts, former and current policy. And I think that is very fundamentally hear each other, because in the world of Internet communications as much live contact means a lot. I — for such forums.Karatkevich: With whom you already had meetings scheduled with anyone else?Milinkevich: There was a meeting with Madeline Albright, was also a working meeting with the Minister of Foreign

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Calls for freedom: Election Results predictable

In Belarus, elections were held for the House of Representatives. Students ‘Freedom’ share their impressions about their degree of openness, fairness and democracy.Victor: "The election results predictable. Candidates appointed authority. Overpowered destination. More weak voter education, weak mind, indifference to the work of the Parliament. People do not believe that the" tent "what-nibudt decides. And stare as deputies to people aspiring to the trough — trough for the best criterion, since hitting a "tent", the deputies did not make promises, do not defend the rights of their constituents. "Man: "I think there will be a very significant change, but not

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Will Belarus amnesty?

Then freed from punishment first war veterans, liquidators "Chernobyl"; minors, pregnant ladies, the elderly, people with disabilities. Persons who have committed serious crimes, not exempt from punishment.According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Naumov, as a result of the last amnesty locations imprisonment 3882 came convicted of correctional institutions open — 4807 people.Such an amnesty declared in 2004 and was timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus.In This year in throughout the year amnesty open a discussion more than once. About her a couple of times said Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov.But in the spring

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Vaclav Havel: Courage — the only way to success

Vaclav Havel often support acts Belarusian opposition and cultural elite. Recently "Euro march" on October 14, I asked him what he thinks about such forms of protest?"There are, of course, a variety of methods and forms to express their position, as well as the situation in Belarus also approached, to a form of protest, and it is necessary. Role in these demonstrations multivalued. Detain people, etc.. But courage — this is the only way to success. " In soon strengthened position in Russia’s current president, Moscow is a special information policy towards countries that are out of the impact of.

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Public Editor Liberty Sergey Semenov From Belarus Ukrainian journalism is not to compare

Ulitenok "What reads, looks, listens Sergey Semenov?"Semenov "Every day doing media monitoring … "Ulitenok: "Let’s start with the newspapers."Semenov, "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "Nasha Niva""Narodnaya Volya. "Ulitenok: "Next, I think it will be harder — that web browsing?" Semenov: ",,, websites UCP, the FSA and so on. "Ulitenok: "Which do Your views, not enough free media? "Semenov: "Access to government officials and state institutions. They just do not give a disk imaging."Ulitenok: "And as it affects the quality of the materials?"Semenov: "Journalists can not impartially assess the situation"Ulitenok: "A as for municipal media? "Semenov "Very many friends there say certain

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Something is wrong with us with a free press, the freedom of beliefs

Vladimir, Polotsk: "In the debate with supporters of Lukashenka to hear the subsequent argument:" Here we have the order in Belarus, and where democracy — everywhere mess. "As an example, they cite neighboring Ukraine. In turn, as an example, I cite Germany or the Scandinavian countries. There, I say, too, democracy, only hardly any of you Turnover language say there also a mess. Do not believe me? Go there and make yourself. Do not understand these people, democratization — it is not an instant process. Asleep under the dictatorship, awoke in a democracy — it does not happen. Democratization —

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A.Logvinets: OSCE can not be fooled

"They have their standards and their characteristics — is transparency counting. In Belarus, unfortunately, can not yet be sure that the voices of Belarusians are counted fairly and transparently. Therefore it is necessary to recognize things for what they are, as it is sad Belarus. I, too, from sad in Belarus are not democratic elections. But there is a fact due to government policies that our country separates itself from the democratic world and recognized standards for elections. Newly appointed legislature is unlikely to be recognized as legal. But I think that the sample with the democratic West zaangazhavatstsa public

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Another landing Russian journalists in Belarus

Tour organizer is usually the Belarusian Embassy in Moscow. In the program of the trip — a meeting with the heads of municipal departments, visits to industrial, agricultural, military, cultural facilities in Minsk and Mogilev. As the Radina, editor of the website "Charter 97", some Russian journalists as part of the huge press groups throughout in recent years on a couple of visits to Belarus, which is pushing to certain conclusions:"In general I do not think that they are journalists in pure form.’s Faster such" Voyager "that receive funds for writing laudatory articles about Belarus. And in general — it

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Tuesday at Freedom

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast from 18.00 Mon.6:30 * "Prague accent." "Prague accent." The election results in Ukraine and their impact on Situation in Belarus discussions are chairman of the United civilian party Anatoly Lebedko and chief editor of the magazine Arche Valery Bulgakov.7:00 * F* Now Supreme Tribunal make out the proposal of Ministry of Justice on the Elimination of women’s party "Nadzeja."* Interview with another public editor of "Freedom", 26-year-old Sergei Semenov, who is now obliged to study in Ukraine.Live with Yuri Stepanov, public activist since the early 1990s, at the moment — the coordinator for international

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