My adresok — not a house or street. Agro!

In May, members of both chambers of the National Assembly approved an amendment to the law on administrative-territorial division of Belarus. Senator Anatoly Malofeev admitted that the amendments were designed to secure the regulatory status as an independent type of agricultural towns populated FriOne of the criteria for site selection for agro is potentially the highest level of demographic and production capacity, as transport, engineering and social infrastructure. So makarom, under the automatic consolidation to hit the center of collective farms.Agrabatski Khrushchev, Masherov LukashenkoAgrotowns born on the initiative of Alexander Lukashenko, but not on an empty spot. Ales Petrashkevich when

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Friday on Freedom

Morning 6:00 * replay of the webcast Thursday from 18.00.6:30 * Liberty Travel — Village Svirany, Vilenschina.6:45 * Belarusian Atlyantyda — Transfer Vyacheslav Rakytskyy. Last time Rzeczpospolita. Participates writer Olga Ipatova.7:00 * replay of the webcast Thursday from 19.00.7:30 * Belarus abroad — Belarusians popular institutes in the world: ordinary Belarusians and study in Russia, Holland, England and South American Harvard.7:45 * Mailbox-111 — Letters from listeners on the "Freedom" to read and comment Valentin Zhdanko.Evening18:00 * Information block: announcements of Belarus and the world.18:30 * Guest on Freedom — Historian Leonid Mariners.19:00 * Information block: Announcement of Belarus and

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How do we explain the Chernobyl children?

July 31 at Allen Dulles airport in Washington, our family tearfully said goodbye to Sasha (12 years old) and his sister Angelina (14 years). It was the sixth summer, when the pair of beautiful, savvy kids made happy our family own kindness and zhytstsyaradasnastsyu. They come to the humanitarian project, which began a couple of years after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, thousands of kids leave their homes and move to Belarus on a summer holiday in the country as guests with untainted air, good food, and severe medical service.

Tanya Kozyro family ZapataThese kids do not live in orphanages

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On the border with Belarus will meet European musicians

Festival organizers promise that "Be2Gether" would be lovely to hear and see the possibility of the world famous group. In Lithuania come "Morcheeba", "Bloodhound Gang", "The Yong Knives", "Datarock", "Zion Train", which usually appear on the most popular festivals and concerts. Naturally, will be the most popular with users of Lithuanian artists — Andrius Mamontovas, "Skamp", "G & G sindikatas", "Pieno lazeriai", Joanna with her project "Joana and the Wolf".Prestigious group come from Iceland ("Leaves"), Finland ("Poets of the Fall"), Latvia ("Tribes of the City"), Poland ("Myslovitz").Invited three Belarusian group. Knows the soloist "IQ-48" Alexander:"We are very pleased that from

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Whether the Government will keep the Belarusian breweries?

Now Belarus creation beer involved 12 specialized factories. State programm brewing industry development of the country asks increment production capacity to 64 million dal in the year 2010.In This year seven months at Belarusian breweries brewed more than 21 million deciliter of beer. Imported to Belarus for the first half of more than 4 million dal drink."From this value will not change — the output change, the loss of the plant will be …"On a number of companies in the industry are already presently ascertain prepyadstviya. So, for example, aggravated condition Minsk Brewery "Krynica". In the first half of this

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Symmetric measures against U.S. officials MFA

Belarus MFA has its own "Black list" of U.S. officialsFirst, in August, official Washington has expanded the list of Belarusian officials restricted arrivals in the United States. As explained by the Belarusian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Vanshyna in criteria such "one-sided unmotivated actions by the United States" Belarus is obliged to do so symmetric measures.Ms. Vanshyna clarified: the same as the U.S. drew up a list of banned Belarusian managers, "black list" of American officials there and at the Foreign Ministry of Belarus:"Naturally, there is a list on certain categories of American officials. And, in my opinion, with this moment

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Guest Night of Freedom — Nikolai Khalezin

People on the streets of Minsk utter what theaters they attend?The theme of "Night of research" — will determine whether candidate agrotowns collective farms? Voters first inhabitants agrotowns will feature in the report of Ivie and Leeds areas.In addition — on preparations for the music festival "Be2Gether» in Lithuania, which opens tomorrow in the town Norvilishkes, on the border with Belarus, the memory of the poet Pimen Panchenko, who now would be 90 years, and the usual film festival from Maxim Zhbankova.In the "record" Alexander Tomatoes continues the story of the musical heritage of Mateja Radziwill, and "Night Primer" again

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Sign up in the spring?

Recall Supreme Tribunal Belarus finished work "Spring" in 2003, but human rights activists appealed to the UN. First, in August 2007 Committee on Human Rights UN stated that the elimination of "Spring" was illegal and urged the Belarusian authorities to register again advocacy group."Legitimate grounds for refusal of registration authorities do not have, but we do not exclude that the decision will be delayed, so we refuse again later", — said the last chapter of "Viasna" Ales Bialiatski.

Night Siege August 22

On forums portal discussions are what Belarus fit the July bills paid Russian gas. As reported BELTA, "Beltransgaz" listed "Gazprom" about 145 millions of dollars for fuel, purchased in July. Comments:"We expect that by this occasion says "Gazprom"."Funds have found. Velcom fit to sell.""I understand that timely payment has become a matter of pride. But …"Blogger

Belarus imposes visa restrictions for U.S. officials

"In response to the unfriendly act USA Belarus will produce proper visa restrictions for certain categories of American officials, "- said Deputy Head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Maria disk imaging Vanshyna.She highlighted that these measures Minsk "in no way are adab» on human contacts between Belarus and South American citizens."

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