Heed official Minsk to the UN?

The Human Rights Center "Viasna" was eliminated in 2003. After closing of the center High Tribunal spring of 2004, the head of "Spring" Ales Bialiatski sent a complaint to the Human Rights Committee of the UN on the Elimination of lawlessness. Complaint undergone review in July 2007. The Belarusian government has recognized violator of Article 22 paragraph 2 of the International Covenant on civilians and Political Rights.Clarifies the consular officer in the UN Republic of Belarus: "From the country, which has also signed an international pact on municipal and Political Rights, are expected to implement the Covenant. UN Committee on

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M. Statkevich on events in Kazakhstan: This is not an election, if they opaque

Anatoly Lebedko does not believe that the parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan can be called democratic, on the grounds that they have participated political parties, in including opposition. Joint favorite civilian Party believes that in the end democracy in Kazakhstan have been even more complex criteria than their Belarusian supporters."These rulers, as Nazarbayev, act more gently, so as not to make the situation in black and white. But because there democrat and harder. Formally there is a law by which MPs can be elected from the parties. Or huge capacity of observers. But this enables the government ensuring the desired results,

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In Shklou street will be named in Belarusian

Almost two weeks Shklou public activists headed by the chairman of the regional branch of the BPF Gregory Kostusev achieved this decision. After all appeals heard activists in Mogilev Regional Executive Committee.In Shklovsky called executive committee vice-chairman Executive Committee Anatoly Glaz and claimed change Russian signs in Belarusian. Executive committee here made an application for: preparation of new tablets.Recently the official days of the Belarusian literature and printing Shklou local authority renamed the street in the street Urickogo Yanka Kupala and Karl Marx — in Kolas. Signs with new names produced in Russia and managed to secure them on the

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Italian suspected of assaulting a Belarusian sexy girls

As the newspaper writes Il Vostro Giornale, based on the signals that have come to police the province of Savona, the local prosecutor’s office opened criminal case against 40-year-old male. It is reported that he has already been called for an interview with representatives of the courts, but it requests a thorough inspection.The girl herself was transferred from the family pension, where rests a group of Belarusian children. She psychologists. According to the lawyer of the Belarusian Embassy in Rome Diego Perugini, urgent return home girls is not provided. It is understood that she will go home together with other

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F.Luk ‘Ivanov: Belarus — fully independent political player

Drakakhrust: "On Wednesday, the Belarusian authorities were not allowed to enter the country three known Polish politicians: Vice spikeru Senate Krzysztof Putra chairman of the opposition party" platform civilians, "deputy of the Diet Donald Tusk and led a group of solidarity with Belarus in the Diet Robert Tyszkiewicz. At the border they it was stated that they "threaten the constitutional system of Belarus."There is a simple explanation — these three policy hit the "blacklist" for his earlier speech on the situation in Belarus and in defense of the Polish minority, and if you try to cross the border, the list

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People on Freedom

On the new economic conditionsSergei Udovik, Lida:"On the spot I would Lukashenko at the moment engaged in a dialogue with the opposition and the West. Seriously policy change necessary — most of the people support it. And in the game, why not play? Same time you can tease Russia, which fell completely off the chain. Let see, the last ally may turn away from it at any moment. Well, from the West as a result of such policies can perapastsi something. For example, it can return trade privileges to open the border for Belarusian products.Naturally, here allow rampant anarchy and

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Polish Foreign Minister: Lukashenka’s words do not match the standards of international relations

Now Polish citing the agency "Interfax-West" was told that during his stay in the Vitebsk region to a request to comment on the ban on the latest arrival in Belarus Polish politicians, Alexander Lukashenko stated that "given them in the face, and was right. No it’s notwhat to do . "According to agencies, the Belarusian leader stressed that "race was prohibited in accordance with the law."Commenting on these words Alexander Lukashenko, Polish Foreign Ministry press representative Robert Shanyavsky said that "if it really Lukashenko’s words, it is worth only posoboleznovat because they indicate, who uttered them. "Sovereign Shanyavsky stressed that

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End quote: 11.08.2007 — 17.08.2007

"After the meeting, I started to send him a letter after their pranumaruyu. Sending letters and booked with the message. 5 letters sent to him, and now got the message that he had received a letter number 3. On message on the envelope and on the letter itself I Currently put the figure. wish that all my letters reach, since it is very sad … You write a letter and a lot of soul to invest in it. If it comes before him, I’m very sorry for my spiritual strength, sorry for the time and it is a pity that

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Saturday at Freedom

Morning 6:03 * replay of the webcast on Friday from 18.00.6:33 * "Guest on" Freedom "- the record responses Valentina Golubeva policy questions from the audience of" Freedom ".7:03 * replay of the webcast on Friday from 19.00.7:33 * "Examination" Freedom "- whether in the decision to abandon the National Bank adpryvyazki the Russian ruble, the political background-topic discussions are economists Boris Zheliba and Leonid Zlotnikov.7:45 * "Journey" Freedom "- the village Vayteli Molodechno district. Evening 18:03 * Information block: announcements of Belarus and the world.18:33 * "Mailbox 111 "- letters from listeners on the" Freedom "to read and comment

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Guest night air — Kolosovsky Lyceum Director Vladimir Kolos

In "Night of research papers" we talk about trends in the housing market in the towns of Belarus. Is there off-season on the housing market? Or justified auctions that organize city government?Now 100 years since a day or birthday Tired Zdislava — in "Night Freedom" mention of eminent actor Kupala theater.The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes will complete the story of the Minsk Group "Postscript" and "Night Primer" feature poems poet Ales Minsk linden.After 23 hours per program "Guest on" Freedom "entry policy responses and historian Valentina Golubeva radio listeners’ questions, and 23:33 in the" expertise "Liberty" analysis intention of the

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