Saturday at Freedom

Morning 6:03 * replay of the webcast on Friday from 18.00.6:33 * "Guest on" Freedom "- the record Leonid Putyrskaya answers questions from the audience of" Freedom ".7:03 * replay of the webcast on Friday from 19.00.7:33 * "Examination" Freedom "- a conversation analysts on vital topics.7:45 * "Journey" Freedom "- the village harp Dokshitsky districtEvening 18:03 * Information block: announcements of Belarus and the world.18:33 * "Mailbox 111 "- letters from listeners on the" Freedom "to read and comment Valentin Zhdanko.18:45 * "Sign of Faith" — Sex and Christianity19:03 * Information block: announcements of Belarus and the world.19:33 *

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Books and School

"The school should be studied masterpieces of artistic spectacle"Michas Scoble: "1st question — Misha Tychyna. Emperor Misha, you — the creator of curricula and textbooks on Belarusian literature for the senior classes. Tell me how the main aspects of the product must comply with to be in school reading books?"Michas Tychina: "In 1-x-product should be a masterpiece from an artistic point of view. Certainly still dominate the aesthetic approach. I think applets for Literature, and the first, and one that is introduced into the school at the moment, they are overloaded. reduction required by the names, well, due to the

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Messiah returned to the concert stage Belarus

Last oratorio "Messiah" is one hundred percent in Minsk sounded 15 years ago. Since that time, some excerpts from playing and singing various bands and artists, but all together and play together from the beginning to the end decided just for the moment. Peter Vandilovsky, Artistic and Managing dyrygent Municipal Chamber Orchestra, ignorant of their own perception of music by Handel:Vandilovsky: "In addition, it impartially lovely — there pryvkrysnyya tunes — it is written with one side for a wide range of listeners since even — it’s 300 years ago. It is democratic and accessible, but coupled with the fact

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Or appear in Belarus gaming reservations?

In Minsk, about 2-10-s casino. In addition, there are five casinos in Brest, Vitebsk four, three in Gomel, Mogilev two, one in Grodno, Baranovichi Novopolotsk Mozyr and Bobruisk.L.Shypay "Casino — is not the bread and butter"But business prospects vague. For example, members of the Minsk City Council waiting for a response from the management of the town on his own deputy’s request. Due to the probable market redistribution gambling MPs offer to take more control this area. Says one of the initiators of the deputy’s request Lyudmila spike:"And in Belarus including, Ukraine and very nearly all spill over. And indeed,

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80 km on the bike — the presentation of the Names of Freedom

Writer who was born and raised in Polotsk, recognizable stories popularizer of Polotsk, have to meet with readers in a semi-legal criteria.Samples to advertise the planned meeting with the readers had of success. But in spite of this people at a presentation comes a lot, and the room is not able to accommodate all who wish to meet with the creator of "Belarusian history in the people."To get to the presentation of a medical Driss (Verkhnedvinsk) Petro Kvetinsky rode a bike eighty miles.Yesterday Vladimir Orlov presented his book Rositsa residents — a village on the border with Latvia.According to the

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Belarusian basketball approximate the 2008 Olympic Games

Suddenly, for many professionals team of Belarus decided whether not the main problem which put before pupils of head coach Anatoly Buyalskyy.Once in the semifinals, Belarus secured for themselves a ticket to the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing. But China will go straight to the only gold medalist competition, and therefore it is possible that the coaching staff at the moment and will be the maximum objective.True ambition Belarusians will become apparent after tomorrow’s game between the team and the winner of Belarus Belgium — Spain (now these teams will play later in the evening). "Hit

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Go to the European March — you can write an application for dismissal

A week later, on October 14, the opposition plans to hold a mass rally in Minsk — "European march". Other Day march in the capital and regions of the police began to detain opposition activists. Sentenced to many arrests and fines for distributing leaflets, stickers and newspapers with information about the campaign.On how the government is preparing to "Euro march", report in his letters and listeners "Freedom."We wrote Edward Mikulic from Minsk:"At work, the chief warned: go to the" European march "- you can write an application for dismissal. Warned not just me — everyone. Earlier this march, many did

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Breast cancer: prevention is better than cure

Number of breast cancer cases in the world has risen sharply after the 1970s. One reason spetsy consider configuration in the style of life of people — lack of exercise, stress purchased, meals in fast food.According to the results of the 1st of research, an unlimited number of Polish emigrants in the U.S. specifically in exile fell ill with breast cancer. The reason was a sharp change in diet — at home, they consumed significantly more cabbage, popular in the public kitchen. And according to foreign researchers, cabbage is very useful for the prevention of disease.Belarusian experts at treating disease

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Prosecutor’s Office warned Gorbachev’s calls for action

Here he painted under handed an official warning for appeals to the shares (Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code) and acts on behalf of the organization that is not registered in Belarus (article 193. P.1 Criminal Code of Belarus). Signed warning Borisov district prosecutor Vladimir Shpakovsky."I was told that the prosecutor’s office to find in the Web countless interviews and publications, public Tipo I urge businessmen to protest. My explanation that I speak for all just personal opinion, not were adopted. I even threatened criminal act, "- said Victor Gorbachev.He also says that prosecutors warning forcing him be more usmotritelnym

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Ya.Lenarchych: fundamental flaws identified

As thesmiling in a statement, expressed TV speech of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights OSCE Ambassador Janez Lenarcic. Tipo sovereign Lenarcic said that long OSCE observers "not found a some significant violations."On Actually Sovereign Lenarcic said that observers "fundamental shortcomings found in the pre-election period."Now 15-hours in the hotel "Belarus" OSCE mission will present the results of its own election observation in Belarus and its findings. It is expected that at the press conference will be vice president of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and the short-term observers spetskaardynatar Anne-Marie Lizin Head of Mission and the Office for

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