Freedom Night with Alexei Znatkevich. July 24

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Interview with economist and deputy director of the fund «CASE Belarus’ Alexander Chubrik.• Survey in Minsk: "Worth taking a loan from the Russian Federation, taking gas?"• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Group "Sigismund". 2nd part:• Lithuania: the case for the extradition of fugitive Belarus postponed.• "Night of research": the collection and sale of mushrooms and berries in Belarus.• Survey in Gomel: "Are not you afraid to take mushrooms and berries in the markets and near the roads?"• Belarusian website in "night of the siege," Severin takes Kwiatkowski.• «Night rap." Verses Andrew Adamovich.

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Wednesday at Freedom

Morning 6:03 * replay of the webcast Tuesday from 18.00.6:33 * "Journey" Freedom "- the village Zvyanyachy Tolochinsky district. 6:45 * "Belarusian abroad" — participants of the program say about the peculiarities of higher education in the United States.7:03 * replay of the webcast Tuesday from 19.00.7:33 * "Mailbox-111" — a letter to the "Freedom" to read and comment Valentin Zhdanko. 7:45 * "Free Studio" — Misha Scoble discusses with collaborators public association "journal", historians and Larissa Androsik Ira Koval, telling about his own project "Textbook of Liberty." Evening18:03* Information block: announcements of Belarus and the world.18:33 * "Mailbox-111" —

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Quote a day or — July 24

"We urge the authorities to end political persecution and immediately release Sevyarinets and Shein, and all other political prisoners in Belarus, including former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin. "Embassy United States America in Belarus — in a special statement on the recent wave of arrests of democracy activists.

Lithuania: the case for the extradition of fugitive Belarus postponed

37-year-old Alexander Jankowski was arrested on the Polish-Lithuanian border. He has Belarusian citizenship and residence permit in Belgium, where he requested political cover. Jankowski case for political asylum in Belgium while not solved. In This year Alexander Jankowski seeking political shelter in Lithuania, but Lithuania refused him on the grounds that Jankowski already has a permit for a fixed residence in Belgium. With all of this migration department of Lithuanian Belarusian citizen a temporary residence permit in Lithuania. As reported by the Lithuanian press, Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus A.Ivanovsky in a statement to the Prosecutor of Lithuania argues that

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In Vilnius found a collection of ancient Belarusian musician

In an interview, the BelaPAN Frolov noted that special interest are the numerous symphonies and serenades era of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. "Before This time adopted assume that these genres have appeared in Belarus only in the XX century. Names of professional creators of this raschudesnye, highly music were lost in the maelstrom of history for 150 years and now vorachivayutsya our musical culture. Dominique Adamovich, Jan Sokolowski, Jan Chamarovsky composers Zaryashevsky Markevich, Plashina, P., Rutkowski, Chuprinsky also anonymous creators — maestro era of early classicism and romanticism, adorned musical horizon Belarus at the end of XVIII — first half of

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Valery Buffalo: There is a substitution Dobchynskaga Bobchynskim

Znatkevich "Valery, I wanted to start our conversation with the latest developments. More than 9 pro-democracy activists, most of them members of an unregistered organization" Young Front ", detained by police on Mon evening in Minsk. Why, in your opinion, are made to this moment these detention is brand new wave of persecution? "Buffalo: "Belarusian Patriotic Youth is on the front line of the struggle for our independence, for Belarusian culture and the future of our people. And pursuit of youth, feral repression against young people has become a reality, routine … I’ve got confused by something else: a stroll

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Lukashenko wants to realize why Western parliamentary elections?

On Thursday, Lukashenko gave an interview to Western publications "Financial Times" and "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". What is the main message of the meaning of the head of the European public? Why not ask Lukashenko, and requests from the European Union to recognize the election? Why Lukashenko urges the West to protect virtually Belarus from Russia?Participants: editor analytical bulletin "Belarusian Week" Alexander Klaskouski and political scientist Ales Lahvinets.What main message LUKASHENKA European public?

Valery KarbalevichValery Karbalevich"We look fascinating political paradox. Belarus itself in elections to the House of Representatives does not cause tremendous enthusiasm nor the political elite nor the society.

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Belarus is ready to pay a penalty for delay of payment for gas

According to one of the specific participants in the negotiations, Belarusian side now stated that if "Gazprom" to agree to defer payment, the "Belarus is ready to pay a penalty for that amount." The Belarusian side, As we have already reported, requests deferment of payment for gas at a rate of about 500 millions of dollars. Last term debt was appointed "Gazprom" on July 23. • "Gazprom" and "Beltransgaz" seek out compromise, 24.07.2007

Gazprom and Beltransgaz seek out compromise

Negotiations began on last week. The Belarusian side asks "Gazprom" deferral of payment for gas, which comes to Belarus in the first half. Debt also achieved almost 500 millions of dollars. She appeared as a result of the fact that in the first 6 months for a thousand cubic meters of gas every Belarusian side is translated into account "Gazprom" is not 100 bucks (price per thousand cubic meters), but only 50 of the fifth Russian concern agreed to form a settlement, but warned that debt must be eliminated no later than July 23. Paying "Gazprom" only 55% of the

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A. Milinkevich urges the opposition to end the persecution of young

Alexander Milinkevich also urged the Belarusian and world democratic community, and representatives of foreign governments and organizations to come to the courts and to express their support to all those who "fall under the hammer of political repression in Belarus."Who will be judged in Minsk about 10 activists of the youth opposition movement, which police detained yesterday in the streets of the capital of Belarus.

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