U.S. refusal to fund the UN Council on Human Rights will have no effect?

In June, a proposal to blockade funding made House of Representatives U.S. Congress. Congressmen sharply criticized the decision of the Council of the UN cease-constant monitoring of compliance Human Rights Belarus and Cuba and the exclusion these states from the list of countries where there is a problem in the field of human rights.Since This year The U.S. has already had spent 3 million bucks to support this law enforcement agency of the UN, Congress voted for an amendment to the budget befitting 2008 concerning the prohibition of funding Rada.By Kristen Silveberg, the State Department shared criticism in Congress the

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The Ministry of Justice refused to register the movement For Freedom

According to the activist Alexei Kovalets, no grounds in order to not register the union. Power to the wording of the statute niggle, say, some words are delivered in such a sequence and so on. Justice also claims that there is not paid state fee for registration. Letter from the Ministry of Justice focused on July 19, although the documents submitted for registration on June 18.Constituent Assembly of the Movement "For Freedom" was held on May 20 in Grodno. Manage its elected Alexander Milinkevich. Deputies are Viktor Kornienko and Yuri Hubarevich. Participants of the Constituent Assembly, the Council chose representatives

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Premiere Sidorsky expects resignation for failing to agree with Russia?

The press service of the Belarusian government said that Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky now held another meeting. Relatively version Russian newspaper "Kommersant" spokesman Alexander Timoshenko said:"Sergey is working in the government since 2001. In including four years already runs the government. And if to count how many times journalists were expelled to his resignation, the fingers are not enough. "But Russian edition argues that Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky can not agree with Russia on the issue of payment of any gas or in obtaining preferential Russian loan. By convention, the first half of Belarus paid per a thousand cubic meters

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Festival Mighty God until he became power event

In 1993, the pioneer of the festival in Mogilev "God Almighty" was rector of the Church of St. Stanislaus, now Bishop Wladyslaw Blin Vitebsk. The festival was created for vzaemaabagachennya cultures and rapprochement of Christians of all denominations. At the origin of the festival were folk artists of Belarus Viktor Rovdo yes Zinaida Bondarenko, docents Belarusian Academy of Music Korzhenevskaya Anna and Victor Skorobogatov. In the days of the festival city filled the multilingualism.This year the festival was not multilingualism. Most of the participants — from Belarus and Russia. At the festival were made by one participant from Poland, Ukraine,

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End quote: 14.07.2007-20.07.2007

"There is a pre-sale preparation of Belarus. Most best business in Belarus, two refineries have a margin of 1 percent. Need something to do with them. Means Belarusians need silly to argue that must large part with the property, as they can not manage it. Because neither the president nor the government are not going to do any reform, puts active, young government. Sits the same nomenclature that all this and prafukae " Leonid Zaika, managing research center "Strategy" "I was even forced to remove the linen and turnover in One way, after another. If I could back in bras

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People on Freedom

About the "party of power"Ivan Antonovich, Gomel: "If international structures began more seriously interested in human rights in Belarus, as well as power has become a little stir. Yet for all this, it tries to do so, the wolves to be fed and the sheep — the whole. That is why the party and make power — "Pure white Rus." I have no doubt that it will include all the rulers — from the chairman of the collective farm foreman to executive committee. Bounce will not, so who wants to appear with the work tasks. consulates for national nomenclature diluted

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Peter Sadowski: Spelling Reform in the closed mode is unrealistic

Last week, the House of Representatives of the National Assembly could see the bill "On the rules of the Belarusian artagrafii and punctuation", developed by the Ministry of Education and the Institute of Linguistics of the Academy. Chairman of the committee on education, culture, science and scientific and technical progress Vladimir Zdanowicz believes that in October the bill will come into force the law. Topic in our studio in Minsk we are discussing with the linguist Peter Sadowski."Unarmavanasts language — this first act of a public contract"Michas Scoble: "The Emperor Peter, once deputy Vladimir Zdanowicz said that it is very

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Saturday at Freedom

Morning 6:00 * replay of the webcast on Friday from 18.00. 6:30 * "Dawn" — the third program of the series dedicated to Vladimir Korotkevich: Minsk apartment, in which he wrote, "The Wild Hunt of King Stach" 7:00 * replay of the webcast on Friday from 19.00. 7:30 * Examination of Liberty — Conversation analysts on vital topics: Personnel Policy in the higher echelons of the Belarusian authorities 7:45 * Liberty Travel — Dmitry Bartosik in the village district Zavaraty Gluboksky Evening18:00 * Information block: Announcement of Belarus and the world * 18:30 Sign of faith — Church and Harry

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Max Schur: Festival in Brno — Woodstock Belarusian literature is …

Kalinowski: What were your songs and poems? Schoor: Almost in the songs that I sang and which were written 6-7 years ago, were first reflected my feelings newly arrived emigrant, a man who not so long ago parted with the homeland.KalinowskiYou have already nine years living outside Belarus, coercion exile. What do you personally is the ability to perform at this festival in Brno?SchoorPersonally for me, it is much much. I do not have the ability to act in Belarus, somehow bring their creativity to the Belarusian public, at least, is not such a huge capacity. Because I am very

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Guest night air — Algirdas writer Baharevich

In a survey of people on the streets of Minsk people will vote than similar and different than the Germans and Belarusians?Listeners "Radio Liberty" live find out the results of the contest of young performers at the festival "Basowiszcza." In "Night of research papers" — how and what tools are taught in Belarusian future drivers driving schools?Grodno appreciate the courtesy of drivers on the roads, and motorists in Polotsk — careful on the roads or pedestrians.On their own impressions of performances at literary festival in the Czech town of Brno says Maxim Schoor.The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes will complete the

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