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First-line conference with U.S. abmasadaram to Belarus Karen Stewart 2nd OSCE PA Committee approved the draft resolution on Belarus Two third anniversary celebration of Kupala in Vyazynka The fourth newcomer came in Grodno newspaper "Vedomosti" 5th Journalists commemorated Dmitry Zavadsky

Our homeland run pipeline bypassing Belarus

In the Russian government has plans to spend in the marine oil port of Primorsk (Leningrad region) metal road and build a plant in Primorsk zvadkavanni gas.Russian company "Transneft" approved technical project to build an oil pipeline bypassing Belarus first year. The solution to develop the Baltic pipeline system for the Unecha — Primorsk said company president Semyon Weinstock February 5 in the program "Vesti" newscast "Our homeland".By him, question first an increase in throughput volume of the port terminal for 50 million tons of oil. Sovereign Weinstock says that the project "very, very" expensive, but if from the adjoining

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Mon to Freedom

Morning6:05 * "Prague accent" — What will happen after Lukashenko? Is it possible to build a civilization on the values in common with other civilizations? Do in Belarus joint public universities, on which you can build civilian civilization? Talk about these topics writer Svetlana Aleksievich, editor of the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belarus — Belarus now," Pavel Yakubovich and last salting Belarus in Germany by Peter Sadowski. 6:30 *"Calls to" Freedom " — Weekly review calls our listeners commentary professionals answers.6:45 * "Free Studio" — Misha Scoble discusses with Paul Sevyarynets his latest book, "Brother."7:05 * "Dawn" — Second of a series

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Upcoming Events Week 9 — July 15

July 9 monIn Kiev, where the session ends with the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly will vote on so called "Kiev Declaration." In this document as one of the sections will and the resolution on the situation in Belarus. Would she accepted, is dependent on how the vote of the Parliamentary Assembly deputies. "In the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly has directed three committees on certain subjects — says the chairman of the BPF party Vintsuk Vyachorka. — Belarusian case treated so called first committee — on political and security issues. By the way, it is reasonable that the topics of energy and Belarus

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First V.Podgol: "Around Lukashenko — Feedback horror and immorality" 2nd Week in Belarus in photo: 1 — 6 July Third-line conference with U.S. Ambassador to Belarus Karen Stewart Fourth Germany forbade the police to carry babies in Minsk Belarusian bus5th Svetlana Aleksievich: "Cuba in Europe can no longer be"

End quote: 30.06.2007 — 06.07.2007

"What they say, what I’m doing. Utter drag boards, boards will carry. Utter hang hooks for lifting materials," Lane "-" Deep Waters "will hang. Utter dig’ll dig. Utter dig, dig will."Arthur, a youth activist, sentenced to imprisonment ("chemistry") for his role in "Young Front" — about his own work at a construction site in the agro farm "Zarya". "I, frankly, fundamentally differences between Putin and Yeltsin against Belarus can not see. Simply, these leaders did the different stages of the expansion of the Russian Federation to Belarus."Kalinkina, chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" — the transfer of the "Prague

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We have no choice, rejoice even in the South American

Celebrating a day or the October Revolution in Belarus, the U.S. presidential election, and other topics — in the current call for "Freedom". Answer questions from the audience and political analyst Valery Bulgakov politician Viktor Kornienko.In Belarus, November 7 at the municipal level, marks the anniversary of the October Revolution. The expression on this topic: Man: "7 nayabra — nice praznik October!"Power to the Soviets!" Through a loudspeaker sounded to us about it.Later, the Bolsheviks moved and prazdnichek left us.The Belarusian counter worth reddish color.This breathtakingly —Maybe this question is "Freedom" answer truthfully ".Answers to the question the analyst Valery

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Svetlana Aleksievich: Cuba in Europe can no longer be

Drakakhrust: "In This year Belarus 11 times celebrates independence day on July 3. This date — an occasion to talk about in something wonderful nature of the state, and maybe even the state ideology that instills Belarusians current government. The point here is not only that it is either not true, and that is why it would work in general.Typically, state identity — something by definition unique and separate — is based on the same unique, separate from other values, historical and cultural events: the French celebrate the anniversary of its own French Revolution, the Americans — the proclamation of

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People on Freedom

On the abolition of privilegesKonstantin Syrel, Ushachi:"Something I have not heard any reaction president in this regard. This led me to that thought: and not a unanimous decision of the House of Representatives on the issue of benefits really nyamudragelistym tactical move of the Lukashenka? Thus, this move in any case of win-win for the president. If people limit their own protest only discussion in kitchens that subsequent to the presidential elections uniformly subside for a number of other events, the Alexander G. loses nothing. Instead, he gets a lot of extra amount for the implementation of their own projects

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OSCE PA Committee approved the draft resolution on Belarus

As reported by the press service of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the draft resolution angered unchanged delegation of the National Assembly of Belarus to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. Head of delegation, Vice-Speaker of the House of Representatives Sergei Zabolotets said committee member Christian Lorentsenu that the draft resolution in this form "completely unacceptable from viewpoint principles and mutually respectful dialogue and cooperation within the OSCE. "During the consideration of the draft resolution, members of the official delegation of the Belarusian directed attention that sovereign Lorentsenam documents prepared "even more so kontpraduktyvnyya incomprehensible and, as soon between the Belarusian

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